FAQ - August Merge [US+EU servers]

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    Global Server FAQ

    What do you mean by Global server?
    This means that from now on, TWS players that have either the EN, DE or FR client will connect to the same server but continue to play in their own language. They will be able to level up, PvE, and PvP together.

    Why was this decided?

    We are standardizing Twin Saga in all territories to provide you with better service and a better game experience. This change will bring increased activity, competition, and fun to the game.

    What will be the merged server's language?

    You can continue using the client for the language you want to play in. There will be no change in localization. The only difference is that the English, French and German communities will now play on the same server.

    Do we need to download anything new?

    No, you can keep using the same client.

    Will it affect the status of any existing accounts?

    There will be no change to accounts.

    How will we communicate with English/French/German players?

    There will be three specific channels named after their respective language. It is not prohibited to speak different languages within those specific channels as long as it doesn't get spammy.

    If we have a problem with a player, how will we report it?

    You can continue reporting any problems through the usual method: the X ticket system.

    How will you communicate event news?

    Event news will be posted in all three Twin Saga EN, Twin Saga DE and Twin Saga FR, in their respective languages. All rules and gifts will be same.

    Will there be any changes to character names?

    If there are characters with the same name, the system will use the rules below to determine which character will keep their name (in the order listed). Characters whose names must be changed will receive a free rename.

    (1) Character Level (the character whose level is higher will keep their name)

    (2) Guild leader (if the character is a guild leader)

    (3) Guild member (if the character is a guild member)

    (4) Last logout time (the character who logged out most recently.

    For example, if A logged out on June 16 and B logged out on June 17, B will keep their name.)

    Will there be any changes to guild names?

    The guild with an earlier creation date will retain their name. Guilds created later will be forced to choose a new name. The system will automatically tag and assign a symbol to guilds that need to be renamed. Guilds that must be renamed must contact customer service and fill out a ticket in order to change their name.

    Will we lose items in our Guild's Warehouse?

    Items from the Guild Warehouse won't be lost, even in cases of duplicate guild names.

    What will be the new server name?

    We have decided to simply call it the "Global" server since you will all be united and able to play with each other.

    How many and what kind of new channels will there be?

    There will be 7 channels in total.

    Will I lose my mail and pending auctions?

    All mail will be retained and all items in the Auction House will be returned via in-game mail. Please note that Auction Fees will not be refunded. Considering everything that will be sent via mail when we proceed with the merger (e.g., AH items and ranking rewards), to minimize potential losses, we strongly encourage you to return Auction House items manually and delete unnecessary mail from your mailbox prior to the merger.

    Will social lists be preserved?

    You will keep your Friend, Black, and Guild lists. However, if there are any duplicate names, characters requiring a name change will have a number added to their name. After the character changes their name, the new name will be displayed normally on the above lists.

    What about guild progress and data?

    1. Guild EXP and Warehouse items will be kept

    2. Guild levels will be kept

    3. Guild members and achievements will be kept

    4. Duplicate Guild Names: Guilds that must choose a new name will automatically have a number appended to their original name.

    Example: "AllGloryToHypnoToad" → "AllGloryToHypnoToad1"

    What about new content?

    Having one big server instead of two smaller ones will allow us to more efficiently use our resources and focus on improving the game. That's why I have the pleasure to announce new upcoming content, which will be contain three Patches at once: 13, 14 and 15!

    What happens if I have the maximum amount of characters on each server?

    All existing characters will be kept. You will have at most 6 characters in basic slots and 10 characters in extra slots.

    What about loyalty rewards?

    They will be reset on the day of the merger.

    What will happen if I have Senshi on both servers?

    1. Senshi Archive:

    You will keep all existing Senshis. However, if you have the same Senshi on both servers, the system will automatically handle them according to the following rules:

    In-game Senshi:

    1-star: Senshi Contract *10 (if you obtained the Senshi through the main quest, the system will not send you any Senshi Contracts.)

    2-star: Senshi Contract *20 + Senshi Evolution Stone *100 (if you obtained the Senshi through the main quest, the system will send you 10 Senshi Contracts instead.)

    3-star: Senshi Contract *30 + Senshi Evolution Stone *200 (if you obtained the Senshi through the main quest, the system will send you 20 Senshi Contracts instead.)

    4-star: Senshi Contract *40 + Senshi Evolution Stone *400 (if you obtained the Senshi through the main quest, the system will send you 30 Senshi Contracts instead.)

    Itemmall Senshi:

    1-star: Senshi Contract *10.

    2-star: Senshi Contract *16 + Senshi Evolution Stone *100

    3-star: Senshi Contract *20 + Senshi Evolution Stone *200

    4-star: Senshi Contract *24 + Senshi Evolution Stone *400 + 4-Star Senshi Evolution Key *1

    2. Bond: If you have the same Senshi on both servers, the system will calculate their total bond value. This will capped at a maximum of 300.

    3. Senshi Gem: If you have applied a Senshi Gem on both servers, the extra value will be returned to you.

    4. Senshi Quest: These will be reset.

    5. Senshi Level: If you have the same Senshi on both servers, you will retain the Senshi with the higher star level. It the two Senshi have the same star level, you will retain the Senshi with the higher Senshi level. The value of the Senshi with lower level will be returned to you by mail.

    6. Senshi Energy: If you have the same Senshi on both servers, your retained Senshi will have the higher star energy value. The system will return the value of the lower star energy to you in the form of Senshi Contracts by mail.

  • Additional FAQ

    What will be the server time, where is it based?

    GMT+2. EU

    Are the achievements going to be added together?

    Yes, you will keep your achievements and they will be added together.

    What about arena/raid times? Will they be adjusted so it fits for every region?

    Times will definitely be adjusted. We can't promise anything right now, but we'll figure something out with your help.

    How will this affect GM/Mod applications; more GM/Mods or less?

    We won't kick any of you because of the merge, no worries. We'll have to see if we need more GM or not.

    How will the character merge happen if you only have 1 server with max char slots?

    Max will still be 8. If you have 9 characters total for both servers and you delete a character, you will not be able to make a new character.

    How will LP be summed?

    LP (US) + LP (EU) = LP in total

    How will the items in the AP/LP shop and the Astral Puzzle carts get affected?

    Everything will be transferred.

    What about the archive if I have things on both server( US and EU) in it. Do I get one of it back or what happens if i have the same item on both?

    If you have the exact same item in the archive on both servers, one of it will be returned to you by mail.

    What if u have full furniture in your Terracottage on US and EU?

    You will keep all your furniture. It will either be placed automatically in your Terracottage or sent by mail.

    When we get the item returned in mail, will it be bound to the account? (archive or the furniture items)

    According to our information the previous state should be kept, so it's most likely bound.

    Is it known if the Global Server will have the character name restrictions of the US or EU server?

    Most likely the character name restrictions of the EU server.

    What happens with the crusade? does it get reset?

    We can't tell for sure if it get reset or not. We'll let you know once we get an update.

    Will the rankings be reset with the merge?

    Yes. But rewards will also send out.

    Is AC going to be transferred safely?