Patch 12 Senshi Event - Shirley & Gogo

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    Welcome Guardians!

    Shirley and Gogo are very busy in their restaurant recently and asked me to help out, as you can see above I'm not the best cook so I promised that I will find the best cook in Meridia to give them a helping hand.

    And this is where you come into play, send in a picture or video (don't forget to put your username written on paper in the photo/video) if you like of your cooked or baked creation to see if they can use your skills in their restaurant, Shirley and Gogo want you to create something edible related to Twin Saga. May it be a Furval, Senshi, your character, Arcadia or whatever you like that exists in the game, you are free to choose.

    Good luck to everyone!



    First place: Senshi contract Shirley x10

    Second place: Senshi contract Shirley x4

    Third place: Senshi contract Shirley x1


    First place: Senshi contract Gogo x10

    Second place: Senshi contract Gogo x4

    Third place: Senshi contract Gogo x1

    If you send in your creation, please remember to add your account name and tell us which of the two Senshis you were cooking for (It decides which one you would like to receive).
    If you want to have a chance to win either you will need to send in two different goodies.
    (Please keep in mind that one person can't win both Senshis, in case your entries are indeed the best for both categories, we will send you a message to ask which one you prefer and adapt accordingly.)


    • Account name must be mentioned in your post.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Event is for NA Server only.
    • You are not allowed to send in more than two participations.
    • Make your username visible written on paper in the picture/video


    We are accepting participations until the 30th of July 11:59 PM (CEST) which marks the end of the event.

    Winner announcement and reward sendout will follow on the 31st of July!


    Have fun everyone!

    Your Twin Saga Team

  • Acc : verysadme

    IGN : Nelilla

    Senshi of choice : Shirley

    Taking baking to the next level! Hoping to make Shirley proud with my recreation of her teacup! (fight)


    There's my entry~ I worked very hard it. Didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but it was the second time I've ever worked with Fondant. So I hope you still like it (laugh) and yes, it is completely edible. Its make with a basic Chocolate Cupcake, with a thin layer of cream cheese strawberry icing, covered in fondant (bear/brown cookie thing is flavored with chocolate fondant), and then 2 Macaroons filled with the same icing. I did the delicate patterns with food safe markers.

    And for any of those who doubt me that this is made with real food, here is the proof with me destorying it minutes after the first picture! (evil)


  • Acc: NatsumiNoeli
    ING: Aldridge

    Senshi of choice: Shirley

    A shareable tray for those who come in groups to restaurant (or for the one that is really hungry). Lemon cookies with chocolate icing and herbal hot tea.
    (Grandma recipe always save your day and help you to participate in Twin Saga contests OwO )

    Sugary panda biscuit costume.
    Sugary cat cookie costume.
    Shirley bunny cookies.
    Sugarland tea set furniture.

    Tea Set for Shirley.jpg


    Senshi of choice: Gogo

    Who doesn't like waffles? And who doesn't like them with chocolate?

    Easy, quick and cute dessert for everyone in town for busy days. Heart shape waffles with white chocolate, dark chocolate icing, sprinkles, strawberry and blueberries, and a lemon cookie (yeah, I used some of Shirley's tray).

    Representing chocolate waffles costume.

    Waffle for Gogo.jpg


    And if you want to see some of the process...

    Baking process.jpg

    Process I.jpg

    Process icing.jpg

    waffle process.jpg

  • aeria acct: nallely1024

    Ign: Moonhazel

    Senshi of choice: Shirley

    It's been years since I've tried baking and after many fails rest in piece burnt cakes. I finally completed it!

    Gogo carries a cat cart with colorful candies so I tried to make a cat rainbow cake and put a lot of candies around it :$<3

    (I did a Gogo cake but I still want a Shirley)


    The ingredients for the cake


    The batter


    Mixed batter


    Baked cakes (didn't burn them this time)


    Part 1