[Forum Event] Photo Friday - 7/6

  • This week's winner


    Directions and Guidelines

    This week's theme is: Another one bites the dust


    • Take one photo featuring the theme stated above.
      • Tip: You can use Alt + H to hide the UI.
    • Upload the photo and reply in this thread.
    • In your response, please include your Aeria account name so that rewards can be sent properly.


    • Participation outside of the given time frame is not allowed.
    • You may not participate multiple times; one entry for one physical person only!
    • The screenshot taken must be your own, and not copied or plagiarized from someone else.
    • Editing the picture is permitted, as long as the picture is recognizably from Twin Saga.
    • This event is for players on the English server (Gemini) only.

    Time frame

    This event is available from when this is posted on Friday until Sunday July 8 at 23:59 server time.



    • Participation: 3 Astral Crystals (Bound)
    • To 1 winner chosen by the GMs and CMs: 5 Astral Crystals (Bound)