[Christmas Event] Write a letter to Santa!

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    Dear Astral Guardians,

    Do you remember of writing letters to Santa? Asking for presents? If yes, then this event will be pretty easy for you, if not, it's not going to be too hard either. Would you like Santa to give you some Twinsaga gifts? Then this is the right time to ask for them!

    Write up a letter to Santa and see if he is good to you and give you a present!


    3 Best written letters will receive the costume they asked for!

    In addition everyone who meets the requirements will receive 3 Astral Crystals (BOUND) and 1 raffle entry.


    Follow these directions exactly to be sure your entry qualifies!

    1. Write up a letter to Santa Claus (A real letter and not just a sentence) asking for 1 present (must be a costume you would like to have);
    2. Each letter should have at least 150 words;
    3. Try to be creative and write a letter that you think Santa Claus would love to read;
    4. Describe how much would you like to have the costume you asked for Christmas;
    5. On the letter say why you deserve the gift and say if you behaved good and give examples of good things you did this year;
    6. Please write your in-game name aswell.


    • It must be a REAL LETTER and not just a sentence!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
    • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
    • Nothing inappropriate!


    15th of December ~ 26th of December

    Start writing up your letter! :$


    Your Twinsaga team!

  • acc name:joshualaconico

    Dear Santa,

    I haven’t written you any letters for a long time but I am writing you this one to thank you for giving everyone presents. I wanted to ask you this question ever since, is it true that you roam around the world in only just one night? If you do can you tell me how you did it? In this coming Christmas do you know what I really want? It’s the head costume “Custom Frigid Flame (M)”. I’ve always wanted to have a new hairstyle and that costume would be the perfect one for me(I deserve a haircut)(laugh). But upon writing this letter I have thought if I became good this year and if I'm listed on your good list. But it seems like I didn’t succeed.;-; Will you still give me a present anyway? And Santa, thank you for giving love on Christmas days, keep up the good work and say hi to Mrs. Claus for me <3

    Sincerely, Chumachane

  • In-game name: Neko

    Dear Santa,

    How are you? Is it chilly up there? I hope you're staying warm! I'm trying my best, drinking lots of hot coco.

    This year I was really really hoping for a Chief Nurse Dress (F) to wear. It's literally the cutest thing I've ever seen. Plus I gotta have to ability to dye it all white since that's kind of my style. It'll match my cute kitty ears, you know? I've been really good this year you know? I've started eating healthy, it was hard to put down the Cheetos but I somehow did it! Even though my stomach was pretty mad at me. I got all my school work done, which I am a huge procrastinator....

    Wait! Procrastination isn't bad right? I'm still on the good list right? If so, totally forget I said that, ahaha.

    I appreciate all the memories I've made on Twin Saga and I hope to enjoy more in a cute new outfit! ♥

    Thank you for reading, I hope I'm good enough to deserve it. If not, I'll just bake you cookies, alright?

    Much love,

    Neko ♥

  • IGN: Mydaiel

    Dear Santa,

    Haven't written to you in a long time (well maybe not as long as I hope but lets just forget about that). I want to believe I've been good this year, but lying would just add more onto the list. Ahem Anyway, this year I would like to receive a Wintry School Uniform. If you could do just that for me, it'd make my year. As for why I'd like it, I just love to dress up that avatar of mine. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cute things. I've been a nice kid this year, although I've probably just about made it onto your nice list. Contrary to my normally lazy lifestyle, I've gone out of my way to help people, I might even be able to say I've become a better person this year. Well, I'm sure I have took up a lot of your time and you have a lot more letters to read other than mine, so I'll wrap it up here.

    Yours Truly,


    P.S: Say hello to your elven warriors helpers for me.

  • Aeriagames Account: akosijanberg

    IGN: xTet

    Dear Santa,

    My name is xTet from Raywing Harbor. Hope you are all rested up from your delivering last Christmas. I want you to know that I have been very good this year, I listened to my parents! I graduated college this year too!

    Now I'm helping my brothers with their homework. I have also helping my dad with our business.

    This year I would really like an Starlight Mech Wings. I asked my brother if it fits my character and he really liked it to for me and I'm happy about that cuz we have the same taste when it comes to game costumes.

    Santa I'd like to ask you something... How did you fit in our chimney? or did you use the door? and Do you bring Mrs. Claus with you when you deliver gifts? I wish I can see you and talk to you in person. :)

    Thank you for all the great presents you gave me last year. Please tell the elves and Mrs. Claus I said Hello. I would love to see your reindeer fly.



    PS: Last year you ate all the chocolate chip cookies, so I'll make'em again. :P

  • Aeria account: Shiron3

    IGN: Ouroburus

    Dear Santa:

    How about things in the North Pole, I hope everything is fine with your helpers and your dear Mrs. Claus.

    I want to tell you that this year I was a good person I have helped those who need it, I have also learned new things in my work and saved lives !!!!!!! I think that if you need my help I will gladly help you :).

    You know this year my wish list is almost fulfilled only missing some things like Christmas dinner and the end of the year but I would also like Alice's Exquisite Outfit so the new year I receive the country of wonders with my dear rabbits I think I have seen in some map (if santa I know I have a fish memory :'().

    Finally Santa for when you get to leave my gift you want something special to eat just ask and you will be fulfilled I have good talent in the kitchen (if I still burn the water but the intention is what counts :O), if it hurts you I help you distribute the gifts.

    Well Santa I retire I hope you can deliver all your gifts and when you finish, go back to my house with Mrs. Claus and we go to the beach to enjoy myself. (kiss)

  • Aeria account: XxHygorMD

    IGN: Dyaz

    Dear Santa Claus:

    This year I behaved very well, I helped as many people as possible and I did not disrespect my parents, I really wanted to be able to provide myself with Custom Eventide Assassin (M) (http://www.twinsagadb.com/item/52402-custom -eventide-assassin-m) so that I can continue my work helping the poorest and defeating the Templars. >:)

    And I hope that this end of the year you are also helping several people, so they feel good, because someone is reminding them

    In life, what is more, is not to receive a shot, nor to be held, or to have a broken love, but rather to be forgotten...

    Thank you for reading this letter.

  • Aeria account: Pocky96

    Dear Santa,

    This is my first ever letter to you, so I hope I do this right. I will be sending you some home baked cookies with this letter and when you come by on christmas I'll have more with milk ready for you.

    This year I've been a very good girl, always helping people whenever I can! Friend needed advice? I was there. Someone needed math help? I was there. Someone threw trash on the ground in front of me? I was there to tell them to pick it back up. Also I made sure to pet every cat that would let me and share the beauty of cats with everyone.

    Now I'm sure you must be very curious of what I want this year, and you must be thinking 'Dis Kjemi...cat obsessed...must be something cat related" and usually you'd be right, but my lovely friends have given me almost everything cat related that I want. So what I ask of you is the beautiful back costume "Seraph's Wings". They are small, blue tinted and very cute! I think someone that loves the colour blue like me would totally rock them. I'll even add a picture so you can see how great I'd look in them!

    This ended up pretty long, but I hope you don't mind reading <3 I wish you the best of luck getting ready for this busy time of the year. Remember to take a break so you don't hurt yourself.

    With love, the twin saga player Kjemi! (IGN)


  • aeria name is: oceanking25

    Dear Santa,

    The only thing I want for Christmas this year is a top of the line, custom made Snazzy Chequered Overcoat graciously handed down to me by a falling angelic Deadpool (the angel part can be left out if unable to proceed with that action). That is only item that my heart truly desires this Christmas.

    I would really like to have this item because not only does it look snazzy, but I would feel great power flowing from inside my body every time I demolish an enemy that the last thing they see is someone stylish looking with a grin on their face knowing they're happy with choices that they have made in life. I also want it because it looks like it would keep me warm and comfortable this winter from the blistering cold.

    I feel like I deserve this item because I have been such a good boy and 9th knight to Marisa. A few of my good deeds include helping people that asked such as running dungeons, answering questions for new players. I also saved countless lives from the dangerous and unforgivable slaughter of players playing mages in Golden Desert. Watching over my great-grandmother while my grandmother goes out for grocery and other stuff that needs to be done.

    If you do happen to visit me this Christmas with this bountiful gift, please help yourself to the milk and cookies that will be laid out in a spread of different flavors so you can choose your favorite milk and cookie combination. Don't worry about the leftovers as they will be donated to a shelter. (angel)

    Sincerely, larryultra (IGN)


  • Aeria Name: kawaii5


    Dear Santa,

    I must say it has been a long time. This Christmas, I would love a costume called cataclysmic crystal wings. This back costume has the benefits of matching with almost every different costume color coordination with its simple color. Its not too big to get in anyone's view or too small to notice.

    I do deserve this costume because I believe I have done well this year. I have gotten a new job that I very much enjoy. I am continuously working hard and facing new challenges every day.

    I was able to meet great people in Twin Saga and was even given the chance to work as a Game Sage. I was able to help others out of their struggles and issues the community came across as they adventured through the game.

    Getting this costume will allow me to enjoy this game even more as I will enjoy looking and create new costume mixes on my character as I play.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas!

    Thank you,


  • Dear Santa Claus,

    My name is Tanya, also known as WindChime. I am just a young Mage just dipping my toes into the magical arts, but I am dedicated to my studies and find myself leveling up everyday, but alas, I am a cold, poor, noob mage and I'm so squishy and die often in dungeons.

    If you could bring me a Cinderella Dress (F) this year, it would strengthen me and give me the encouragement to keep fighting!

    (and at the very least, cushion my fallen body when I die in the process...)


    Besides my magical studies, I have grown in other ways too this year. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and I am due sometime around Christmas or New Years! So I hope I won't miss your visit when the baby comes.

    (I'll make sure to leave the cookies out before I go, don't worry)

    I know your job is hard, and you want to please everyone this year.

    I am a tattoo artist, so when a client wants a piece that means a lot to them I try to pour my heart and soul into it, so I can understand how you feel and you don't want to let anyone down.

    I hope you get to visit me this year! <3

    If you come to visit me and I'm at the hospital, can you give my kitty Willow some loving reassurance?

    She's never met a human baby before so this year is going to be trying on her.

    She's really fat and jolly too.

    I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a very Merry Christmas this year!

    Safe Flying!!

    Much Love and Wishes,


    (aka WindChime)

  • aeria name: Husui

    IGN: Ceoroucos

    Dear Santa..

    Santa are you doing fine? with all those gift works for children you must be tired though riding along from house to house sounds tiring for a single man without any form of help.... ,they say you're.. gaining.. alot of weight and diving in a chimney with those... unwanted weight gains but anyway i love how you work hard on gifts for children who deserves to earn them.. well this is my first letter so im not kinda used to tell you that i also want some gifts... he he..he..... sounds really not that good of a letter o -o welp asking for gifts in christmas ain't bad i guess...

    o -o... now im lost for words told you i suck at this thing santa should have sticked baking/cooking o -o.. well all i want at is this item that is mostly bugged in the info... (51355_ItemMall) if that is invalid well i wanted that that (Golden Set - The Deathbringer(m) i wanted the rare one not the epic, i don't want to be shiny and sparkling while walking and fighting mobs well not to complain .o -o

    well this is the only letter i can wrote so far again i told you santa i suck at this o -o...

    Oh and santa have a Merry Happy Cheerful Christmas this year (o -o)b

  • char name: ParakissX

    Dear Santa Claus

    My name is ParakissX. I would like to inform you that I devoted myself to being obedient this year, and I tried hard not to be rude to everyone, I ate all the vegetables at meals, i helped old ladies to cross the streets, helped blind people to find their way, I welcomed little puppies of abandoned cats and dogs, i helped clean up and recycle my neighborhood, gave soup and blankets to street dwellers, all this, so as not to leave you disappointed with me, and leave you proud to influence so much in my decisions to the people, so what I would like to win this year as a gift Defiled Seraph Wings (http://www.twinsagadb.com/item/52235-defiled-seraph-wings)

    I will continue to dedicate myself in the same way next year, and I will try to do more to keep you from being disappointed with me. Thank you for reading this letter, and a great Christmas to you Mr. Santa Claus

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, i'm learning to write with my parents!

  • Aeria Account: Zirnanta

    Dear Santa,

    I hope this letter won't take too much of your time, knowing you'll probably have a thousand more letters to read through.

    I'm not exactly sure how to write a propper letter to anyone, because I've never found any particular need to do so, but I've been dying to have this Swanky School Satchel for as long as I can remember, it's a perfect must-have for my adventuring needs so that I can store more goodies that I collect on my way.

    I might not have always been the most angelic kind, but I hope you see past my few flaws so that I might still be off the naughty list.

    I am always out there to help anyone requiring assistance afterall! May it be a small cat or another person, I'll always try my best to help out their current situation. Stay safe out there and don't exhaust yourself too much!

    PS: If you decide to come for a visit, I have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

    Best wishes, Zimanta.

  • Obviously, I'm really 6 years old guys. (fight)

  • Dear Santa,

    Hi Santa, I want to ask. Why am I on the naughty list? I did not make Marisa lose her power. I think you have got the wrong person. I was minding my own business too when Amaris and her underlings started making dungeons. I had to help Marisa and defeat them all repeatedly to get money. Marisa wasn’t funding me for this journey but I need gears and costumes.

    Do you thing I’m still naughty? In my defense, Amaris destroyed the Celestial scale then Marisa power was scattered across the land and because of it, dungeons spawned everywhere . She should be on the naughty list! So I hope you consider putting me on the nice list.

    Oh! And because of this Journey , I haven’t had time to go shopping and take care of myself. I almost spent my entire time walking too. So for Christmas I would like to get Blue Astral Wings, a match color with Marisa Groupies,.plus! I can fly when doing some daily errands in many place like Sanctopolis, Cosmic Coast, and etc. I really need that wing so I could help people faster. I am such a good person, right? (angel)

    Merry Christmas Santa.



    Aeria account: rilovin

    IGN : Chocologica

  • Dear Santa :),

    I hope Ms Claus and you are well this year. I'm sure your both very busy this year. I love the work you do and I want to continue that work myself :).

    Christmas is about giving and I would like to give the cutest outfit the Custom Apline Shepherdess Custome (F) to my couple for Christmas :$. I've had my eye on it for awhile but can not afford such a gift. If you could make room in your busy schedule provide this gift I'd very thankful (angel).

    Christmas isn't only about giving it's about the birth of Christ and the shepherds that gathered for the new born have always been some of the cutest figures of my imagination (angel). Twin Saga has given me such cute screens and friendships and I am thankful to be able to play and help my friends.

    Merry Christmas Santa. May your days be bright and happy. :)



    PS I have cookies for you that my friends baked with love.<3

  • Aeria Account: Drake.Shimura

    IGN: Drake

    Dear Santa,

    My name is Drake, and i've been a good man. I would like the Astral Lancer's Garb (M), & Astral Lancer's Headwear (M). My favorite class on Twin Saga is the Dragonknight one, and i've always wanted those outfits, since it is the ones displayed on the Dragonknight. Please don't think of me as being greedy, I just don't want to feel incomplete. I hope everything has been well on your side Santa, and tell Rudolph the reindeer I said hello. You should come by sometimes to my Terracottage for some Milk and Cookies. Well words are running short, and I know your a busy man, and have a long list to see who has been naughty or nice. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Merry Christmas to you Santa, and happy holidays! :)

    Sincerely, Drake

  • Aeria Acc: Yojiru

    In Game Name: Danni

    Dear Santa,

    This year has been quite eventful, I feel like I've accomplished many things for myself and for others. I am always helping new players who enter the game when they ask, and even giving tips and guides on how to get better. Santa, I know you have been very busy lately so that's why I have set up a little something to help you this Christmas. We've set up a little event to help the elves so they wouldn't feel to overwhelmed in sending out gifts to everyone, Our Guild is sharing cheer amongst ourselves and have even prepared a feast for when you arrive. This Year Santa, like every year I only want one thing, I simply just want my hair cut and styled. To be more specific this year I would like my hairstyle to be "Custom Hyperfrost Hairdo (M)", I seen what you've done with Alfallo's hair and I just simply adore it. I know how well you maintain your beard, so I know my hair will be in good hands. Thank you for taking the time out to read my letter, and I really do hope you enjoy the Feast we have prepared for you when you visit Our Home Traces.

    Merry Christmas, Santa.

    Sincerely, Danni.