[Friday Feedback] Fantasy Planet

  • To organize this post, in regards to Fantasy Planet specifically, the previous questions that have been answered in Previous Feedback Friday's will be listed below AND the points that have been made on the most Recent Feedback along with the cons and pros will be included as well. Please keep in mind that since this topic has so many opinions, it will take a while to make a decision based on the community's needs. The team will look at all the points made and try to look at this neutrally. If you have any more suggestions that is not already listed, please add a reply to this post so it can be noted and be easily accessed for Fantasy Planet Questions & Suggestions.

    Previous Feedback Fridays

    Feedback Friday 02/23/2018

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - more times to enter to help people in EU

    Answer: Sounds reasonable. We'll see with XL what's possible.

    Feedback Friday 4/27/2018

    Feedback: More fantasy planet times

    Answer: Already on our list.

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place offset to his target box. This makes it impossible for melee classes to hit

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balaor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place that resets himself.

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback Friday 5/11/2018

    Feedback: Password-lock Fantasy Planet rooms

    Answer: Noted!

    Feedback Friday 5/25/2018

    Feedback: Request for a manually opened Fantasy Planet (like how WaterPark or Golden Desert was opened for the server, out of the normal schedule)

    Answer: Interesting suggestion. We will see if that is possible.

    Points Brought up by Community on Discord

    Why organized Raids are ideal

    • Keeps game alive
    • Not everyone can que a guild FP
    • Easy to clear FP with private raid rules in place
    • Unorganized raids = free for all for the egg and difficult clearance without cooperation

    Possible Solutions in Terms of Organization

    • Naming Raids- convenient, so that it wont get mixed up with other raid parties.

    • Raid Decline/Accept- similar to party dungeons where party recruiters can accept or decline a party member
      • Cons: what if Raid Leader disconnects?

    • Special team like Grand Fantasia- friends invited and que as team, all invited get inside the que and no worries about disconnects, no worries about drama from randoms accidentally joining private raids

    • make FP into a regular dungeon entry that resets once a day
      • cons: some people do not do PvP and FP is the only PvP they do

    • Guild Alliances- choose 3-5 guilds to ally with via guild hall with allied guilds

    • Vote to kick option- like in other games where you can vote to kick person who is not following the private rules (in this case such as when to hit the egg or the type of class being used)
      • To prevent kick abuse: Kicked person will be allowed to join a different raid as long as its within the time limit
      • Grant ability for that slot to be opened: for another person to get inside instead (raid keeps even the people who leave the raid in the list)

    • Password lock raids- organized raids have all members inside (doesn't boot regular raid members out); prevents randoms from breaking organized raid formation strategies; FP starts manually regardless of # players inside; randoms don't wait at egg.
      • Cons: alienates players who are not in organized private raids; end game gear is only obtainable in FP in which some of it is untradable (players forced to buy from others); time zone and 1 day entry is already limiting as is

    *******If Password Locked Raids gets passed, to prevent exclusion...******

    TS Discord should create FP channel with all the organized Raid lists and the forum should also include an organized FP raid list for those without discord

    • People can apply/ contact raid leader to join or create their own organized raid within the channel
    • Promotes FP, organized raids claim their times, diffuses confusion, gives opportunity to join organized raids

    Possible Solutions in Terms of Fantasy Planet que timings/entries

    • More que times that are more EU and SEA friendly (already is noted based on previous feedbacks)
    • Allow community to vote on time slot?
    • More raid entries per day?
    • Request for a manually opened Fantasy Planet (already noted in previous Feedback and is being checked whether this can be possible)