[Forum Event] Summer Nostalgia

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    Aaahh, summer! The hottest season of the year, I’m not very fond of it but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Summer is all about making memories, experiencing new things, travelling to new places, meeting new people. It’s about changes, but if there’s only one thing that won’t change, it’s the way we remember things.

    And what’s the best way to refresh this summer? Reminiscing happy memories, the best ones, the ones we’ll never forget.

    So, tell us your best memory in Twin Saga! Was it with your friend? Your special someone? Your guildmates? It could be anything! What’s your favorite memory from playing and experiencing the game? If you want to spice things up, add a photo of your memory and tell us your story.


    • This event is only for players on English (Gemini) server.
    • Events must have only occurred in Twin Saga.
    • Your entry cannot violate any parts of the Terms and Service.
    • Entries must be PG 13.
    • Make sure you own the photo(s) and story.
    • No plagiarism of other people’s entries.
    • Only one entry per person.
    • Think out your entry carefully, you are only allowed to edit typos, not change the whole thing.
    • Entries must have 300 characters minimum and 1,450 characters maximum. (In any case you go over/below the requirements, you will be sent a reminder to edit it otherwise your entry will be ignored.)
    • Entries submitted after the deadline will not be included.
    • Make sure to include your Aeria Account Name in your entry.

    Event Duration:

    Start: June 6, 2018

    End: June 14, 2018 23:59 CEST



    First Place: 20 Slot Backpack + 5x Advanced Gear Scrolls + 5x Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Second Place: 15 Slot Backpack + 4x Advanced Gear Scrolls + 4x Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Third Place: 10 Slot Backpack + 3x Advanced Gear Scrolls + 3x Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Participation: 2x Advanced Gear Scrolls (Bound) + 1 Advanced Accessory Scroll (Bound)

    For any questions and clarifications, please contact me on Discord.

    Goodluck! (chickenblush)

  • Hardcorecrazy93

    Hello, my name is QueenSerenity and I would like to tell you my story….

    For me it started quite some time ago when I was playing another game like Twin Saga, I managed to get myself into a guild full of friendly players, I even made long term friends which I still talk to often. After a while I eventually ended up leaving due to the game dying. I ended up finding Twin Saga which seemed very interesting to me, so I decided to give it a try. I now have been playing Twin Saga for a couple months and I am still learning. Not long after starting the game I got invited to join Redmoonrose where I quickly made friends. HERE IS THE BEST PART!!……. One day not too long ago I was on my own doing some dailies in Vitreus Mines, I was standing infront of the dungeon after I just ran it for my daily when all of a sudden another player turned up beside me. The player asked me if they would be able to join Redmoonrose, I was so happy to have someone ask me to join I invited them in Welcomely. After such a time another guild member asked for my discord name (Teka) so they could add me, after I copied and pasted it into the chat the person I added was shocked. They thought it was someone they new and thought they were mistaken, I mentioned the previous game thinking there name sounded familiar to me and it was at the moment we found out we were the same people. Ever since that day we have played together just like the old times... Thank you Twin Saga For the memorable moment XD

  • Aeria Accont: NeniNyan
    Ign: Neni

    It's actually pretty hard to find a "best" best memory in Twin Saga. I started playing this game because I wanted to try a MMORPG and also I wanted to play with my boyfriend. Since we're playing togheter, we have fun every day, and every day is a special day for me.
    But if I had to choose one single memory, I would say the best one is the one about the first time we participated to a GM event.
    It was the day of Scavenger Hunt and Like a Boss (on the same day). Since we play side by side, we can talk to each other and see what the other one is doing. So during the hunt we had sooooo much fun looking for the requested things and betting on where to find what. XD
    TS is a beautiful and fun game, but it gets so much better and funnest when you play with your friends and family. :)

  • Aeria acc: mayamayo

    Mayavii's best dungeon run with friends.

    One random day, Mayavii walks around The Royal City of Arcadia. Her friend Shirune randomly whispered her, "Mang do you wanna run Dragon's Abeyance". She thought of lazing around, like the usual, but she agreed and went to help. And so she went with Shirune, Quol, alucard and LavienRose. Quol stood as "carry" while the others went to choose their own classes to support him. At the start, there was only one cleric and suddenly, everyone died on the bridge on the way to S-02 boss. How did this happen? Everyone was confused so they planned to get another cleric for the run, so now there's 2 clerics. Then everyone died again WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! *panics* Wait.. The clerics were that bad? N O P E , everyone just rushed to the bridge, got distracted by chat and forgot about the laser! Everyone laughed and on the next run, one had a suggestion, " I have a good idea, what if the 4 of us go cleric and Quol stays his class? So yknow we can be his support and he be everyone's knight." The four agreed saying, "NO ONE DIES NOW FOR SURE" And as everyone run inside the dungeon, Quol magically went Cleric and everyone went, "..wait THIS WASN'T THE PLAN" Who'd think running Dragon's Abeyance can be this fun, even though it took so much time? Oh and have I mentioned that on one of the runs, all of them died even though they went as a full cleric party? True story.



    Mayavii forever a bee~

    IGN: Mayavii (nosebleed)

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  • Aeria Account : verysadme
    IGN : Nelilla

    Personally I don't often pick favourites for anything, so with this challenge, I struggled with picking a particular moment, but nothing can ever beat your newbie days. A moment in time which can never be truly recreated in the same game twice. A time where you learn and discover all the game has to offer, falling in love with its features, and story. Most people join the game alone, however I was lucky! My best friend invited me to join her in venturing into Twin saga together and explore the world of this game together. My PC being more powerful then her old potato PC, I was able to jump into the game half a day ahead of her and grind my way to lv20. It was sad I couldn't spend my first hours of the game with her, but once she finally jumped online I was able to share the little knowledge I learned before to help make her experience better, but mostly I just auto-followed her while she grind quests to lv20 too. :D The days we spent together learning, discovering and enjoying the game together are personally my favourite times in TS <3 I enjoyed it so much, I even went and made Fanart of our 2 characters at the time :D (about a month after we joined the game) which I never make fanart for anything! :D Also silly me, I deleted pictures shortly take them :P but I was able to find one with us together from those days


  • Aeria account name: NatsumiNoeli

    ING: Aldridge

    Memories there are plenty. I especially recall those where friends and I were struggling in dungeons because of weakness.

    Team was most of the time the same. Finding carries wasn't too hard by those days (thank Goodness because they were extremely needed). Trying to get gold, starstones and especially gear we started our adventure on a suicide mission.

    Of course, carries went all the way to the first boss without clearing anything. That was when the real deal started. Hit and trying to survive was the only and main task assigned to us. Sometimes we succeeded and some others we failed (which were the majority of the times).

    All of us shared that feeling in a certain point in our Twin Saga life. Here is to remind everyone our steps to the top (which I haven't reach yet, so please carries, be nice, we still need you).

  • IGN: Sapphyra

    ACC: luvlee2660

    (couldnt pick screenies so did the most recent ones :$)


    My favorite memory in TS was meeting Shibe. We were in a meta BM party together & i was cleric. I was followin her around healin her & jokin that the heals were my love, bc ppl kept runnin ahead before i could heal them. We started to see each other all the time randomly in merida & would do the "happy terra" dance of spamin it in circles in excitement, & would race doin dailies and autofollow each other. After this, we started to hang out more & grew closer. We joined the same guild & hung out every day, we are now even friends IRL! I cannot imagine my life on ts & IRL had i not met her & i am so so glad i decided to get this game & got to meet her! She is my papaya & we message each other constantly, laughin about inside jokes or sendin funny ss of ts to keep the other informed while afk! Even in trade chat we joke around & type 5:$1 to see who is online, & the amount of ppl who then do it too makes us laugh. My life has truly become magical & special thanks to her. We put the twin in twin saga; always thinkin alike & typin/sayin the same things at the same time! When i die or lag in cutscenes/dgns she always sits next to me or on me & waits, or if we are hangin outside a dgn waitin for reset we sit together to pass the time.:$ We share pics of pets & snap all the time. We make the bubbles & send so many pepes its probably a problem at this point. I thought i was getting a game, i didnt realize i was also getting a best friend.<3

  • Aeria: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Best memory? Twin Saga itself will be one of my best memory. A lot of things happen, from being part of dramas to munching popcorn from the sidelines reading fights in Trade chat. So many things happened, makes choosing a single memory a very hard decision. One I can think of that happen recently, was one morning/night (#timezoneproblems), after fantasy planet raid. I always do fp on empty stomach and get food after fp. Leaving my character afk in Maplewood Glenn as I went to grab food, Danni left his character afk too, no idea what he did, but it was fun OwO

    Doing our own RL stuff separately, but at the same time we're together.

    snapshot_20180525_212632 - Copy.jpg


  • Aeria:nallely1024


    My favorite memory and the main reason why I stay in Twin Saga was when my new game friends from discord decided to create a guild named SilverSword. Shin,TwinTails, and HejiHatory, along with myself decided to create our own guild due to other guilds not feeling like family. They were too focused on gear and such that lowbies like us were basically ignored by the capped level players who only seemed to brag about their fully fortified equipment. We left our former guilds and banded together to create our home. It was a rough start at first since we were all level 50s when the level cap back then was level 65. Killing a guild boss took like 30 minutes to kill and even clearing party dungeons was difficult since no one was geared for it. Not to mention that since we were a new guild, no one knew who we were and no one wanted to join us. I can't remember when but soon after Shin had to quit because of work and real life, and he passed me the leadership. I was scared to death of this new responsibility since I preferred to rule behind the scenes over being the person who everyone followed. However, this fear was soon reassured when my newly appointed deputies supported and had my back to help me guide this guild. I felt safe and protected by my "family." At some point, we became stronger and more people decided to join us. We became that home guild that people wanted to join and we could joke and laugh or even share our bad moments with each other while forgetting about real life. I made it a point that no one gets left behind since I experienced that when I joined Styles and I was basically ignored for being low level.

    Since I like being spontaneous, I try my best to make everyone have fun and even host guild events that breaks the tensions that come from leveling and grinding for gear. The discord is also pretty lively and I am never bored when talking with people I consider family.

    I'm still impressed on how my guild came so far: from nobodies to somebodies. I love my guild and my family.



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    Thank you for your interest in joining! All your entries were absolutely wonderful to read, thank you for letting us know your experiences and letting us experience them with you. <3

    Also, for some clarification, some of you might have seen that I announced a set of winners prior this, it was a case of misunderstanding and was not considered official, so please disregard that. I would like to apologize for any confusion, but do trust it will not happen again.

    Again, thank you for your enthusiasm and cooperation!

    Till next event, Guardians!