[Participation] Buff Up!

  • Weekends 6

    1. June 23 - June 24 (2) 33%
    2. June 30 - July 1 (1) 17%
    3. July 7 - July 8 (3) 50%
    4. July 14 - July 15 (0) 0%

    This is an event for a weekend of buffs! This is all based on how many people participate! The poll will determine which weekend the buffs will happen.

    -Thresholds (# of people participating)-
    20: +25% Character EXP Buff
    30: +25% Class EXP Buff
    40: +25% Loot Drop Rate
    50: +25% Gold Rate
    60: +25% Character EXP Buff
    70: +25% Class EXP Buff
    80: +25% Loot Drop Rate
    90: +25% Gold Rate
    Max: +50% all buff
    Note: Buffs will last 48 hours on one weekend (sat & sun)



    What do you have to do:

    Submit a reply to this forum stating your IGN, Aeria Account Name, and writing a story (minimum 75 words) about your adventures in Twin Saga. You must meet all requirements to count as a "participant". The story does not have to be true, but it must be a story.


    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit, and you cannot participate multiple times.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Event is for NA Server only.
    • You must have all of the required fields to be eligible to participate.
  • yikes! I'm first.

    IGN: Moonhazel

    Aeria Acct Name: nallely1024


    On a regular day, Moonhazel usually waits for her couple to log on and automatically whisks him into dungeons after dungeons. But wait there's more.. she usually spots at least one or two guildies who are also on and also drags them into the depths of misery with her.

    They sometimes barely fit the level requirements but they happily oblige to join her dubbed "SS Boot Camp" where they are ready to drop as flies or soar into fast paced runs. The regular duo, Moon and Kath, spend time day after day to spam dungeons with these unlucky errr lucky plebs in hopes that they grow up to be honorable Shoguns. From humble beginnings to SilverSwordians who can hold their own and lend their strength to new recruits....


    Aeria Account Name: kawaii5

    MICHI was strolling around Meridia and spotted a couple otters on the coast. They were turning and diving. The otters seemed to take notice and dived down under the water. I put on my swimsuit and dived into the water, hoping to see more of these cute otters. Suddenly, I felt something soft rub up against my back. I quickly turned around to see an otter. This one seemed so small compared to the ones I saw far out in the ocean. It seemed so small to me. For the rest of the day, the baby otter and I played together in the water.

  • Aeria: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Everything started back in the beginning, where NaYu's hair was still red and her obsession of dye is still null. She just jump off the ship, arriving at the Tutorial Island. She learned a lot there about lots of various stuff. NaYu then continued her journey to Raywing Harbour and then Woolruft Plains.

    The guild recruit board in Woolruft Plains was filled with a bunch of awesome and amazing guilds, but out of all those guild, <Traces> was the only one that caught her attention, the only guild she applied to.

    A really nice person, named Mayavii then whispered her, asking her if she needs the formula for Mythic Force. NaYu said yes and Mayavii sent NaYu the formula, that was her first ever conversation with another guild member.

    1 month later, NaYu evolved into into her second form. She starts chatting with guild members, with simple koamoji such as OuO, OwO, >w<, TwT, O.O, etc. Not long after that, NaYu evolve again into her third evolution form, she reacts to everything. She also start to stray from path and getting lost. That is where she got adopted by her current mom, Mayavii.

    The adoption has triggered another evolution, NaYu's fourth form, the NaYu you wish would shut up cos she talks/spam too freaking much.

    By the way, join Traces when?

  • Aeria: jemness
    IGN: Shirune

    Shirune was sitting on the Arcadia Merchant Square fountain, looking at all the players just standing around doing nothing, thinking of what to do. She decided to whisper her friend Mayavii and ask if she wants to do dungeon runs, but sadly she's already running something with her couple which left Shirune all alone, she then decided it's probably best to just do some LP dungeons and then log off, but then Shirune's couple vAi logged on and they did some dungeons together \o/

  • account: lykerR
    char: Phantasm

    I was late with this story for senshi event, so I will post it here xD

    -Hey Cherry?
    -Yes, master?
    - What do you carry in your basket?
    - Do you really want to know it?

    * * *

    My life changed significantly after the day I followed a white rabbit. I was just doing my Furval training, but then I noticed a white rabbit among cats. I was amazed and I followed it. Where did it come from? The rabbit noticed me and started running away.
    - Hey, bro, wait a bit! – I shouted to the rabbit.
    I was chasing the rabbit ignoring dozens of cats biting all parts of my body. All of a sudden, the rabbit hopped in a burrow, which I had never noticed before. I was sure I was going to just fell down on the grass in a pool of my own blood from wounds by cats, however, just a moment before, I found myself in some dark place without any ground under my feet or blue sky above my head. I felt like slowly falling down. The 1st thing I heard was:
    - Pervy Phantasm! You will never miss any single skirt!
    -WHAT?! – I shouted – Just now you were a rabbit! And how did you know my name?
    I turned my head and saw a little girl wearing a red dress with rabbit ears. She looked embarrassed. So cute.
    - It is written above your head of course! And by the way, your title… - the girl got silent
    - Well, seems legit….Hey, what is wrong with my title?
    Immediately I saw the light somewhere in the bottom. No, millions of lights! I opened my eyes widely in amazement.
    - What is it? – I asked the girl
    - There are stars. Have you never seen them? – she smiled
    I got confused. Stars. Here. In the burrow under FTG. Are you kidding?! But later, when the «stars» got closer, I noticed something on each of them. We were among them. Each «star» had different colour and shape. Hey, what is it? Luna is sitting on one of them! Right there, on the blue one! Wait, stop, isn’t it a crowd of furvals on the triangle green one? Who ever made the star triangle?
    - What is happening here? Where I am? And who are you?
    - My name is Cherry, nice to meet you! It is Bugland, welcome.
    - Why are you here? You weren’t released yet!
    - Told ya, is it Bugland!
    - Bugland? I feel like I already live in the bug-land…
    Just the next moment we fell down on something soft. Soft and fluffy. It is…. Mikka? I saw something like a river. A milk river, where big as countryside houses mikkas were sailing in the same direction. What is going on here? But… you know what? I love it! I turned my head to the sky, but didn’t see stars anymore, just fat mikkas were sailing right above my head. Everything was quiet. But…
    - Cherry, do you know how to get back?
    - Hm… I usually just…. Go back to the place I came from?
    I looked around. Where did we came from?
    - Could you lead me back?
    - I don’t know. It is a Bugland, sometimes you come in, sometimes go out… Can never predict.
    My eye twitched nervously. One moment our great mount got faster and started falling down. Cherry got nervous.
    - It is not good! I have never seen this way! No I am not sure I can go out even myself. You are guilty for this, you broke it!
    She was so cute saying it and getting red.
    - Hey, what have I done? I didn’t even know I would get here!
    - Well, let’s deal with it together, master! – she smiled
    I nervously laughed. Master? Well, this if everything I could wish. Our large orange ball of fur fell down in the fog. We found ourselves in the deep forest, where the trees had all the colours of rainbow, stripes on their trunks and checkered leaves. I got lost not only physically, but mentally too.
    - Look, it is a trail! – said Charry pointing with her small finger on some grassy root, which leaded in the deep forest.
    - Do you think it is safe way?
    - You never know before you try. Every path leads to a place, isn’t it? Come on master, Im am sure together we will deal with everything!
    I had nothing to do but follow her. Following the trail, we were getting deeper and deeper in the forest. However, the only thing that caught my eye was white rabbit tail. She seems like noticed it.
    - What happened, master?
    - I wonder, why have you started running away of me?
    - You look like a big bad wolf! Rabbits are afraid of wolves, you know?
    - Hey, I’m not a wolf, I am a fox! – I felt fox ears on my head
    - Even more! Foxes are even more dangerous, they are cunning, you never know what is happening in their heads.
    «May be I am really a wolf?» - I thought
    We went out of the forest and found ourselves among big purple mushrooms. In the middle of the field there was the biggest mushroom. What is it on the mushroom?
    - Let’s go, master, they must know da wae! *WHAT? This meme is already dead!*
    Mushroom labyrinth leaded us right to the biggest mushroom.
    - Hey, who are you? Stop here, don’t spoil my mushrooms!
    I turned my head up and saw…. A familiar face… Dorrie?
    - What? Sure, you expected it to be a large caterpillar, like in a story about Alice in the Wonderland, but IT WAS ME, DORRIE!
    - Don’t make THIS kind of face! – I shouted – and you still have caterpillar’s tail!
    - REALLY? – Dorrie got excited – Well, it is YOUR guilt!
    - Mine? Wait, if you're saying about Wonderland… Where is Alice?
    - There, hangs under the mushroom, now she knows that she shouldn't eat my mushrooms.
    In a second I have heard a weak cry “Help”
    - Well, whatever, tell me how to get out of here?
    - Oh, right here, behind this mushroom.
    - Seriously? That fast?
    - What have you expected, hard and long way full or dangerous creatures and traps? No, this story is already too long.
    I went behind the mushroom and there really was a cave. Sounds dangerous, but… Well, it won’t become worse anyway.
    - Cherry? Are you going out?

    She carefully came closer.
    - Right after you, Master.
    Well, nothing to do, I should go… I crawled in the cave, expecting Cherry to follow me, but next moment I felt her kick and words “Go away of here!”
    Was nice to meet you, little Cherry….
    I fell on the big stone in Meridia and seems like injured someone mining around. Well…. Everything happens in this life.

  • Aeria Account: NeniNyan
    IGN: Neni

    The sun rises again on Aetherion! Another day begins for Neni, mighty warrior, the knight of Sanctopolis, the choosen one!
    Many adventures lie ahead, ladies to rescue, mighty monsters to slay! Piles of gold and adoring crowds, chanting her name! Queen Fiona ready to award her with a special medal of honor! Aaah~ fame!
    .... or maybe not?

    This was the dream in her heart when Marisa asked for her assistance. A glorious future! Well, future that is.
    Now back to reality! As morning comes the routine has to begin! On the list there are stinky mucklings to slay, flowers to pick and ingredients to find!
    Running around from the Southern Prairie to the Northern Barrens. Travelling all across Meridia, helping people of all kinds. Carts await, full of goods to be delivered in the whole continent.
    A hard life for sure! But even in this Neni is not alone! She has her darling Riccard, mighty paladin, by her side fighting against all evil to protect her.
    Together they face obscure and dangerous dungeons, filled with monsters and enemies, reaching powerful bosses!
    Then, when night comes, it's time to retire and relax. Cooking someting nice, crafting something new... and then finally comes bed time! Time to log, but the adventure never ends for it continues in our dreams~

  • IGN Sapphyra

    ACC: luvlee2660

    On a normal day i wake up and do my alts, 70 astrals and deliveries to get my lp. I go to my main and then do my dailies there as well. Once this is done i buy my lp scrolls to level up my gear. I go to dgns with friends and hang out online. We are always laughing and joke around about things. To have fun, u cant be too serious. I hang out with my love Shibe, and friend Lylvia, and we run dgns and try to duo or trio harder dgns for fun. We make jokes and vc, roll puzzles and laugh at the results. We band together trying to get titles, or costumes, and of c new senshi! On some days I get to hang out with Traces Members and laugh and joke with them and have fun in Raid. I'm so thankful they let me join their op nut race. It is never a dull day in ts, when u have friends to make memories with everyday <3.

  • IGN: Ouroburus

    ACC: Shiron3

    When I was just starting to play, I was curious to know a little more about the continent of Meridia I was seeing every corner of this extensive map until I realized something, the area where snow falls and so there will be different areas with different climates, although later I realized that possibly the floating islands north of meridia could have snow, I was excited to see that there was such a possibility, only that there was a problem like reaching the top if I am afraid of heights, but since I am in the base of the islands I am ready to upload them and continue exploring to find new places with beautiful landscapes.

    Sincerely, Ouroburus

  • IGN: Darkrim

    Account Name: cocodreamland

    Note: in third-person - I can’t do first-person - but its definitely a story of me.

    She’s always been a lover of stories. Even within a game, it’s no different. The stories of Aetherion are what draws her in and keeps her staying. She is simply a spectator, a watcher, for most of it - but she enjoys it all the same. But just like every game - and every story, for that matter - it has an end. But that’s okay, because some stories never end.

    Like the stories of people. Real people, just like her. There’s just one problem with it, though. She’s scared of them. Unlike the stories on Aetherion, she can’t be a mere watcher. She has to speak, she has to act. And that is what she fears, for people can be scary.

    She hopes that one day she’ll be able to get over it. And it’ll be the key to a whole new world - a world full of stories she’s yet to discover.

  • IGN: Danni

    Account name: Yojiru

    Entries to be read like a Journal of Danni's adventure in Twin Saga, over his course of being in the game.

    Originally had them listed as Days, weeks, but realized this all happened over the courses of months- in the game so I swapped the term to Entry.

    Entry 1.

                              Raywing Island
    Danni had just stepped off the boat with his cousin SukaShiro whom both were fresh to this new world of Meridia. They stuck together and completed the quests, and helped one another. They finally reached Woolruft plains, where they decided to take a small break in the more city and friendly zone where a angelic Figure had recruited the both of them to a Guild named Destiny.

    Entry 2.
                              Grinding Levels
    Danni & SukaShiro eager to make friends in their new Guild continued to do their quests and dailies to get Tribute and to figure out how to play the game. They played non-stop for almost 16hours until they both reached around level 30, when they decided it was time to take another break.

    Entry 3.
                              New Friends
    Danni, & SukaShiro continued their grind, however in the Guild there was a new Friend Zyc. Whom was also on the same path of levelling. Danni & Zyc became close and relied on one another to level up and soon after a few weeks They became Dukes(Officers of the Guild Destiny), SukaShiro’s laptop had burned out so her quest had ended early.

    Entry 4.
                             Coming and Going
    There was so much Traffic coming and going in the Guild Destiny, as Dukes of the Guild Danni and Zyc had gotten tired of Training new members only to see them booted out the next day… and so the two had decided to go their separate ways and Create their own Guild.

    Entry 5
    Traces was finally Created, the name inspired by Zyc, and agreed in unison with the first batch of Traces Guildies such as Kemuri, TastyKake, Aznprotege, Pandrew, HoneyBachi, and Lem. The Guild was a sanctuary for friends, and the name meant that all our memories would be cherished and we’d leave Traces with everyone we touched.

    Entry 6
                             The Growth
    Managing a Guild could be stressful, but the growth was amazing, and Traces grew, soon after the guild had managed to nab even more amazing people who some are still in the Guild Today.

    Entry 7
                             The Rut
    With many Sudden Growths there comes times where things will get stuck, and start to decline tremendously, Traces was in that rut, and it had almost died off entirely. Many core members left the guild, either be quit the game or simply because the Guild itself was in an never ending AFK Meridia Cycle, it wasn’t until Danni decided it was time to Revive the Guild with New Management, and it was then that Zyc had passed the Official Title Guild Master over To Danni, Though it has always been in Danni’s heart that both Zyc and Danni were always Guild Masters of Traces together.

    Entry 8
                            New Management
    With the New NekoKami’s (Admins of the Guild), Kemuri, dokidoki, NaYu, LynnBunny, & Mayavii in place the Guild started to see light again, Events were planned and lots of new members showed up and Traces started to shine even brighter then it ever did.

    Entry 9
    Some Drama stirred and it caused some of the Management to change, though it was tough, the Guild sought through it and Traces members stuck together, even though they were no longer in the Admin role, it never meant that they were any less important, simply that they did not want the stress of such responsibility. The New Management roles were assigned as followed: GreeDx, LynnBunny, Mayavii, dokidoki, & Loliconsz.

    Entry 10
                           Spring Love
    So much love was in the Air with Traces, so many of the members paired up with one another, and some Heart breaks were done too but Mostly love <3 hehe. Danni had confessed his feelings to Liking NaYu and the two became an official Couple, Mayavii and GreeDx had also become a Couple within/ around the same timeframe, dokii and Deportivo are still going strong.

    Entry 11
                          Traces Raid
    Danni had joined other Organized raids before, but he realized that a lot of his own guild mates were too underpowered, or couldn’t find or join their own raid… so He left a Carry raid and decided to create and Organize one of his own, and surely enough, it was tough at first, second, third… uh.. Well many times, they were stuck on the trios. Osborn, Oscar and Austin just weren’t ever going down for them, but regardless of failures the Traces Raid always had fun with one another, and surely enough They Beat The Trios, and boy they had a giant celebration. It was a huge Milestone for them, the Discord FP channel was so overjoyed xD. But they faced a new problem…. Jester, and like many tries again they didn’t give up and continued and continued and soon other people had seen the Determination in Traces raid and had decided to join us, realized how much of a fun guild we were and became permanent Members of our raid, now Traces has reached the end of the Raid, which was yet another Extremely happy milestone. We might not be Super Powerful alone, but Together we’re unstoppable, we’re OP together, We’re OP Nuts, and we OP NUT Race.

    Entry 12
                        Traces is Everything
    I love my Guild to bits, and they’ll always be put first in Twin Saga. Quite honestly, the reason that Twin Saga is amazing is because of the people, the friends, the guilds, not Just Traces but every other guild out there too. I never really spoke outside of my Guild, it was always Traces to me, but ever since Fantasy Planet was implemented and outsiders of Traces started joining, I realized how amazing the Community can be when we all work together in Alliance with one another. The Twin Saga world doesn’t seem so Scary anymore, and I know that the Adventures from here on out are just going to get so much more interesting with a million more doors that have just opened.

    - Daniko

  • IGN: GreeDx

    Account name: gtanaskovic2310


    Today was a day just like any other day, did my fantasy planet raid, ran some dungeons, but at one point something went very wrong.

    Yes, it was the fabled cappybara of death... At that point, my internet disappeared too. I quickly ran to my mobile phone to let my guild mates know that i will not be able to run dungeon. My guild mates might have forgiven me, but i shall never forgive my internet for what happened on this day. Sad day, truly a sad day.

    By the way, join Traces when ?

  • Aeria Acc: mayamayo

    IGN: Mayavii

    It was just a normal day for Maya, she went first to her Terracottage and accept senshi quests to do her daily grind.

    Maya then went to get materials from her bank and wasted some golds on alchemy, cooking and farming. She then went out to Meridia and completed 10 Astral Adventure Quests. She needed the Loyalty Points and also the Guild Tribute, trying to get to 30,000 Tribute. Now that she had the 10% EXP buff, she went on to do her solo dungeons, Haven of Oblivion, Metarealm La cat, Flaming City, Familiar Hills, Dark Fortress and Haretic Research Lab. She did all of those runs and just took a break, waiting for it to reset so she can run them again, so she talked to her guildies instead.

    W H A T A C O N C E P T

    When will this happen.... really Oh yeah, join Traces when?

  • IGN: invocal

    Account: engdahl_kevin

    I used to be Unknown_ but now I currently go by the name invocal ingame. I sometimes join random guild, sometimes I play guildless. I feel like I'm not suited or required to be in a Guild, but when I do join guilds I just do it for the merchant moomoo and the star fortune, and also guild bosses for the crusades and more Loyalty Points from weekly achievement.

    The people from traces told me to add this sentence to increase my word count because I didn't know what to write.

    By the way, Join Traces when?

  • IGN: Togashi

    Aeria: tsugi91

    It is all started in the beginning, when I decided to make a comeback to Twin Saga. I was quitted temporary due to my computer broke down. When I decided to return to Twin Saga, I keep on wandering around the Meridia because I am boring and don’t know what to do and then I decided to go Bluemoon Groove to solo the dungeon in Bluemoon Sanctuary. After I’m done with the dungeon, I decided to head back to Meridia for fishing, that is when I was get invite to the guild ‘Traces’. It is a guild full with nice and wonderful people and we runs dungeon together.

    By the way, join Traces when?

  • Aeria ID: .Kurou

    IGN: Le

    On a random day, Le once entered Haven of Oblivion with a few of his friends from Infinity. Not knowing there were a few first timers. Le ventures off into the unknown.

    Constant laughs and enjoyments of our failures and demises. We were unsuccessful to conquer our conquest to bring down the last boss, Cursed Maniacha. Through frustration, Le decided to coordinate his party members to switch their roles to best optimize their chance to succeed. Our best bet was to have 4 Clerics and 1 Sword Master. As the Sword Master of the group and with support of his fellow friends. We ultimately brought down the cruel Cursed Maniacha to his/her knees and ended our misery.

    This memorable run took us 3 hours to finish. Never again, we would ever go through this again!! As a regards of our bond, we finished off the night with a screenshot. A picture showing us as a bunch of weirdos who called ourselves the power ranger crew.

    Yeee!~ P.S. Join Traces when!?