Blade reporting for duty!

  • sCiHHTc.png

    Hello! I'm your friendly neighborhood Blade- oh wait..

    Annyyywayyy, unlike our other GM's, I'm from the enemy's side. And by that, I mean I'm one of those blades Nerokas spawns.. maybe. :P

    Okay okay, I'll be serious. I'm Blade, a new fresh meat erm, Trial GM. I may be a little busy every now and then but always know I'll have time for you all. I'll be happy to help you all, as much as I can, always with a smile and all the enthusiasm I have.

    Here's to working with you all and making Twin Saga as cool as me, I mean.. ahem.

    Feel free to ask me for help anytime! (chickenblush)<3

    Hoping to see you in game soon,
    TGM Blade