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    <GM>Enigma went around Arcadia taking care of her daily errands. She noticed the reputation merchants hanging out by the Trade District, and she noticed that they also never move. But how they are able to continue selling items? It looks like nobody comes to make deliveries, yet the merchants don't move to get more merchandise either...

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  • IGN: Neni
    Aeria Accont Name: NeniNyan

    A new technology was introduced in Arcadia recently: the Wi-D Mary-P Bag!
    In the residencial district of the city lives a brilliant inventor: Mary-P, indeed. She invented a new kind of bag, infused with a special magic spell called Wi-D (Wireless Delivery).

    Every merchant has a direct connection to their own supplier. The supplier keeps track of the sales and refills the item stacks regularly, so the merchants never run of products.

    The system is composed of two bags: one for the merchant and one for the supplier. Every time the merchant sells something he simply has to take the product out the bag and it's done!

    No lag, no size limits!

    But at this point the question is another one: since they never move from their spots... do the reputation merchants sleep on the street? Do they eat? What about bathroom breaks? Are they even human??? :O

  • Aeria Account: xashcrow

    The trick is simple, ROBOT! It is true that all the Reputation Merchants, namely Battlefiend Merchant Kylee, Adjudicator Merchat Miya, Intangible Merchant Hela, and Oathtaker Merchant Michelle are by all means -- NOT a ROBOT (Elves). The said "robot", is the creation of none other than Butler Alfred's invention.

    Although Alfred is a butler, but his knowledge in various fields is astonishing. Not only he is good at housekeeping, he also are very well known in combats. A VERY fierce one to boot. Everyone that knows him, or ever met him, knows that he is someone not to be look down on. His knowledge in Science, Magic, and Engineering are as good as his knowledge in combats. With all those three fields combined, he invented a "Robotic Furval" that resembles himself, but with less hair, NO ears, and BLUE in color. Attached to the belly of the Robot, is a pouch that can store up pretty much an infinity of items. Yes, that pouch are basically an empty dimensional space. He named the robot as Doralfreomon. Alfred's naming sense are know to be bad, VERY bad!

    As to the Reputation Merchants, Alfred has assigned Doralfreomon to help them instead of himself because over the time, he became annoyed by that blue robot. All of the merchants stocks and items are being managed by Doralfreomon. With that, those merchants wont need to move at all. Even with the time to sleep, or break, the merchants go back to their respective residentials, and Doralfreomon made a copy of himself and morphed to resembles the merchants, and take their positions. All of these functions are created by Alfred of course, thus, making him irritated at Doralfreomon over the time because of that very functions. (A handful copy of Alfreds in Terracottage is very tiring even to Alfred.)

    That being said, does anyone ever seen that Blue Robot Furval in Arcadia at all? I am pretty sure Alfred ripped off the designs from somewhere.