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    Note: Theorizing Thursday and Photo Friday will alternate regularly. There will be both a Theorizing Thursday and Photo Friday event this week because one was not hosted last week.

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    Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, so <GM>Enigma went out shopping for a card and some gifts over in Arrakin Desert's Broiling Bazaar. As she was getting ready to board a Furval car back to Arcadia, it started snowing unseasonably! The flaxen sand became mush, the blue skies became gray, and the thermometer quickly plummeted. She saw a light radiating from atop a hill. What do you think happened here?

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    End: Sunday May 13, 23:59 PDT (server time)



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  • Account Name: xashcrow

    The abnormal occurences that <GM>Enigma saw was one peculiar phenomenon that never happened in the Arrakin Desert before. The phenomenon can be tracked back from two weeks ago. According the Arrakin Desert residents, few nights ago, there was an unidentified objects seen by a guard hovering the skies from Blackwind Camp, to Oasis, and then to Broiling Bazaar and back to Blackwind Camp in triangular motion. The object hovers for about 5-6 rounds and then disappeared.

    The researchers are baffled by how unusual the thing is since no one claimed to be responsible for it. Furthermore, the intervals between each "object activity/rounds" it takes are completely random. And by the 7th day, the objects hovers again, but after 3 rounds, it crashed on top of the hill near Broiling Bazaar. The researchers did everything they can to find out what it is, but not a single of them have a clue. The head researcher claimed that the object were not from here. "At least not from this constellation" He said.

    The site were closed to public, and can be accessed only by researchers accompanied by the guards. But since then, there were no activity or any energy recorded. But one day before <GM>Enigma arrived, the object started to emit a slight energy readings, but on very low activity. On the day <GM>Enigma arrives, the objects emits a very high energy and instantly changed the environment within the radius of the objects. Thus, the unseasonably snowing, the mushy sand, the gray skies, and the drop of temperature. Soon after, the objects expands larger from its' original size, and exploded. Thus explains the radiating light. Many guards and researchers fall that day, and still, no a single soul can explains what is it. What is it for? From where? And what purpose of it to be here? No one knows. The phenomenon that effects Arrakin Desert stays for few days, and back to normal after that.

  • Aeria Games Account: Kevintroi

    This must be one of the myths that has been hidden across the land that only a few still remembers about. The legend says that a legendary item was hidden within the sands of the arrakin dessert, the clues within the stories is that there was once an advanced civilization that flourished before the establishment of the lands of arcadia. Some of the ruins gave clues regarding this civilization. This civilization fought a war against an otherworldly entity, that sought for gems that hold immeasurable power, each stone is said to give different powers depending on their color.

    Heroes emerged from that civilization and tried to win against the entity but they ultimately failed in the end, it seems like the ruins that have been left by that civilization are what we see at arrakin dessert, and the radiating light seems to be one of the remnants of what happened during that war, it must've activated due to war that is happening across arcadia.

    Researchers and experts say that this event has happened before but there was not enough information as to how, or why this event is happening, it has been noted that this unexplained occurrence will stop after a few days, researchers and experts are still trying to figure out, as to why this happened, or what triggered it. It also noted that this event doesn't last for quite awhile and will leave no after-effects to the surrounding unlike when it is occurring.