[2018] May Patch Notes

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    Dear Guardians,

    As you've noticed, our patch notes are once again available a little early! It means they might not reflect last minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Flaming City


    A city of magma deep below ground. No one knows when, where and why it was built...

    Golden LV 75 Starstones and Starstone Evolution Crystals from I to IV can be obtained.

    The location of the portal is (896, 1314) in Sanctopolis: Constellacia.


    Senshi Melody

    Meet the

    Flower Fairy: Melody


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Lost Metropolis.


    You can complete the questline once to obtain one Melody Senshi contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Senshi Cherry

    Also meet the

    Dynamite Rabbit: Cherry


    Her new Senshi questline can be found in the Bluemoon Grove.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Cherry contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Guild Artifacts


    A new NPC can be found in the "Hire" tab upon opening the guild menu via pressing "G" for 7500 Guild Resources.

    <Palace Chief Programmer> Wiltshire will sell necessary items to craft guild artifacts which will grant different buffs for either 5 days (green artifacts) or 15 days (blue artifacts) available for the entire guild.

    Inventory Lock System


    Upon opening the inventory, a new feature will be available.

    Items can be locked from now on via using the lock on the top right corner of your inventory.

    When in locked state, items can't be: sold, discarded, enchanted, fused, re-shuffled, listed in the auction house or stored in guild bank.

    Additionally, it prevents Starstones from being recycled.


    The Monster Crusade Ranking Rewards can now be opened.

    The Monster Crusade has been fixed and is no longer empty.

    "Bag full of sweet candy." drops have been removed.

    The Archive Ranking has been fixed.

    "Familiar Hills" dungeon is no longer displayed.

    Display bugs have been fixed in the Archive feature.

    Senshi quests have been fixed.

    Phantom's Palace can now be entered again.

    The "Hallowed Radiant Wings Hairdo" can now be dyed.

    "Formula: Empress of Snow's Staff" will now synthesize the necessary items properly.

    The position of water buckets are now correctly being displayed on the mini map when doing the hidden quest.

    Several localization fixes.

    Known issues

    <Palace Chief Programmer> Wiltshire has two additional options that are displayed prematurely; this will be accessible in upcoming content.

    The formulas for the recent armor and weapon pieces are missing in the crafting table.

    Lv 73 and Lv 75 Unidentified Starstones from Flaming City will not give you an identified one.

    Some archive items are "missing" but they still are linked to the account and will come back.

    If you find one, let us know! :)

    Report a game bug

    Report a Text/Translation issue

    Have fun in Twin Saga!

  • PATCH NOTES 11.5 - MAY 2018


    Dear Guardians,

    On the 05/23/18 at 09:30 AM CEST / 00:30AM PDT, the servers will go down for a patch maintenance.

    You will not be able to login in the meanwhile.

    We will inform you in Discord about the status of the maintenance.

    Thanks for your patience. :)


    Familiar Hills


    A place where ferocious beasts dwell. No one can live there.

    The dungeon is available for LV 68+ characters.

    Loyalty Points and Star Points can be obtained.

    The location of the portal is (464, 359) in Meridia.


    LV 73 Armor, LV 75 Weapons and Accessories can now be crafted in the Terracottage

    Lv 73/75 Unidentified star stones will now give items

    (In case an empty Star stone was used before, please send us a ticket with the date of using it and we will send it back.)

    Several localization fixes.

    Known issues

    The Archive issue is still being worked on

    Folio's Fiery Fists still have a display issue

    If you find one, let us know! :)

    Report a game bug

    Report a Text/Translation issue

    Have fun in Twin Saga!