Patch 11 Senshi Event - Melody & Cherry

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    Dear Guardians,

    it is once again time for our pre patch Senshi Giveaway!

    Since we have two new Senshis with this patch, you will also have double the chance to win!

    To qualify for this giveaway, you will need to write either a funny or romantic story and to at least contain your character (with correct IGN) and the desired Senshi within the story.
    Everything else is completely up to you, happy ending, bad ending, including friends, GMs, CMs, and so on... as long as you don't violate our general rules.

    Please, remember to write one story per Senshi. So, if you would like to have a chance to win both, you will need to write two different stories.

    Also, you are not allowed to write more than two stories in total. You can distribute the two stories as you desire, for example:

    - one funny story about Cherry and one funny story about Melody

    - one romantic story about Cherry and one romantic story about Cherry

    - one romantic story about Melody and one romantic story about Melody

    - one romantic story about Cherry and one romantic story about Melody

    - one funny story about Melody and one romantic story about Cherry

    - one romantic story about Melody and one funny story about Cherry

    To name a few, but I think you get the idea.


    • IGN must be visible in the story.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Event is for NA Server only.
    • You are not allowed to send in more than two stories.


    Starting from today (4/26/18) to (05/06/18) you will have the chance to send in your stories.
    Afterwards it will be judged by our team (excluding the GMs) and the winners will be posted in this thread.


    Category: Funny Cherry

    Senshi contract Cherry x10 - for a funny story

    Senshi contract Cherry x1 - for a funny story

    Senshi contract Cherry x1 - for a funny story

    Category: Romantic Cherry

    Senshi contract Cherry x10 - for a romantic story

    Senshi contract Cherry x1 - for a romantic story

    Senshi contract Cherry x1 - for a romantic story

    Category: Funny Melody

    Senshi contract Melody x10 - for a funny story

    Senshi contract Melody x1 - for a funny story

    Senshi contract Melody x1 - for a funny story

    Category: Romantic Melody

    Senshi contract Melody x10 - for a romantic story

    Senshi contract Melody x1 - for a romantic story

    Senshi contract Melody x1 - for a romantic story

    Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we will only be able to give you the Senshi after their official release which could vary between Cherry and Melody.

    Have fun everyone!
    Your Twin Saga Team

  • Aeria ACC: zyc1996
    IGN: Zyc

    Entry 1 (Cherry- Funny): Closure of Arcadia Park

    One peaceful night as Arcadia citizens turns on their television while attempting to enjoy a delicious meal after hard day of work, however, most of them has dropped their spoon as the headline of Meridian News Network jumps on the screen: “Breaking news, an unpredicted bombing incident result in multiple injure and massive destruction has required Princess Elisa to shut down Arcadia Park until future notice, fortunately, no life was lost during the incident, and the royal family is held responsible for the loose security that resulted in the terrorist attack as they claim currently pursue after the red hood maniac.” For this, let’s trace back to a few hours ago, where everything went downhill.

    As the scheduled time hits, the Zeratsu, MICHI, and Zyc have hit up the group Arcadia park queue just like usual as they are all grinding for the challenge letter in order to advance in achievements. While they are commonly known to have the best teamwork during Arcadia park, not much challenger has the eager to stand up against this team knowing most of the time results in losing.

    “It seems to be another regular day for us to win again.” Zyc yarns as the team group up joining on the blue side, staring around, “Though it seems like we got new blood on the field today.”

    “Her dress sure looks BLOODY red, yall know.” “Shut up MICHI, nobody likes your puns.” Zeratsu immediately turns to tape MICHI’s mouth up as by reflects and the usual puns come out. “Just get this park thing over.”

    Overheard their conversation, the girl in the red hood walks up to the three: “I heard you guys are the best team in this park business, but today, I’m here to rewrite history! My name is Cherry, I’ll show you the true bombing technic and you guys won’t stand a chance!” However, Cherry’s confident speech only caught a slight glance from the three.

    “Let’s just pick a corner and get ready for teamwork.”

    “Alright, after you.” “moans (Get this tape off my mouth!)”.The team then walked away, leaving Cherry behind as her face turning red, frustrated, thought to herself: “I’ll win this match and make you all regret that you have ignored me!”

    Soon the match started, blue team’s impeccable teamwork leads them to the victory of the first 2 round, while Cherry is trying her hardest to throw extra water bombs on the team but resulted in vain. Seeing that winning is difficult for her yet her teammate does not know how to work together, her pride as a bomber feels challenged, mumbling: “No matter what I can’t let them win the last round, I guess I’ll have to unleash my trump card, my Senshi power!”

    Cherry then wipes out the 4-dimension basket that she stole from Doraemon and reformed, where an infinite amount of bombs in different variation are stored inside. “Now, I’ll LET YOU ALL TASTY MY FURY!” With her Senshi power, Cherry can throw however many bombs whenever at wherever as she needed. At this moment, the desire of winning has rushed blood to her head as now Cherry has gone mad and start chucking bombs everywhere, without concerning about friendly fire, but, she forgot something important.

    “Hey, that is against the rules! You are disqualified for chea…” in before Princess Elisa can finish her sentence, multiple explosion catches great flame busted up into the sky.

    “Is just another easy game, just gonna wait until this bomb explodes then rotate again… WAIT WHAT THAT IS NOT A WATER BOMB.” Yes, Cherry has forgotten, she forgot that she did not store any water bomb in her basket.

    “RUN FOR YOUR LIFES!!!” As the Zeratsu and Zyc shouts, while MICHI still has her mouth taped up and attempts to remove it. The Bombs goes off one after another, many participants that are close to the cluster has been blasted out of the field, everyone was rushing out in attempts to save themselves, the scene almost looked like a repeat of pearl harbor.

    “Whoops… ” Soon then Cherry realize what she did, screening around the park, all the floors are cracked up, structures caught on fire, statues were destroyed, but thankfully, it wasn’t anyone’s day to be lying in a coffin. “I better flee before there are more troubles!” With her Senshi power, Cherry turned into a flash and vanished.

    It’s until this day that she is still on the wanted list for bounty hunters, where the legend says if you are able to capture her, in God's will a one-sided contract will be given to thou, where she will be working to repent her sin.

  • Aeria Games Account: Lounarii

    IGN: Luneari

    Cherry’s Funny Story: A Rather Explosive Encounter

    One day while Luneari was walking through Ciaran Murkwood to do her main party senshi quest at Bluemoon Sanctuary, she noticed an enraged short blond haired girl with a red dress topped with a red bunny-eared hood throwing cherry bombs at the local mobs while shouting, “Where’s Mr. Carrot?! I know you have him!” Luckily these were agile mobs, and they avoided the blasts. However, the same could not be said for their homes. The cherry bombs left quite the mess.

    Curious and wanting to help, Luneari walked up to the girl and said gently, “Hi there. I was just in the neighborhood and noticed you seem to be upset, and are disturbing the local mobs here. Is there anything I can help you with?” The girl let out a loud sigh and said, “I apologize for disturbing the mobs. I’m just so frustrated that I could blow up!” Luneari noticing the pun giggled to herself and added, “You mean like your bombs?” The girl cracked a smile and said, “Yeah, I suppose so.”

    Luneari added, “I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Luneari, and I frequently visit this area to do my main party senshi quests. It is also a very pretty area for taking walks. I am known for helping others, and I would like to help you.” The girl replied, “Nice to meet you Luneari! My name is Cherry, and I am a senshi that is new around here. Yes, I would love your help! I am looking for my bunny Mr. Carrot. I think these mobs took him!” Cherry got ready to throw her cherry bombs at the surrounding mobs again.

    Luneari couldn’t help but laugh loudly and point at the top of Cherry’s red bunny-eared hood. Cherry went red in the face with anger and shifted her aim towards Luneari. Luneari instinctively stepped back and tried to cover her laughter. She said, “No, no! Feel the top of your hood, I think you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.” Although angry, Cherry listened to Luneari and felt the top of her hood where Mr. Carrot had been all along. Cherry said embarrassed, “Well, I feel silly. I didn’t even feel him on the top of my hood!” Cherry looked around at the destruction she had caused, and then looked down and began to pout.

    Luneari, wanting to help Cherry feel better said, “You’d be surprised how many times I’ve looked for gear that I already had on!” Cherry looked up at Luneari and asked, “Really?” Luneari smiled and replied, “Yes, really. Sometimes I've also forgotten to equip the right gear! Now then, how about we both clean up this mess?” Cherry smiled and nodded her head saying, “That sounds good to me!” Luneari and Cherry then fixed up the areas that had been effected by her explosive rage, once again restoring peace to the forest.

    Melody's Romantic Story: A Song of Melody

    One afternoon Luneari was strolling through Woolruft Plains, a town known for its nature and fields of green. She was heading towards the one waterfall that splits into three to clear her head, when she heard beautiful music coming from what sounded like a harp. Though this music was beautiful, it had a tinge of sadness to it. She looked all around but saw no one. Then, a soft voice spoke to her, “Hello down there, I am up here.”

    Luneari looked up in the nearest tree and noticed a beautiful girl sitting atop a tree branch. She had long blonde hair with a braid where her bangs would be, lovely flowers in her hair, a gorgeous butterfly hair clip, pretty blue eyes, and a marvelous green dress with white and a darker green trim, and she resembled a fairy. A glorious harp that matched her garments was secured in her arm. Luneari responds, “Hello there, my name is Luneari, and I couldn’t help but hear your beautiful music.” Honored by the compliment the girl says, “Why thank you Luneari, and it is nice to meet you. My name is Melody, and I am a senshi. My music comes from the heart so I am glad you appreciate it.” Luneari replies, “You are most welcome.”

    Melody sighs and says, “Supposedly my music makes people fall in love, and because of that I have often been mistaken for Cupid. Yet, I still have not found love.” Luneari responds, “Oh, so that is where the tinge of sadness comes from in your beautiful song.” Melody nods her head and looks down. Luneari, wanting to cheer up Melody says, “Well, why don’t I have you meet with a senshi I know who is single as well?” Melody’s eyes light up at this idea, and she replies, “Really?! You’d do that for me, even though we just met?” Luneari answers, “Of course! I like to help out where I can and I can definitely help with this!” Melody smiles happily.

    Luneari asks, “What do you look for in a partner?” Melody replies, “Well.. I guess I’ve never really given it that much thought.” She pauses to think and then continues, “Let’s see. Hmm. How about a guy who is nice, short, and someone who likes the color green as much as I do!” Luneari responds, “I think I know just the person! I will be right back! Please wait here.”

    Luneari enters her Terracottage where she finds Duet admiring the flowers in her greenhouse. She approaches Duet and says, “How would you like to meet with a pretty girl?” Duet, taken aback yet excited replies, “Whaaaat?! Rita likes me now?! I thought she always liked my brother Duo better! Are you ser-“ Luneari interrupts, “No, I’m sorry it’s not Rita.” Duet looks down sadly at the flowers. Luneari continues, “But she is a very nice girl, and she plays beautiful music with her harp. She feels the loneliness you feel as well.” Duet looks up, “Well.. I guess I could give it a try.” Luneari answers, “Great! You won’t regret it!” Duet picks some flowers from the greenhouse and the two head back to Melody.

    They arrive at Melody’s tree that she is now standing in front of. She seems to be gleefully awaiting the meeting. Luneari introduces them to one another. Luneari begins, “This is Duet, he is very sweet and he even brought you a gift!” She continues, “And this is Melody, she too is very sweet.” Melody smiles and replies looking over at Duet, “Oh, what is it that you brought me?” Luneari lightly nudges Duet towards Melody. Duet blushes shyly and walks up to Melody. He hands her the flowers he picked and had been holding behind his back. Duet says quietly, “Th-these are for you Melody.” Melody wraps her arms around Duet saying, “Wow! These are beautiful, thank you so much!” She puts one flower in her hair and one flower in Duet’s hair and giggles.

    She then runs over to Luneari and gives her a big hug as well and says, “We were strangers just a moment ago, and yet you did this for me. Thank you so much!” Luneari replies, “You are most welcome, now neither of you will feel lonely anymore!” Melody runs back over to Duet and begins playing an upbeat song with her harp. Duet seems more than happy as well, and he gives Luneari a smile and a nod which signaled a thank you.

    Luneari proud of her matchmaking skills nods back, and then walks off to do the remainder of her dailies. She didn’t get to clear her head at the waterfall that splits into three, but she did get to bring two lonely hearts together and that was more than enough.


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  • Aeria Games Account: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    Story 1: Funny, Cherry

    Story 1:The Legend of the Z Curse

    On a dark rainy night in Arcadia, an evil wizard came along to bring chaos and destruction to the nation. He was very powerful and had no remorse when slaughtering thousands of innocent souls. The wizard’s name was Danmaku. He absolutely hated the Arcadian Empire. 12 years ago, he was playing with his friends in Arcadia Park, and he was having a blast, up until his friends started abusing the Arcadia Park bugs and winning by glitching. He swore from that day forwards he would bring doom to Arcadia and all it’s dwellers, for they are serious sinners!

    Danmaku attacked Arcadia and fought the Arcadian Knights, wiping them out completely leaving no trace behind. Before leaving Arcadia, Danmaku casted a curse that night, that all children born on that night will be cursed with everlasting terrible luck for eternity. Unfortunately, that night 2 babies were born. Their names are Zeratsu and Zyc, their mother, Michi died giving birth to them, her last words were “I bet Danmaku just wanted to bring PUNishment on us ahhaha-” Zeratsu and Zyc finished off their mother for casting such terrible pun, as mere babies.

    A lady named Tyriamisu found the babies in their mother’s arms laying, so she grabbed them and promised to take care of them. Zyc and Zeratsu grew up having the absolute most terrible luck ever, they would always get terrible loot from dungeons and senshi bags or boxes in the item mall, no matter how hard they tried, their luck was absolutely terrible. Their mother, Tyriamisu, gave them 5 Astral Crystals per day to spend, hoping one day they would end up getting an item from the puzzle, however there was absolutely no such thing as luck with these 2 involved. Even after 15 years passing. It is even said that they fought during the holy Golden Desert Wars and kept getting scarecrow’d by other people, by getting unlucky. The Z curse was too powerful. The Z boys went off to the magical woods to hunt for some fairy dust, they heard it granted +10% luck, and that maybe could have helped them. Upon their search, they stumbled upon a fairy dressed in green, she looked very kind and pretty. So anyway, Zyc and Zeratsu kidnapped the fairy hoping they’d get some of that good luck. They ran with the bag (Cherry is in it) and threw it in their Terracottage and drifted away, then took the fairy out and started demanding her to give them luck or lift the Z curse.

    The fairy told them her name was Cherry, and her power wasn’t enough to lift the curse bestowed upon them, however, she knew of a way to get rid of the curse. She told the boys “Listen closely, there is a magical creature that can remove all magic, whether it was a blessing or a curse, or even a grudge, it removes it all, the only thing you need to do is eat that creature. It is a powerful little creature, it goes by the name “Furval” or “GM Furval”, GM meaning Gangster Monkey.” The boys asked her where they could find Gangster Monkey Furval, Cherry replied with “The evil wizard, Danmaku. He is the one who keeps all the creatures within posession”.

    The boys went to Danmaku’s castle while he was sleeping and tried stealing the key to get to the basement, where the creatures are being kept. They saw Danmaku rubbing his legs and touching them gently and calling them “Good boys” then making smooching sounds out of his mouth, they got scared, but it seems he was still asleep, so they went to the basement and saw the creature, they also saw a locked up girl named Belle, they freed her and she thanked them deeply, who would have known the evil wizard would have a girl locked up in there. The boys took the magical creature, GM Furval, and went out ot the backyard, they put a skewer to the center of Furval and started grilling it, it smelled delicious, and when they took a bite, it tasted delicate and tender, perfect. The boys felt the curse being lifted and the magical luck purged through them, they went back to the terracottage to let Cherry free, and gave her a piece of Furval to thank her for the help.

    Zeratsu and Zyc returned to their house and killed their foster mother, Tyriamisu, because she refused to bake them a cake, and they lived happily, luckily, ever after, free of the Z Curse. The End.

  • Aeria Acc: Fissur3

    Ign: Fissur3

    Cherry Funny Story (uhh... i guess)

    The Cherry story of Lord Samuel

    In the land of the astral buginess the legendary troll gaurdian Fissur3 was bless with the power of having the one and only "Lord Samuel" each time when he is summon the earth tremble upon his appearance, many rush to come gaze at the lord glorious ulgy wing.

    As Samuel was standing on his favorite foutain spot, come a poor soul begging for the lord to allow him to do phantom palace. My dear Zeratsu, only those who have brave the october lag can enter PP "Says Samuel". Poor Zeratsu wanted to get his frustration off, so he started shouting to the astral buginess world to queue for Golden Desert. "Legend says until this day he is still shouting and waiting for the Golden desert to start. While shouting he has been going to everyone saying "fite me bro".

    One day Samuel told his master Fissur3 that there are new senshi arriving in the senshi world and that everything going to be better. He was told that the astral buginess world was gonna be fixed and will be raname to "Astral Realm". Fissur3 just nod and leave the lord Samuel perplex. Then come Cherry trying console Samuel, don't be sad my dear lord "said Cherry". You have been here since the begining you know deep down in you heart why your master left you. Don't worry he will come back.

    Samuel started to get along with his new "friend" Cherry, "Samuel ask why you not coming out in the buginess world yet" i am not allow yet my lord, "says Cherry". Cherry curious and tell Samuel you remind me of the big bad wolf when the time i use to go and deliver food to my grandmother Fina. Samuel says oh that was you in the cute little red outfit always coming to the teracottage. He says that it's just that your grandmother Fina always like me better when i disguise myself in a big bad wolf. I am so sorry that you have been scared to come inside, you should not have been cause Samuel don't smash randomly with his hammer. He only do so when his master order him to.

    Fissur3 told Samuel, why are you always talking to this Cherry? I am not going to get you another friend to play with, you just going end up smashing them up. But... but master you will see she will be very helpful. Just like the other useless friend you told me to get you... "says Fissur3". Who cares about having a Cherry when i have you Samuel.

    Samuel silently whisper to Cherry, don't worry master will get you.

    ....Samuel saying to himself, hehe more smash for me....

    Everyone went back to their usual day in the astral buginess world doing nothing while hoping for something to happen.

  • Aeria Acc: Fissur3

    Ign: Fissur3

    Melody Romance

                                                                                                                 The silent melody of love

    While walking in acardia, a pleasant melody caught my attention and immediately was mesmerized by how beautiful and comforting the sound from this wonderful person playing the violin was. Being a pianist myself i could help and letting tears out as it's is the first time after years that i was so moved by such a wonderful music.

    Unfortunately i can't play piano anymore as i have lost the ability to hear the sound coming off my piano each time i tried to play since the day i have lost my father Fissur3 to cancer. He was the one that since i was still three years old making me practicing piano as it was his dream to become a world star pianist. I have won lots of award when my father was still alive, but he was never satisfied and always demanding more and more from me.

    ~S.... Sam..... Samuel please wait, "Shouted Melody". Perplex slowly turning my head to see what is going on, i saw the same girl that was playing her violin so beautifully earlier. She just said out of nowhere, be my partner... i want you. I was so shock i did not what to say. Then she said i want you be my duo partner in the next musical contest that is going to be held by the end of this year.

    Sadly i can't help you, i can't play piano anymore. I still want you to be my partner, i listen to you every performance you have done and that's why i have started playing violin cause you inspire me. You are the most wonderful pianist i have ever listen to. Your plays are so perfect, even without you being able to hear you notes while while you play, you are still the person i want to be in the duo contest.

    But... i can't hear the sound when i play anymore, i think it would be best for you to have another duo to accompagny you. She insisted and made me said yes. Since that day we have been pratcicing, she has been recording me playing and making me listen to it afterwards so that i knew where i shall change the tone. Everytime she played her violin, my heart was so moved. Days, weeks passed by and slowly i was drawn to her more and more.

    Some days i would not see Melody, but she would never tell why she was absent. The contest day was closing by and Melody was getting rarer, i barely saw her to practice. One day she came and asked me to sit down, she told me that since she was small she had cancer and doctors said she don't have much time to live. However since i heard you "Samuel" performing, your music gave me courage to fight the cancer and i even started playing violin. I had always admire you Samuel and it would be my last wish to be able to perform with you.

    I was taken aback, tears were just flowing down my cheeks while hugging her. Doctor said she couldn't perform during the contest as her condition was getting worst. But she insisted that she will participate.

    On the day of the contest on stage during our turn to perform, Melody gently turn towards me and whisper "thank you for being here for me, i have always love you Samuel".

    Gracefully she started playing her violin, leaving me in tears i accompagnied her to my very best. During our performance i started hearing my note while i was playing, she had cured me with her strength and love for music. However we did not win the competition and sadly just after the performance she was admitted to the intensive care where she never came back.

    I never had the opportunity to tell Melody how much i wanted to thank her for curing me and tell her that i loved her. She passed away but will always live in my heart.

  • Aeria ACC: zyc1996

    IGN: Zyc

    Entry 2 (Melody- Romance): She who wields the Harp

    All who lives capable of intelligence are settled amongst groups, those who don’t amongst the strays. Many strays do not choose to be, they seek warmth that they can’t receive for being different. She is alone in the woods, her songs release power that draws nature into a whorl against her surroundings. So she stays alone, sings towards the sky, the remanence of her melody shakes the forest, as many tales been told for such cursed place. She is Melody, such irony, the rhythm act as a ravishing curse, as the forest remain silence, but her song.

    An adventurer, who seeks thrill travels around the world, having heard such legend, decided to seek and truth within the forest. He was told not to, as many who entered, unable to return in one piece. The vivid wind of the forest is enough to cause a headache to an average man. But he is no average, however, his experience tells him to stay cautious, as he first seeks around the border of this cursed woods.

    The air flow is slow, but like he was told, it carries some sort of mythical force that rings in his ear. Moreover, he noticed, this is no wind, this is a song, a song which nature bows along with the flow. It’s powerful, it’s sorrowful, it speaks the loneliness of its performer. Though it is not the language of man, though it is not to be understood by the common, the dripping despair is noticeable amongst each pitch, thus draws him to venture forward.

    The deeper into the woods, the step lays heavier, invisible pressure consumes him through every inch of his body. The remainder of his conscious seeks the owner of the song as it gets clearer the more he moves. By crossing through the last bit of the bushes, in the center of the forest, there is a patch of uncovered sky, below, a blond beauty who wields an emerald hand harp speaks through the sorrow with her charming tone. It was at this moment, his world was frozen, he gazed forward with the last of his might, then the power of the song crushed him, as he falls to the soft grass below. She noticed and stopped her performance, filled with surprise. He is a first, who are able to keep his soul attached after the cleansing of her melody. So she carried him back out of the forest, in hopes of others able to give him care about what he has suffered.

    The next day, the adventurer came again, where this time he stayed awake. So she wrote on the paper: “Why have thou came again?” he smiled, answered: “Because it would be sad for a singer to have no audience.”

    She is then shocked, scribble down: “As thou not speak of thy song’s language yet still insist?”

    “It’s a gentleman’s honor.”

    For the years that have past where she lost count, it’s been long that she realizes, a smile, blossomed again on her face.

    From that night on, the adventurer has come to visit daily. She then displayed all her treasured creation in front of him, as he sat to listen. It was her happiest moment, even though they did not communicate, her song, her rhythm is enough to display a story for him. But she doesn’t know, though the man’s soul is still attaching to the container, it’s being weakened every day, but he keeps a smile on his face, to hide away the truth.

    Until one day, she gazed over, this adventurer has lost light in his eyes, and she then realized what she has done. Tears are now spilling over, as she attempts to control her power and asked why. He speaks slowly: “Two weeks ago I lost my smell, a week after then I lost my sense, today I lost my sight, but moreover I’m afraid that if I’m going to lose my hearing, that I can no longer monopolize your songs. Thus I’ll come, every day, until my time runs out. So please grant me my wish, and don’t cast me away.” She nodded, though he can’t see, the moment she begins singing again, he felt a relief, that she did not reject him.

    On the next visit, the adventurer found a place to settle down, he is too weak to move, but yet squeeze the last bit of his conscious focusing on his ear. Soon then, he lost his hearing, with the last of his strength he mumbles in a voice that can no longer reach her ear: “Thank you, Melody.” His soul then melted into part of the forest, residing with the fairy who wield the harp, as she also shreds tear, keeping the feeling inside of her heart: “Thank you, Zyc.”

  • Account Name: Yojiru
    IGN: Danni
    Entry: Cherry: a Romance Story

    The Origin Of Cherry: A Love Story between Two Best Friends.

    In a village far off the coast of the Kingdom of Aetherion lived a Young boy, who barely had any gold or silver to support himself. He had commonly been seen as the beggar on the streets of the village and was often dismissed and shooed away as it was bad for business to have such nuisances around the shops. The Young Boy’s name was Danni, and he had lost his family a really long time ago during the War when Amaris reigned over before Marisa came and saved the world. Surely, most people have had lost many things during the war but why did Danni feel like he lost so much more? Most people have already moved on, completely forgotten about the dark time now that peace has been restored, or at least to everyone but Danni. Danni’s everyday had been a struggle of begging for scraps and trying to get stronger to hunt his own food, and sell things in the market.

    It was a sunny day and Danni had just finished scavenging the waking wetlands for his dinner which was pretty scarce since he wasn’t all that strong, so he couldn’t really take on any of the tough meaty monsters. He wasn’t very lucky today either as his hunt was interrupted by the mean old Hasser, whom had stolen most of what Danni had collected for that day to begin with. He was left with just one Leg of a Rarwhal, so Danni made camp in a small corner where there was no monsters or villagers to bother him and made a fire to cook his one leg, which was when a familiar face had showed up. NaYu had been one of his longest friends, and possibly only friend. NaYu wasn’t well off either but she was better than Danni with at least a roof over her head, she had brought bread and some fish and sat down next to Danni.

    “Were you really only going to live off Rarwhal legs? How do you expect to protect me with getting strength from measly protein like that” NaYu teased and lightly shoved Danni’s shoulder, the two had been great friends since the war. Danni had saved NaYu’s life and since that day they had become an inseparable pair, despite the stares Danni had gotten from being an Orphan from the townspeople, NaYu didn’t care.

    “It’s getting harder everyday to keep this up, I’m not getting any stronger, I’m getting older and just getting weaker, soon enough I won’t be able to protect you either NaYu” Danni whined and threw his arms up in frustration and layed back on the sandy ground. NaYu soon followed suit and layed next to him,

    “Psht, you giving up on me already? What that’s not like you at all Danni~” NaYu poked fun at him again, she was really just trying to lighten his mood.

    “I Promise I’ll keep fighting to protect you NaYu, I won’t stop at nothing, even if I have to sacrifice myself” Danni said seriously, turning on his side to face NaYu in the eyes in which NaYu blushed but looked away and pouted.

    “S-stupid, then Don’t say that you’re too weak to begin with!” NaYu got up from laying down and turned her back to not show her red face. Danni laughed and agreed, and they lay there staring at the stars in silence for what seemed like hours.

    “It’s getting late NaYu, I’ll take you home” Danni said getting up and reaching out his hand to NaYu who hesitantly takes it, it was a strange feeling the warmth from their hands touching. Both didn’t want to let go, once NaYu had gotten to her feet and so they had walked hand in hand down the path that lead to NaYu’s home. When did they get like this, was these feelings always here between them? Why does it feel so suffocating, Danni wanted to explain all his feelings to NaYu but couldn’t put it into words to say, and neither could NaYu so they continued their walk in silence.

    They were almost at NaYu’s place when screams were heard in the distance, and the smell of smoke and burning ash were coming from the direction of NaYu’s home,

    “What’s happening!?” NaYu exclaimed in shock, and Danni squeezed her hand and broke into a run with NaYu heading towards the chaos only to find the entire village of NaYu’s home town in flames with Phoenix laughing like a maniac in the center. They had thought Phoenix had sided with the good side once Amaris lost the war and made up with her sister but in Phoenix’s eyes there was only hatred and a soul who’s being felt betrayed.

    “You’re all rodents, and you took everything from me! My Precious Amaris, we were suppose to rule and live together!” Phoenix shouted continuing to burn everything in his path, Danni shielded NaYu. There was no way he was any match for Phoenix at this level of strength he was at, he had to call upon his only Senshi companions he had, but it would require almost all his strength, but even still they would die without their help. So He Summoned Fina to his aid,

    “You have summoned me Danni, how may I be of assistance” Fina said happily looking around the chaos and immediately nodded her head and casted a giant sanctification circle to protect the townspeople.

    “Get them to Safety! And Take NaYu with you!” Danni shouted eagerly handing NaYu over to Fina, but NaYu didn’t want to leave Danni’s side.

    “No Danni! I won’t leave you to fight Phoenix by yourself!” NaYu shouted in desperation, but Danni shook his head and wiped a tear that fell from his eye as he pushed NaYu into Fina’s sanctification circle to be protected. NaYu’s shouts and pleas were continuing while Fina dragged the townspeople and NaYu off to safety.

    Phoenix’s attention directed to the only Survivor left in the town which was Danni, angered that he couldn’t take his frustration out on the people anymore he began to attack Danni. With Danni on the ground, almost to his limit, Danni was okay with this. He was prepared to die for someone he loved, but he did not expect a running NaYu in the distance to block the next coming attack Phoenix did give. Phoenix slashed through NaYu with his Astral Soul, as NaYu crashed right down next to Danni her eyes dilating out of life it looked as though her lips were trying to move to mouth something but, it was not audible to figure out.

    “NOOOOOO!” Danni screamed as he caught NaYu in his arms, tears stricken down his face, and onto NaYu’s cheek. He begged and pleaded while Phoenix watched standing there triumphed.

    “I’ll let you live with the pain of losing someone special to you, Now you know the True Betrayal of my love for Amaris too!” and with that Phoenix disappeared leaving Danni alone truly alone without the one person who actually cared for him.

    “Don’t leave me NaYu.. please don’t leave me” Danni Cried, and like as if the universe had heard him NaYu began to glow a yellowish red. Her soul poured out of her and she was reborn in a Red Cape, with a really strong Aura.

    “Danni~!” The New soul Shouted with glee glomping the Sad teary stricken Danni, “It’s me NaYu, this is my soul. It turns out it was my destiny to be reborn, as a Senshi !” NaYu exclaimed, and wiped the tears off Danni’s eyes who was so shocked and was almost at a loss of words. He grabbed her and kissed her right there, to explain all the feelings that were not said between the two.

    “I thought I lost you… “ Danni said, and the Reborn NaYu smiled,

    “No this is just our beginning, though I should tell you that my real name, my souls name is actually Cherry. Sounds fitting huh?” Cherry laughed and the two formed an even stronger bond then the one they already had.

    And that was the day Danni retrieved the Ultimate Senshi Cherry, who had promised to never leave his side, and that the two would protect each other no matter what.

    The End.

  • Aeria Account: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Entry: Cherry - Romantic

    The Opposite of Soulmate

    Once upon a time, there lived an old happy married couple~~ They were never blessed with any child, but they never give up. Every day, they would pray to god and ask for blessings. Year and years passed, until one day, the old man was gathering in Central Plain when he managed to find a precious plant… he was fast and precise, and he gathered 70 kg Giant Cherry.

    He was really happy and he rushed home, “Dear! Look at what I gathered today!”, he tells excitedly.

    “Oh my, seems like we’ll be eating fruit salad for dinner, I’ll go prepare some other fruits and cream.”

    When they finish all the preparing and ready to dig in, the giant cherry cracked into pieces of glasses and inside is a baby. The couple froze in shock, as the baby shone in glowing light, their wish has been heard, their wish has come true.

    They raised the baby and named her Cherry. Cherry grew up being a cheerful, friendly, diligent, kind girl. She is obedient and always listens to whatever her parents tell her to do. She was greatly loved by not just her parents, but also her grandmother who hand sewn her a few clothes, including cherry’s favorite red hood. One thing not obvious to others, is that Cherry never hang out with anyone her age. She is always helping the adults.

    On one spring day, Cherry received the news that her beloved grandma is sick from hay fever, like all previous year. Cherry wanted to give her beloved grandma a visit this year too and asked her mom to let her go. Like all previous years, her mom allowed her to go. Like all previous years, she warn Cherry, “Make sure to go straight to grandma’s house, no detours. And remember, do not talk with strangers!”

    “Yes mommy~!”, cherry said cheerfully before heading off to the forest. Having to visit her grandma every year, she had memorized the route. Like every other year, she sat under a large cherry blossom tree to take a short break from her journey.

    “You’re early this year.” a voice from the other side of the tree said.

    “You’re here again this year, NaYu.” Cherry replied not moving from her spot, “You’re not gonna show yourself this year too?”

    “I would if I can, but I told you, we can’t meet.” NaYu replied in a sad tone.

    “Why?” Cherry ask, like all those previous years.

    “Cos it’s guarantee The End for us.” NaYu’s answer is exact same as all previous years.

    On the same season, under the same tree, the exact same conversation, exact same words.

    “Why not? We are friends right?” Cherry persists.

    “Our fate is connected to each other,” NaYu replies vaguely.

    “Then we are soulmates?” Cherry tries to understand their situation.

    But NaYu replies with more vague answers, “Hm… probably the opposite of that.”

    “Hng… Why is it so complicated?” Cherry scratches her head.

    “Haha,” NaYu chuckled and changed the topic, “How’s your day, or was your year I should ask?”

    Cherry and NaYu had conversations, about really random stuff, from food they ate to stars they see. An hour or more passed, both of them had fun talking to each other.

    Cherry decides to stand up and clean her skirt, “I need to get going now, my grandma must be waiting for me. See-.... talk to you again next year.” and Cherry left the tree, sadly. She won’t be able to talk to NaYu again until next year and like all previous years, Cherry didnt see NaYu, Cherry have no idea on how NaYu looks like, and like all previous years, NaYu hides herself, silently watching Cherry from a far.

    Cherry continues her journey and reached her grandma’s house. She hugged grandma, hand her the basket of cherries, and had conversations. When it’s time to leave, right at the time Cherry wanted to say goodbye, a young boy with 2 guns walk in.

    “Hey grandma, you here?” the boy asked.

    “Oh Duo, what brings you here?” Grandma asks.

    “I’m here to tell that wolves have been really active lately, and should be careful if going out.”

    “Oh my, the wolves?” Grandma turns pale, and turns to Cherry, “Cherry will you be alright?”

    “I’ll be-” fine was what Cherry wanted to say, but Duo interrupted, “I can escort her back.”

    Cherry ends up walking back with Duo. There was an awkward silence and weird tension between the two. Duo the sharpshooter was constantly in high alert looking around while Cherry is worried about NaYu.

    “I wonder if NaYu will be fine, I hope no wolf attacks her…” Cherry thought to herself, “I haven’t seen her yet, I want to know more about her, please… don’t let her get hurt… she is, my only friend, the only one I can talk too...”

    She had a very bad feeling, she cant describe the uneasiness. There was nothing Cherry could do to ease herself up. The closer she gets to the tree where she talks with NaYu, the feeling of uneasiness increases.

    The tree came to sight, she and Duo continue to walk, closer and closer to the tree… and… they walk past the tree. However the uneasiness in Cherry didn’t flatter. Cherry decides to turn her head and to look at the tree, but she caught a glimpse of someone in the bush- and she saw it, she saw NaYu. Cherry has never seen NaYu before, but she know that it is her, it's NaYu. She is...


    Duo fired a shot at the wolf, he shot NaYu. NaYu screamed in pain, and now Cherry know for sure that is NaYu, it's her voice. Right there and then blood flows out of NaYu, and finally NaYu went slient. A wave of regret hits Cherry, she knows she did the biggest mistake in her life, she shouldn’t have turned, she should have continue walking. Cherry knows that NaYu’s death is her fault.

    She came to realize what NaYu meant when she said when they meet, it’s The End. She understood now what NaYu meant when she said they are the opposite of soulmate. Cherry realized that she and NaYu are born to meet, and one of them will die when they meet. That’s their fate, their cruel fate. NaYu could have eaten Cherry all these times, but NaYu didn’t. NaYu chose the path that lead to her death, that lead to this day.

    Cherry drop down on her knees, and Duo thought it was out of fear. No tears fell from Cherry’s eyes, she tells herself that she has no right to cry. She doesn’t have the right to cry, as her being alive at this moment is all thanks to NaYu’s death. If soulmates are bound by the red strings of fate, then Cherry and NaYu would be bound by a black string of fate, a death string of fate.

    From there on, things escalated quickly. Cherry was told to marry off with Duo, so they did, even if neither of them have any feelings for each other. Cherry has never fail to think about NaYu before she sleeps and when she wakes up and Duo’s crush on Rita still exist in his heart.

  • Aeria username: verysadme

    IGN: Nelilla

    Category: Cherry - Romance

    A Fateful Encounter

    I'll never forget the time I met my adorable and loving partner, Cherry. It all started on a warm spring day. I woke up to the pleasant chirping of the early morning song birds, the sun shining down, wrapping all in its light with the gentle warmth of a mothers love. The air filled with the sweet scents of morning dew and blooming blossoms all around. Soaking in the peaceful atmosphere, I felt like I could take on the world. I decided to go and fully enjoy the perfect day outside. So I slipped on my favourite outfit and my best walking shoes. I waved good-bye to my senshi friends living with me, darting out the door unable to bare the excitement of the day ahead. Taking a stroll through a nearby field of flowers, I took in the deep breath with every step, absorbing the scenery around me.

    "Waahhhh!!!" the fearful cry of a young girl shook the field. I stopped, alerted to the sound with my weapon readily available, unsure of the incoming danger. I turned to spot two bright red bunny ears making their way up the hill the field of flowers lay. Observing the ears hop around, I began to notice they were heading straight for me. Quickly the owner of the ears came into view. A small girl with sandy blonde hair, dressed in a frilly red and white dress with a the brightest of reds bunny eared hood. I instantly fell under her spell, enchanted by her innocent and adorable charm, I missed that of which was following her. "Wahh!" she cried again, "Someone please help me!!" Her pleading words snapped me out of the trance I dove into. I then noticed the terrifying site chasing after her, a pack of hungry wolves.

    Immediately I stepped into action, "I'll save you!" I yelled to the horrified girl. Finding salvation in my words, she sprinted towards me face covered in tears. She ducked behind me as I prepared for battle. The pursuing wolves claws dug into the ground, shredding the flower field apart. Before wolves reached me and cherry, they slowed their pace, encircling us. In no time we were surround by four grizzly wolves. The made low growling and snarling noises, drool dripping down them jagged yellow teeth, they taunted me, watching my every move. I took a deep breath, planning, waiting for the next move. One of the wolves grew impatient, aggressively lashed out, followed by the others. Using one of my best spells, I pushed all four of the wolves back, and persisted to give them a beating they soon wouldn't forget. Seeing as they were no match for me, the wolves scampered off with their tails between their legs. I twirled around to the trembling girl. She was hunched over on the ground with her petit hands clutching delicate head. I thought to myself, "such an adorable frightened bunny", my face red nervous to speak to her. Slapping my hands on my cheeks, I gathered my courage, "Its safe now, don't need to be afraid anymore."

    Her trembling came to a halt and her head perked up. She turned to face me with tearing eyes. I stepped back, shot by her overpowering cuteness. "D-d-there aww gone?" the teary girl questioned, looking up at me.

    Not wanting to disappoint my newfound goddess of everything cute, I quickly reassured her, "Yes! They're all gone, and I taught them a good lesson to never mess with me again." I tried to show off my muscle buried in my puffy sleeve. She giggled at my silliness, feeling relieved from her ordeal.

    "My name is Cherry, thank you for saving me! What's your name?" Cherry introduced herself with a beaming smile.

    Finding my blissful paradise, I happily told her my name. "Nelilla, my name is Nelilla."

    "Nelilla, huh? What a pretty name!" Cherry complimented me showering me with more of her heavenly smile.

    Looking upon the destroyed field of flowers I came back to reality with questions filly my head. Picking the most important one, I asked her, "Why were those wolves chasing you?"

    "Hmph!" Her cheeks blew up like a balloon, placing her hands on her hips. "Nothing!" she yelled."I was just asking a walk to pick some flowers on my way to my friends place when they came out of no where and started chasing me!" She relaxed and looking at me with admirable eyes, "But then you came along to my rescue, my hero!"

    Subduing to her cuteness again I couldn't control myself and I gave her a great big hug, "Oh you're welcome! So very welcome!" I cheerfully uttered, rubbed my face against her soft peach cheeks.

    She pushed me away wearing a saddened face. She put her hands behind her back, and looked down to the ground, "Um... would you mind walking with me to my friends place? I have to go through a scwary forest and I don't want to be alone," The timid Cherry asked of me.

    "Of course!" I answered without hesitation. Cherry's face light up, overjoyed by my commitment to help her.

    Together we walked, following the patch through the valley to the entrance of the forest. Cherry grabbed my arm, I could feel her whole body shaking. I put on my brave face to help her feel safe as we made our way thought the dark forest. Suddenly we hear the snapping of a twig behind us. Cherry jumped, her face went pale. I grabbed my weapon getting ready for what was to come.

    "Well, well. Hehehe, HAHAHAHA! Looks like the little rabbit got away from my wolf friends," an ominous figure crawled from the shadows. Coming into view I was able to recognize that pink hair and goofy walk from anywhere.

    "Janus!" I angrily shouted at the shadowed figure, baring my teeth.

    "Well, if it isn't my old pal, Nelilla. Trying to mess up my plans again I see," Janus playfully remarked, rearing for a fight.

    With his twisted personality he was unpredictable. I didn't want to risk Cherry being harmed, so I shouted at her, "Run, Cherry, run! I'll keep this guy busy." She looked at me, pleading that I shouldn't take this guy on alone. I simply smiled her and directed her towards the exit. She took a few steps, looking back with her eyes full of tears again. I yelled at her once more, "Go! and don't look back!" Finally accepting my warning, she turned and run to safety.

    "Don't think I'll let you get away that easily," Janus powered up, releasing a burst of energy in Cherry's direction.

    "I won't let you harm her!" I stated, with little time for a counter attack, I took on the full force of the blast. Now heavily wounded my odds of survival were looking slim.

    "AHAHAHAHA!!!" Janus laughed hysterically, "You fool! You just threw away your life! For a girl you don't even know." He looked down on my, raising his hand, preparing to finish me off, "Time to die."

    "Noo!" Cherry screamed, running back to my aid.

    "Cherry! what are you doing? Run! You can't beat him!" I cried, fearing for her life. I couldn't bare it, to see her get hurt, but she could see I was a sitting duck, unable to move from my previous wound. She turned and softly smiled at me as a bright light began to engulf the kind child. "Cherry!" I called out to her one last time, unable to hold my emotions back, my face filled with tears. I looked up as the light faded and to my surprise, Cherry emerged. She earned her wings, a senshi she was and I never even noticed before. In the moment, something sparked inside of me, in which I've never felt before. Tears poured from my face, never had anyone gone so far to protect me. I cried my heart out as I watched her defeat Janus in one fell swoop. Sulking in his defeat, he disappeared into the shadows, never to be seen again.

    Double checking everything was safe, she ran to me with hope arms. Unable to control her newfound strength when she latched onto me, we toppled over onto the forest floor. "Oh Nelirra, I was so wowwied! I dought I may wever see you again," laying there, Cherry cried her heart out, getting tears and snot all over my clothing.

    I smiled, patting her head, "It looks like you were my hero this time." Cherry nodded, unable to speak as she wiped away her tears.

    Afterwards she treated my wounds with supplies from her basket. Still not at all strength, she supported me as we walked the rest of the way to her friends place. We were both so touched by our efforts to protect each other, that parting was unthinkable. In the end to this day, we are together. Full of content,looking to the future of our lives as one. The end.

  • Aeria Games Account: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    Tags: Romance, Melody

    Story 2: Zeratsu's Journey

    Story 2: Part 1 of 2

    Born in a poor village in Arrakin Desert, Zeratsu grew up helping his parents doing daily work around the house and shop, he made many friends and always tried to help out his neighbors, so he was well known around the village, people were just calling him "Zera". Zera's dream around the age of 14 was to become an Arcadian Knight, he had read about them in books and seen them protect cities from villains, he knew he wanted to become just like them, a hero. Zera's parents did not approve of his dream, they said it was too dangerous and they needed him around the village, as he was their only child, but was very stubborn and didn't want anybody leaping in the way of his dream, so he waited until nightfall and packed his bag and ran away from the village. Zera's journey has only just begun, he wasn't prepared to leave just yet, but he was a smart kid, he had a map and other useful tools in his bag to use along the journey. The young boy made his journey, walking in the desert for days, sustaining off what little food and water he had in his bag, but he never gave up or thought of returning, he kept going and going. After 4 days of walking, he finally found a place called "Bluemoon Grove".

    Zera entered Bluemoon Grove and looked for food and water sources, and there it was, a waterfall with fresh water to drink and bath, and trees surrounding full of ripe fruits to eat! Zera enjoyed eating and drinking and decided to take a bathe and clean himself up after all the rough walking he had done over the days.He heard someone or something whistling from behind the waterfall, so he approached it slowly, and there he saw an old man bathing, who looked like he'd be in his 70s. Zera asked him what he's doing there, and the old man replied with "I am doing what I do, minding my own business and enjoying myself, and you little one?" Zera looked at him and explained to him his story and what had happened. The old man looked at the kid with remorse and sadness filled his eyes, he said "Oh you poor little one, it must have been rough for ya, but I'm glad you made it this far, how about staying over before continuing your journey?" Zera smiled and told him he'd be happy to take him on his offer. 3 days had passed and Zera seemed to be forming a bond with the old man, he loved spending time with him, as he taught him many things and told him stories about his past, how he's a Veteran Arcadian Knight and all his previous fought wars. The old man's name was Zyc, he used to be one of the top ranked Arcadian Knights that served under the king of Arcadia, Ethelred Rhine.

    Zyc told the young boy that he can help him train and give him all the knowledge he needs before heading to Arcadia, but it would take months to years. Zera understood the situation and knew that this was the best option he had to become an Arcadian Knight and return to his village one day as a hero, and to share his wealth with everyone in the village to stabilize it. 3 Years had passed, and Zera is now 17 years old. He knew so much about the Arcadian Knights, and was well-trained to become one, all thanks to old man Zyc. On this very day, old man Zyc got very sick and couldn't move an inch from his bed, he knew in his head that his time was up, and he told Zera to listen closely to him. Old man Zyc said "Listen here Zera, my time has come and I am no longer able to stay with you, but I taught you everything I knew and gave you all the knowledge, you know...I am not upset to be going like this, I am glad I met you, look at you, came to me as a lost boy and now you're ready to become what you've wanted...I saw you as a son, and I am glad I was able to help my son get this far, so please don't cry, have a smile on your face. You know I will always be with you, so get out there, and show them what you're made of. One last thing I need to mention to you Zera... There is a secret forbidden power by a holy fountain, it is said that a young beautiful maiden guards the fountain, she plays a wonderful melody that puts all trespassers to sleep and erases their memory, so nobody can ever know of it, it is said to be a legend. In this little bag I'm going to give you, it shows the location of the holy fountain...go out there Zera, seek the holy fountain, and when you see the maiden, make sure you hold the badge in the bag and let her see it, she will let you through...go and make me proud....son".

    Old man Zyc passed away with a huge smile on his face, Zera, crying, ran out of the house and took his needs with him while shouting "I PROMISE I WILL BECOME THE BEST ARCADIAN KNIGHT OLD MAN ZYC, JUST YOU WATCH!" He headed towards the fountain and made sure to hold the badge up for the guardian, and as he got close, he was dazzled by her beauty, as he was staring at her, she started playing a wonderful melody, one Zera had never heard before in his entire life, it was beautiful and heartwarming, tears started shedding down his face again, but this time not from sadness, but from the beauty of the melody. The maiden got close to Zera and said "how come you're not affected..anybody who listens to my melody should be knocked out by no- IS THAT THE MELODY CHARM BADGE? Where'd you get that from?!" Zera looked back at her and said "oh..this thing. Old man Zyc gave it to me and told me to come to you, so what does it do?" The maiden looked at it and said "It is a charm I gave Zyc long time ago for saving me 42 years ago. I wouldn't be here today protecting this holy fountain if it wasn't for him. So now tell me, what's your name? and where is Zyc? My name is Melody by the way."

    Zera, with sadness filling his face again looked at Melody in the eyes and said "old man...old man Zyc passed away this morning, he was really sick and there was nothing I could do" Melody looked at Zera and approached him with a warm hug and whispered to him "It's okay... it wasn't your fault, hey, look at me, I'm gonna help you get what you want, that's what Zyc would have wanted, right? Now tell me your name and cheer up!" Zera smiled and told her "My name is Zeratsu, but you can call me Zera" Melody laughed and said "Well then alright Zera, I can tell you've got a very pure and caring heart in you, when I play my melody I can read a person's heart, and all I saw in yours was care, warmth, joy, pride, and love, and I love all these things" Zera, with a shock on his face looked back at her and said "t-thank you!" Melody then asked Zera about his goals, dreams, plans and such, and they spent the night talking and chattering with each other. Melody then said "Alright Zera, its time!" Zera with confusion looked at her and said "uhh, for what?" Melody said "For the treasure of course dummy, follow me!" Zera followed Melody to the holy fountain, as she grabs an urn filled with the holy water and hands it over to Zeratsu. "Here, drink", she said.

  • Story 2: Part 2 of 2

    Zera grabbed the urn and drank from it without questioning what it was or what it did, as he seemed to trust her and old man Zyc. Melody kissed Zera on the cheek and said "You have been given the power of elemental unity, that means you can combine any type of magic together to create a stronger form of it. You can even forge the power of dark and light magic to create powerful spells, and I'm sure you will use this power for good only. Now go Zera, show them what you're capable of, and once you make it, make sure to come back to me, I'll be waiting riiiight here for ya! You can come share with me all your stories!" Zera thanked Melody and headed out on his journey. 4 days later, he made it to Arcadia and headed over to the castle, he requested to speak with queen Fiona Rhine of Arcadia, but the guards didn’t let him through. They looked at him and said laughed then one said “What’s a lowly commoner coming from a filthy village coming to do up here ahahhaha, go back to where you belong kiddo. Only people with royal blood from around here are welcome to become knights, quit dreamin’.” Zera with anger looks at the knights and says “If you think where you’re born or where you’re from is what places you over people, then you’re wrong. I don’t care where you’re from, who you are, and who your parents are or what blood flows through you. End of the day, we’re all people and we fight for what we believe in. If you want to oppose me, then I challenge you to a duel, both of you.

    The second knight stares at him and says “ahahahh good one kiddo, but you’re still lowly trash, and we accept your duel, let's get this over with. Don’t blame me if you end up going home missing a leg or two!” Zeratsu and the knights clash, but within 8 seconds of the duel, the knights saw Zera wielding strange magic which gave off a powerful aura, it felt like many types of magic blended together to form a very powerful spell. The knights had backed up and admitted defeat, and they let him through the castle to request permission to speak with the queen. Queen Fiona accepts it and welcomes Zera. Zera tells her about his ambition of becoming an Arcadian Knight to protect the empire and help support his village. The queen accepts his request and puts him under training. The training to become a knight usually takes 9 months, but Zera had completed it in only 2 weeks. The queen saw how powerful and prideful he is, and assigned him to serve right under her, as one of the top ranked Arcadian Knights. 4 months had passed from this day, and Zera is now well known among the kingdom as “The first peasant to make it this far”, and he started to gain respect eventually, and people saw that no matter what blood flows through you or where you’re from, achieving a dream is possible. Zera requested to head back to his village, and the queen accepted the request. He went back to his village with pride, and greeted everyone, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

    The 14 year old that ran away 4 years ago had come back as one of the highest ranked Arcadian Knights. He went to his house and saw his parents, they were filled with tears of joy and apologized for not supporting him or believing in him, and they told him how proud they were of him. Zera funded the village and bought his parents a new house, he made the village sustainable. Zera then told everyone goodbye and headed off to the maiden he had promised to see again after achieving his goals, Melody. He made his way to her and she was very excited to see him.

    He told her all about his adventure, they laughed and had fun together, then Zeratsu said “You know, there’s another reason I’m here Melody”. She looked at him with confusion and asked “Do you need more power from the fountain? Wait that’s not it… you’ve already been granted all the power you can have..uhhhh did you possibly forget the charm Zyc gave you around here somewhere?” Zera looked at her and said “I came here to get you, Melody. I love you and everything about you, and I decided I would want to spend the rest of my mortal life with you, and if you’re okay with that, we can start from here.. You don’t have to be so lonely all the time guarding a treasure which can bring chaos to the world in the wrong hands, let's destroy it together and get away from here!” Melody, blushing and flattered looks back at Zera and says “w-well if you really want to, then I guess I will accept… I love you too Zera, I have never met anybody like you, with such a heart filled with light, and I will gladly be willing to spend my time with you until the very end, and for now, I think I’ll give you something more than just a melody~” Zera says “Oh what’s tha-” Melody kisses Zera and leaves him with no expression then giggles, they then destroy the treasure together and leave the place, getting their own house in Arcadia and living happily ever after, not a day goes by without Zera being thankful to Zyc and all his teachings, and he passes the lesson on through generations.The end.

  • Musical Encounter

    Melody - Funny

    I stood still as I heard a faint sound in the distance.

    Curious, I quietly followed the sound, trying not to disturb the wonderful melodies in the forest.

    As I got to the clearing where the sound came from, there was a woman sitting on a rock, playing a harp surrounded by animals of all kinds: snakes, rabbits, squirrels, cats, and many furvals too! She was very beautiful as the sunlight shone on her perfectly through the leaves on the trees. I kept myself hidden behind some bushes as I closed my eyes and silently listened, when suddenly a shriek was heard. I opened my eyes to see the girl fallen from the rock with her harp thrown across, just below me. I look at her face as shes looking at her harp in fear, or more like what is on her harp instead. I come out from the bushes and crouch down at the harp and I spot a butterpillar. This girl can be next to bears, lions, and snakes, yet she’s scared of mere butterpillars?! I thought to myself and chuckled.

    "GET RID OF IT! KILL IT! I DON'T CARE!" The woman shrieked.

    I simply picked up the butterpillar and a smirk appeared on my face. I hid the butterpillar away behind my back. I used my other hand to pick up the harp and hand it to her.

    "T-Thank you" She whispered, flustered, keeping her head down, accepting the harp.

    I dangled the little butterpillar in front of my face. She slowly looked up at my face and yelped, almost flying away from me. I threw the butterpillar in the distance as I held my stomach and laughed my heart out.

    I wiped my tears of joy from my eyes. "Sorry, sorry. It's just a little butterpillar, theyre quite common in this area, and won't attack you." I stated. "My name is MICHI, what's yours?"

    "Melody," She replied, unsure whether or not she should trust me.

    "What kind of song was that? It was an amazing melody" I chuckled at my obvious pun.

    "Like I haven't heard that before," She mumbled under her breath. "It’s a piece I've been working on to the animals in the forest."

    "Oh?" I ignored her mumbled words. "Even the crawlers?" I smirked.

    She shivered at the memory about the butterpillar.

    "Hey, let's make a deal" I said.

    "What is it?" She asked.

    "I will protect you from these crawlers and you play a song for me!"

    "Deal -- keep those away from me," she laughed as she positioned her harp to play me a tune.

    The End

    Playing Cupid

    Cherry - Romance

    I was walking in the streets of Arcadia when I heard a familiar voice -- Duet. Now, I know Duo has been tailing a girl he liked for some time, but I couldn’t ever figure it out. He was constantly asking for advice about girls nearly every week. I have him honest advice, but I never got a name out of him. I quickly hid behind a stash of boxes, peered above and listened in.

    “I’ve been seeing you at the restaurant lately and was wondering-” Duet stammered.

    “Stop right there, look, you seem like a nice guy but I’m not looking for anything right now,” the girl cut him off. She was definitely cute, wearing a red dress with bunny ears on her hood.

    Duet’s ears turned tomato red. “I was hoping we could be f-friends at least.”

    “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I thought you were one of those many guys who wanted to take me out on a date. This isn’t exactly where people ask to meet up to be friends.”

    “S-Sorry, I’m quite shy and a friend of mine has been telling me to just go for it,” Duet stammered.

    I was dumbfounded. He was asking me advice to become friends with a girl? No, I don’t think it’s that simple. I tried to think back to what kind of advice I’ve given him and then I remembered. I told him to get to know the girl better. He was going to get closer to her as a friend and then ask her out! This was just so cute, it’s going to be hard to keep from teasing him about this.

    “Sounds like a great friend, I would love to meet them!” the girl exclaimed.

    “Y-yeah, we’re about to meet up actually with a group of friends. I could introduce you to all of them,” he beamed.

    I quickly remembered about our gathering with friends and rushed over to that meeting spot.

    When I showed up, Duet and the girl were already there. Everyone seemed to be quite friendly with her, she was fitting in quite fine.

    “Cherry! This is the friend I was talking to you about. This is MICHI. MICHI, Cherry,” Duet motioned with his hands as he introduced us.

    A couple weeks passed and I’ve been secretly playing “wing-man.” Dropping hints about Duet and his good deeds to Cherry. So far it seems to be working, Cherry seems to try to work her charms around Duet. However, Duo seems blinded and just treats her with care - usual Duo.

    A month has passed and Cherry came up to me to ask for advice.

    “MICHI, you seem close to Duet, but every time I come close to him, he just distances away from me,” she cried.

    I chuckled to myself, knowing it’s just Duet’s shy character around girls. “Maybe he likes you,” I stated. I would tell her this even if I didn’t know about his crush.

    Her ears became red as a tomato, just like Duet’s on the day he approached her. It was very cute. She twiddled her thumbs and mumbled, “Y-you really think so? He’s really nice and funny and I enjoy being with him...I-I-”

    “You should ask him, there’s a fireworks spring festival coming up! Ask him.” I was trying to push her in the right direction.

    “O-okay! I’ll try my best. I’ll ask him to the festival,” she said with confidence.

    The next day, Cherry’s face was beaming with happiness. Looks like Duet said yes. I wasn’t able to tail these lovebirds on their date as I was forced to come along with the group of friends. They wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get in their way.

    As I was stuffing my face with cotton candy, I see from the corner of my eyes small blue and red figures near each other. It was Cherry and Duet! They were holding hands! I giggled to myself and squealed with joy.

    Now that is a happy ending.

  • aeria: hikapyon

    ign: Starbright

    Melody - romance story

    "Hello Starbright", said Melody.

    "Glad you could make it for the video shoot", replied Starbright.

    Starbright had wanted to do a promotional video shoot for Arcadia and had invited Melody and Aflallo to be the main characters of this video.

    "Aflallo's coming in abit. Just running things through, all you need to do is just hold hands with Aflallo and walk beside this flower bed." Starbright said.

    "Sounds simple enough."

    "If something unexpected happens, just don't panic and smile. Aflallo's done enough video shoots to know how to cover for you." Starbright smiled for Melody not to be too nervous.

    "I'm here. Let's get this done quickly." Aflallo said calmly.

    Melody and Aflallo went to the starting location.

    "Ready?" Shouted Starbright.

    Melody and Aflallo nodded their heads. He took the initiative to hold her hand.

    "Readyyyyyy and action!"

    Both of them started walking slowly next to the flower bed. Five seconds after the camera started rolling, Aflallo stepped infront of Melody. She stopped and gave him a quizzical look.

    Aflallo plucked a small dandelion from the flower bed and put it in Melody's hair.

    "For you." Aflallo smiled while positioning himself to let the camera catch the whole scene.

    Melody blushed and got a little flustered. She tried to overtake Aflallo while he was trying to return to his normal position of being beside her. However, while she did that, she lost her footing and fell. Aflallo saw it coming and grabbed her by the waist. He leaned in towards to her slightly to cushion her awkward attempt at falling.

    Not knowing what to do next, Melody only remembered what Starbright had said and tried to give a smile. Her heart was beating fast.

    Scooping her up into a princess carry, Aflallo returned her smile and walked three steps forward and let her down.

    Mesmerised by Aflallo's smile and determined not to fall behind, Melody looked into Aflallo's face and brushed his hair tenderly. She then gave him a big smile and took his hand into hers.

    Being the professional he was, Aflallo then led her to continue walking beside the flower bed until Starbright yelled "Cut!".

    "Hey, that wasn't planned but it was great!" said Starbright excitedly.

    "Well, I am a pro after all", replied Aflallo.

    Not missing Melody's blushing face as Starbright was filming the whole thing, Starbright wanted to help Melody out.

    "Aflallo, bring the lady out for lunch!" Said starbright with a huge grin.

    Aflallo turned to look at Melody with a confused look and Melody started hiccuping.

    "Are you okay?", asked Aflallo.

    "Lunch, yes please?" squeaked Melody.

    "My pleasure." said Aflallo with an embarrassed smile.

  • A Day of Melody’s Melody

    It was a warm day early in the morning. I was sitting by a tree in Jungle Mortalis, enjoying the view. As usual, the sun was shining bright, birds flew by, and a big yellow ball on the sky — wait what..?!


    The big ball fell right on to me. I realized it was no ball, it was a female human with a long blond hair haired– or so I thought.

    “Ouch.. I didn’t expect I would fall oh, O-oh!” she said as she realized that she landed on me. “I-I’m sorry, you okay?”

    She stood up and reached out her hand for me. As I took her hand, I saw it. Elf—or maybe fairy ears. She had a long wavy blonde hair, greenish dress, and a floating harp by her side. I was stunned by her aesthetic for a moment there.

    “Yeah I’m fine...” I said as she helped me to stand up.

    “Ah I guess it’s better to introduce myself now,” she let my hands go and bobbed a curtsy. “Nice to meet you, my name is Melody. I’m the realm’s best musician!”

    “Oh it’s nice to meet you too, Melody. My name is Rikumuro, you can call me Riku for short.” I replied.

    “Okay, noted!” She said.

    “Uhm, so.. What is the realm’s best musician doing here falling from the sky?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Well… I was searching for a good place to compose new music and ended up getting carried by myself” Melody replied, holding her hands on her back as she smiles awkwardly.

    “Pfft—ahahaha how is that suppose to happen,” I laughed a little.

    We sit and ended up talking about a lot of things. She told me about all of her music and about places she visited, while I told her about my current journey in Merida. We seem to get along really well. As time went by we realized it’s already noon.

    “Oh right, I still need to find a place…” she whispered to herself. She stood up and called me “Riku,”

    “Yes?” I replied.

    “Would you um, accompany me somewhere..? I spotted a good spot earlier before my fall and I really need to go there,” Melody said as she stares into my eyes with a serious expression on her face.

    “Ha..ha, spotted a good spot I see. Sure let’s go there”

    The sun was shining brightly. The air felt pretty hot. She kept floating toward the destination while I was walking on the ground, sweating because of the weather that noon. A little bit unfair, if I could say so.

    As we arrived in the place, Melody floated around the environment while inspecting its surroundings. I sat by a rock and wiped my sweats. There’s a waterfall flowing tranquilly, some bushes and trees waving slowly as the breeze flew by. One time she sat on the ground, inspecting the soil and grass there. I saw her from her back, which at that time she looks like a big fluffy yellow ball thanks to her voluminous wavy hair.

    “This seems to be a good place to play my music,” she whispered to herself. Then suddenly she stood up, flew high upward and back downward slowly.

    “Thank you for coming to my concert!” she said as she was spinning her harp around.

    “Uh, concert?” I asked.

    “Yep, concert. I decided it just now since it’s a really good place and there are some audience!” she said.

    “Audience… Where are they?” I asked as I looked around, I spotted no one.

    “Haha--” she chuckled as she got closer to me and said “It’s you, Riku, also the nature around here.”


    She smiled and started to move her fingers on her harp.

    “I composed all of my music with my heart so please, listen and enjoy.”

    As she played her harp, a comfy wind blew over the area. It’s as if the hot weather’s gone just like that. Melody seemed to be at peace while playing. She played a lot of her music compositions. It made me wondered how did she remember and play all the songs she made without using any note. Got it? Note.

    After around tenths songs, she stopped and wrapped the concert. When suddenly some kind of dark big creature fall right to the ground in front of me.

    “Whoa!” I exclaimed in surprise, “W-what’s wrong with today, things just keep falling from the sky..!”

    I saw Melody, who seemed to be also surprised. As the creature stood up from the ground, I noticed it was a familiar boss I encountered a lot of times in the jungle; Chaos Incarnate Nihilus.

    “Nihilus..!” Melody said as she holds her harp and went in front of me. “Looks like it’ll be a little tough…”

    “Need some help?” I asked as I was preparing to take out my weapon.

    “It’s fine, leave it to me! This is my concert, and this one will be the encore. My melody will purify any evil!” she said in a heroic pose, with a big confident smile on her face.

    “… Melody’s melody will purify any evil huh—hm—“ I said faintly as I was holding my laugh.

    “W-what? It’s not the time to be laughing haha—uh oh,” she smiled, trying to be serious. ”Well, just see. I’ll show you this Melody’s melody power, Ha…!”

    The battle went really fast. Melody used her melody tunes, aimed at Nihilus who couldn’t say a thing. In an instance Nihilus was engulfed in Melody’s light and reduced to thin air.

    As we’re done, we walked toward the camp in the jungle. When we got close to the camp Melody stopped.

    “I believe music can bring peace to the world,” she said, “and I need to go, keep composing a lot of music arrangement for the realm. So thank you very much for today, Riku.”

    I stared at her for a moment and smiled, “Thanks to you too, it was a great day. We will meet each other again, right Melody?”

    “Of course we will! You'll hear my melody again and next time, I bet it’ll be a punnier day,” she chuckled as she waved her hand and flew toward the sky.


    Aeria account : Rikumuro

    IGN : Rikumuro

    Category : Funny Melody

  • A Heartful of Cherry

    “N-no… If you get any closer I’ll throw a bomb…!”

    I heard a faint voice as I was walking by the woods. A scream of the same voice followed. Right at that moment, I ran toward where the voice came from.

    As I saw a gigantic silver wolf in a fighting stance, a figure of a small red-hooded girl can be seen from the distance. I felt a sudden impulse. I wasn’t sure what kind of impulse was it-- I unsheathed my sword as I dashed toward the wolf and took it down in an instance.

    I stood there, took a breath as I saw the little girl with her eyes closed. She was holding a bomb in one hand as she trembled in fear. A small fire sparked out from the tip of the bomb. Isn’t it dangerous if she used a bomb here… The grasses are pretty dry and it might cause a wildfire—uh oh.

    A little panicked, I went closer to her and hold her wrist as I took the spark out with my other hand.

    She opened her teary eyes slowly. As if in a daze, she just stared into my eyes for some time.

    “…. Are you okay?” I asked and let go of my hands.

    I took a while for her to realize the situation. Her eyes opened wide as she get a hold of herself andput her bomb in her small woven basket.

    “T-thank you very much for s-saving me…” she stuttered.

    She blushed and averted her eyes from me. I couldn’t help it. She was so cute that my hand patted her head softly through her red hood without thinking much. I could feel how fluffy her hair was.

    “Um…”she uttered as if trying to say something.

    “Oh-! S-sorry I just can’t help it,” I stepped back a bit and tried to pull myself together. Then I reached out my hand. “Hello, I’m Alce. What’s your name?”

    She took my hand and shook it a little as she replied, “My name is Cherry”.

    “Cherry, huh…”I said. That was a pretty sweet name I thought, as I look at the cherry ribbon on her hood.

    “Well, Cherry,” I continued, “be careful and take care okay? This part of the woods seems to be the lair of wolves. Oh— and watch out where are you using your bombs, the dry grasses in this spot might cause a big fire.”

    “Yes… thank you again, Alce,” she said as she smiled, though the look on her face showed a hint of worry. She tidied up her clothes, hair and also her small basket.

    “I need to get going now. There’s this certain place that I need to visit so, see you Cherry.” I said. As I started to walk away, I felt someone tugged my left sleeve. It was Cherry.

    “Wait--!” she looked at me, still with a worried expression. I looked back at her. “It seems like I lost a few bombs on my way here… So, um, I’m kind of worried if some wolves might come again…” She continued as she tried to think of some words.

    She clasped her hands together. I smiled to her. She seemed to be a bit scared of wolves.

    “A-at least until we’re out of the woods, please stay with me until we reach the harbor!” Cherry said. “I also need to visit a certain place by taking a ship from the harbor…”

    A coincidence or not, perhaps it was fate. I was also heading toward the harbor, but I need to take an airplane to reach my destination.

    “Sure, I’m also heading to the harbor. We can part ways when we arrive then,” I said to her. She seemed to be very happy to hear that we’re heading toward the same place even if it’s only for a while. And I think it was also reassuring for her that she doesn’t have to face the wolves all alone by herself.

    “O-one more thing, uh...” Cherry said, “Alce, can I— hold your hand for just a little while…?”

    I couldn’t refuse. Maybe that silver wolf earlier frightened her more than I thought, so I’d be glad to help her. I took her soft, small hand as we started walking to the harbor.

    We didn’t talk much when we were walking, but somehow I knew that we were both enjoying each other’s company. As expected, there were a lot of wolves that came up and tried to fight us. Of course, they were no match for my swordsman’s skills and Cherry’s powers. I was astonished by her bombing skills.

    After we walked some distance, we arrived at an area which seems to be a perfect spot to rest, surrounded by a lot of bushes. There were some fallen logs, laid horizontally on the ground. We decided to rest there for a while as we both felt tired from the long walk and the battles. We sat on the nearby log. Cherry was checking her basket.

    “Ah, I hope I still have enough bombs… It’ll still be a long journey from the harbor too huh,” She said, talking to herself.

    “Cherry, actually, where is this certain place that you need to visit?” I asked curiously.

    She stared at me for a brief moment and smiled.

    “haha—It’s confidential~” Cherry said cheerfully.

    Her answer only made me even more curious.

    Suddenly I heard some bustling noise coming from the bushes behind us. Cherry heard it too. Thinking that it might be wolves, we prepared ourselves as something jumped out from the bushes— no it was some small creatures, three of them to be exact. Two squirrels and one seemed to be a bunny. They all jumped towards Cherry as she laughed playfully.

    “Um, your acquaintances?” I asked with a relieved smile.

    She showed a big smile.

    “Yup they are my friends. They often helped me to activate the bombs. We got separated when the big silver wolf attacked… I was so worried, and so glad that you guys are safe!” Cherry replied as she hugged her friends.

    Cherry seemed to be very happy. Somehow that makes me happy too. I guess happiness is contagious.

    “Now that we regained our energy and you’ve reunited with your friends, shall we go?” I said as I stood up.

    “Yeah, let’s go!” She trotted cheerfully.

    On the way, we fought a lot of monsters regardless of their size. After some battles, we arrived at the harbor. But something felt a bit off. It was really quiet—too quiet.

    Suddenly there were a lot of loud howling voices in the direction of where the ship is located.

    “Aren’t those… those voices, I’m sure they belong to wolves!” Cherry said.

    We urge and ran to where the wolves are. As we arrived at the scene, it was a shocking view. There was a small furval surrounded by a pack of wolves consisted of two golden big wolves and six smaller wolves. He was trying to protect the ship from those wolves.

    “We have to save him!” I said to Cherry.

    She nodded and took out some bombs. With the help of her friends, Cherry courageously wiped out all the small wolves in one bomb shot, but not the big ones. Those golden wolves got taunted by the bombing, and stared at Cherry eerily. As I saw her trying to get more bombs from her basket, she suddenly stared at me, frightened.

    “W-what should I do… that was my last bomb,” she said.

    The two big golden wolves charged toward Cherry. I felt another sudden impulse. It was like the impulse when I first meet her, but stronger. She closed her teary eyes.


    I jumped in front of Cherry and slayed the two wolves in one swing. As I saw the small furval sighted in a relieved manner and a lot of other furvals came surrounding him, I felt a small pair of hands on my waist.

    Cherry tightly wrapped her arms around me from behind.

    I felt flustered, but in a good way. I didn’t know what to do in that moment, except feeling happy. Maybe that was what people called butterflies in the stomach.

    “Cherry… Cherry, are you okay?” I asked as I kept my sword away. I could feel her rubbing her face against my back for quite a while.

    “I’m—okay… was just… scared,” she said as she tried to hold her tears.

    After some time, she let go of my waist. I turned back and patted her head softly.

    “You did well fighting those wolves. Look, we arrived at the harbor. You saved the little furval too” I said as I keep patting her head.

    Cherry looked up toward my face and nodded with a smile. Then the little furval came closer to us.

    “Ah, thank you very much red hooded lady, and to the brave swordsman too,” he said.

    “Hehe, I’m just glad that you’re safe, little furval.” Cherry replied.

    “I’m the captain of that ship. As I was preparing for the departure, those wolves suddenly came to attack my ship! The other crews are still not here yet at that time so I was trying to fight them by myself…” the little furval continued, “So really, thank you very much!”

    Cherry, the furval, and I just smiled at each other.

    “Well, if you both are going to ride my ship I’ll make it a free sailing. Just take it as my gratitude. We’re departing soon, so see you!” the furval said as he waved a little and ran toward the ship.

    There was a moment of silence, for both of us knew that it was the time for a farewell.

    “Alce…” Cherry said.

    Was not sure of what to say, I just stood there in silence.

    “I was, so happy that you helped me earlier.” Cherry said. She averted her eyes and said, “I hope we can meet again one day…”

    There was another moment of silence, but it’s longer this time. Cherry looked down on her feets.

    “Or, we don’t need to be apart. We don’t need to say farewell,” I said as I looked straight to her.

    Cherry lifted her head and stared at me. I saw her eyes sparked a bit.

    “S-so, you… will come with me…?” She asked, holding her hands together.

    I took her hands in my palm as I nodded to her.

    “You will stay with me?” she continued.

    “Forever,” I smiled.

    She wrapped her arms on my waist again as I hugged her. I could feel that she was so happy to hear my replies.

    We sailed with the little furval’s ship. Cherry stood by my side, holding my hand. The wind was blowing softly. As I was enjoying the breeze, I could hear a voice through the wind.

    “...I love you.”


    Aeria account : Rikumuro

    IGN : Alce (My male alt (laugh))

    Category : Romance Cherry

  • IGN Kohaku
    Aeria ID AngelicKohaku
    Cherry romance

    Cherry Red Riding Hood

    Woolruft Plains were known for being full of wolves. I knew this as I strolled, Celestial Force in both hands, between the trees that lined the narrow pathway toward the town.

    But as frightening as these trees that hid the blood red wolf eyes that bordered the small town of just ten people, it was my home. I knew everything about them: The leaves that swayed in the breeze were a blessing on my skin. Of what colours the leaves were telling me what season we were in. Of what species each tree was… the best branches to perch on for the wind… The calm of just knowing they protected me, the reliable sanctuary was ever present. And I never knew that one birch tree would be my salvation in a world where I could only be one thing. Yes, Woolruft Plains were my home.

    Despite these hidden beauties, it didn’t match the one that lived in the town. I wanted a sneak peak knowing at the back of my mind I could not ever go near her unless I wanted to face death. A girl dressed in red with the name that matched our eyes.


    I looked behind me. I didn’t bare the sword at the voice. I knew who it was. Concerned, it was Kriton, someone I knew since years ago.

    I dropped the sword at my side and greeted him in the same way, “Kriton.”

    “Where are you going? It’s dangerous to go near that town. If the pack knows you’re leaving the territory, it won’t only be the humans that chase you.”

    I sighed. I knew this. Kriton was the only person who knew I felt an aching in my chest for this girl that chased away my fears. Who made me feel normal despite my nature. What should I even say to that?

    “Look, I can cover you for just today.” He continued. “I won’t be able to support you after-”

    Both our ears twitched at the miniscule sound. Today’s weather was fine, the skies were clear and under the orange glow of the evening sun, we could pick up anything. It was the sound of rustling leaves by something or someone that attracted us.

    On instinct I hid behind one of the trees whilst Kriton ran up a tree.

    It was only a few minutes before the rustler emerged. The girl in the red hood!

    She was with another person, a permanent resident in the town, talking about something.

    “Cherry, stop it!”

    Cherry, her name’s Cherry. As red as her hood and as the eyes I bore. My heart skipped a beat and a smile burst out on my face. Were my cheeks as red?

    I looked up at Kriton who was watching the two girls walk past. Sometimes he would peek at me from the corner of his eyes, probably gauging my reaction before returning to the scene in front of us.

    Once they were in reaching distance he jumped off his branch and off into the woods.

    Suddenly the woman looked straight at me and ran screaming back toward town, “WOLF!”

    I was shocked. In order to get closer I was subconsciously holding onto the truck for support. It was my claws that revealed me. I should run but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move and my hands wouldn’t wield the sword that lay on the ground. I couldn’t hurt Cherry.

    And she stared right back at me. But the strange thing was she wasn’t frightened of me.

    “Cherry.” The words fell out of my lips, the first words I said to her after months of just teasing glances, of watching her make her way into wolf territory as she gathered pumpkins and wheat and as such, fighting off anyone that wanted a bite out of her. Was there such a thing as a wolf being a guardian angel?

    My hand was shaking as I reached out. I wanted to touch her, I wanted to know more about her but I couldn’t put these overwhelming feelings into words. But it was a fairy tale ending.


    My head snapped to down the pathway where the residents were holding guns.


    Cherry took my attention. Her voice was like caramel. She touched my arm, “run now! But-” she paused, “when this dies down, I’ll be on the other side of that birch.”

    My chest tightened. There was a birch that was the closest to the town. It had been there for thousands of years and it was my chosen place to watch her from afar.

    “Run, now!”

    The hoard was coming closer. I could hear them and my instinct was driving me mad to run. I couldn’t take them all.

    “I can’t change them.” I hurriedly said, “My fangs and my claws no matter how much I pray.” I couldn’t say that we couldn’t be together no matter how deep I felt for this girl. Did she feel the same way?

    “And I can’t change where I’m from either.” Cherry grabbed my arm and pushed me. The touch was like electricity to me. I jumped at it. “But despite this fairy tale, I’ll protect you, no matter what.”

    The only thing I saw as I ran was of her red hood billowing in the wind as the residents slowed to check up on her. We couldn’t change what we were but maybe, just maybe, we could change the future.

    Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head?

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  • Aeria account: heiwanaaze

    IGN: LynnBunny

    Entry: Cherry (Romance)

    Burning Love

    “I can’t accept this!” Pali smashed the round table. Everyone in the conference hall froze and was silenced immediately. Perhaps it was his wrath that blinded him, or it could be his pure love towards the girl that had been banished from the land. “Cherry would never do this! She would never try to bomb her own countrymen!”

    LynnBunny, the Queen of Meeparuru, remained calm and composed, “Pali, we have plenty of witnesses and proofs. Maybe she has unexplainable reasons but I can’t allow someone who has disturbed the peace in our kingdom to stay. Her presence would be too disruptive because the people would suspect her the most.” She sipped her glass of water, tucking her few white strands of hair behind her ear. Her Majesty was indeed old, but her physique and appearance remained unchanged as though she was still in her twenties. “This is also for her own sake, may she be smart enough to reflect on her mistakes.”

    Pali groaned. “Your Majesty, please, lift her banishment. I’m sure she’s not the one in the wrong here.” The other ministers and the knights of the highest rank started whispering to each other, discussing among themselves to find out if he was still sane or was just overwhelmed with idiocy. Who even dares to oppose the Queen’s decrees and judgements?

    One of the knights raised up her hand. She only talked after Her Majesty nodded, permitting her to speak, “I suggest Your Majesty do not lift the banishment sentence. I trust that this verdict is appropriate for the case. There is no more need for discussion.” Nods and murmurs from the others present followed, except for Pali, who was glaring at her, before turning to his own ruler, like a wolf scowling at a lion.

    “Thank you, Mayavii,” the Queen replied and concluded the meeting, resulting in Pali’s dissatisfaction. He tossed his sheathed sword onto the table, “That’s it! I shall banish myself from this land. I will not stand to stay under your rule anymore,” Turning on his heels, he spitted, “Your Majesty.”

    Le, the knight chief, stood in the doorway of the conference hall. His eyes were dark as they frowned down at Pali, his once most trustworthy knight. As they passed by each other, he murmured into his ears, “You should already know by now, Her Majesty has never had clouded and uncertain judgements. You will regret this, brother.”

    All that Pali answered was, “Anything for my beloved Cherry.”

    After packing up, and abandoning his own family for his one and only cherished woman, he set off. He was very certain that Cherry hadn’t done anything wrong and that someone might have framed her. Without exactly knowing where to go, he kept on walking, following the trail that led him into a forest. Every step that he took reminded him of the woman he loved so dearly, so passionately.

    Oh, Cherry! Her supple white skin, her silky hair and her ruby eyes. Pali sighed at the image of her in the back of his mind. Having spent so much time together, he’d learnt how charming she is, how funny and how coy. She’d crafted the highest quality of bombs for the kingdom’s military power and had the fluffiest bunny to pet.

    But where would she be now? How was he going to find her?

    “Pali, my dearest…” the breeze that was blowing gently carried her whispers and stopped him in his tracks. It blew again, treading its way through the forest, sending the dark green leaves into shudders. “Pali, I’m over here…”

    At that moment, he was sure enough it was her voice; the voice that’d captured his heart long ago and the voice that’d put him to sleep whenever his day hadn’t gone well. Then, as though he was controlled by some kind of invisible force, he started walking. Walking and walking without even stopping for a rest, a wide smile etched onto his face. What was this feeling? He was ecstatic and addicted, but he didn’t mind at all, even though it felt somewhat ominous. An eerie feeling lingered in his stomach but no, he didn’t give it much attention. He just wanted to see Cherry again.

    Oh, Cherry!

    He got out of the forest, arriving to a small cottage near a cliff and the whispers of the breeze halted. There, on the roof, a red-hooded maiden was sitting, facing towards the sunset and petting her white bunny. “Cherry…” he sighed in relief.

    Slowly, she turned around, her eyelids drooping and a faded, half-hearted smile was drawn. “Pali…” As she pulled on the tip of her hoodie, half her face was engulfed in shadow. Pali urged himself to climb up the ladder that led him up to the roof. “Cherry, I’ve missed you so much. I know you haven’t left for that long but I just—“

    “I’m glad you have found me, I’ve been waiting,” Cherry said silently, her eyes fixated on the sunset again, and slender fingers running through her bunny’s fur. Immediately, he caught her in his tight embrace, “I’m sorry that I took some time before I found you. I was trying to clear up your name before I left Meeparuru.” She was so still in his embrace, like a dead puppet. He said, “Have you been feeling lonely?”

    “Yes, I have…”

    “It’s okay, I’ll stay with you from now on.”

    He landed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Joyful tears were prickling behind his eyes but he held them in, not wanting her to see. The sky was dyed in amber and gold before them and his heart burned in happiness, racing faster than the royal horses. “Oh, Cherry, I love you so much. I will never leave you alone again, not even one second. If only I could help you clear your name but they just won’t listen.”

    “Pali, they aren’t wrong.”

    He blinked. “What?”

    She pulled back her hood, revealing her blond hair and a broad grin plastered onto her face. “You love me, right? You said you will never leave me, right? I’m glad, I’m finally able to pull you away from them.”

    “Cherry, what are you talking about?” Flustered, he started retreating from her. This didn’t seem right, didn’t even feel right. Was this really the Cherry he’d loved and known? Her expression was sweet and dark at the same time. She jumped to him and squeezed him in her firm hug. “Pali, I love you too. Stay with me, forever.” It was then that he realized the kind of love she’d been seeking and so he smiled and said, “Anything for you, my dearest.”

    The last sight that he saw was, Cherry’s evident happiness on her face, the colour of fire and the burning sky.

    Walking on broken pieces of glass, the pain can never compare to the pain of losing you, my red dahlia...

    IGN: LynnBunny (Gemini)

  • IGN Kohaku

    Aeria ID AngelicKohaku

    Melody funny

    Mel's first blind date

    My marine themed terracottage is like my feelings. I’m drowning in them.

    I never really noticed that as I stared at the ceiling on my bed. I had been there for… I’m not actually sure for how long, not really doing much before-

    My bedroom door flew open and Arietty fell on my floor.

    “Ari!” I hurriedly sat up almost falling over on my own as I rushed to her aid. “What are you doing? What’s happening?” What year is this?

    She grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out, “Koha, come!”

    We were practically on the floor, crawling on our knees and she’s dragging me to God knows where by the wrist and-

    “Ari, you’re hurting me!” I cried out.

    She released me but stared at me as if her gaze could propel me forward. “Koha!”

    “Fine!” I mumbled, getting up and heading out.

    Down the stairs onto the second level of the main hall, I could see down onto the lower floor. Erected there was a large curtain fully drawn on a clothes rail. With the light coming in from the window on the right where the community chest was, I could see three people standing behind it.

    Ari pulled me down the steps and onto the lower floor, forcing me to sit on the furniture facing the front door. Clearing her voice she threw her arms in the air and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

    “OHA, everyone’s here now! Welcome Koha to amazing Ari’s most puggy blind date!” she cried out.

    I blinked. Did she just say blind date? Somewhere in the corners of my mind that registered but I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even sure of how I felt about it. There were too many emotions merging together. Too many for me to even pick one. Anger? No. Sadness? No. Confusion? No. Each word wasn’t the one I wanted.

    Behind one of the curtains one person yelled, “since when was this a blind date!”

    I burst out laughing. From the voice I could tell it was-

    “Who’s the lucky one that’ll walk away with the cute Koha and this?” In her raised hand she had something shiny, glittering in the morning light.

    “Oh. My. God.” I whispered shocked when I made the small trinket out. “Oh. My. Actual. God.”

    It was the ring I sort of gave Greylocke as a joke. I wasn’t thinking of actually getting married to him, I just loved teasing.

    But I was pretty sure that the ring in Ari’s hand was something serious so I started heading up to my bedroom.

    “Koha, where are you going?” she whined, tugging my arm back.

    “I’m dying so I’m going to die in my bedroom.”

    “No!” The pull on my arm became stronger until I couldn’t take it anymore and tumbled back in the seat. I sighed. Could this day get any worse?

    Resuming back to the unbelievable scene playing in front of me, Ari said, “On today’s show, our first contestant knows all your secrets and most importantly, knows how to keep them-”

    I couldn’t help it. A grin burst out. I had to curb it by biting my lip. Surely she wasn’t talking about-

    “He’s someone who you’ve known for a long time -not as long as me though-” With that remark she winked at me. I half expected her to flip her hair again. “-and has been admiring you from afar.”

    I was still trying to put a cap on my outbursts when the curtain fell open and sure enough it was who I thought it was. Kriton!

    I’m dying of laughter, send help!

    I struggled to get the words out, trying but failing to get air into my lungs. “Ari, he has a girlfriend already, we ain’t working out!”

    “Yeah, Ari…” Kriton said as he eyed her carefully. “You didn’t tell me that it was going to be a blind date. You just said,’Kriton, log in, I need you to do something for me and I’ll give you 1k gold!’ So where’s my 1k gold?”

    I laughed louder clutching my stomach as the tears rolled down. It was such a Kriton type of thing.

    “Shush! You weren’t supposed to tell her that!” Ari said, flapping the comment away. To me, she cleared her throat again and introduced the next ‘contestant’ as Kriton sat next to me on the seat.

    I leaned over to whisper, “so when are we playing Twin Saga again? Are you less squishy?”

    “Only you would know I’m squishy.”

    I giggled.

    “Our second contestant is new to the dating block. With her musical ability it’s hard to see that she wrote the scores for several films already including your favourite trilogy.”

    I perked up. She will always have my full attention if it's about that trilogy.

    “It’s Melody!”

    The curtain revealed a blond haired girl that captured me. Dressed in a green dress that floated across the floor, she was cute in all the right aspects. It didn’t help that the light showcased her blushing cheeks and her shy personality.

    I jumped out of the chair and hugged her. “Melody!”

    Ah, even her skin was soft to the touch.

    She giggled. “Haku, Ari told me a lot about you.”

    I grinned, my chest swelling at the little bunch of cuteness in my arms.

    Ari did a mimic of a drumroll. “Maybe you'll walk out of here with Koha’s ring on your finger, Mel! But don't forget our last contestant!”

    We stood back looking at the curtain. Kriton had came up to us as I was in a bubble of melodic bliss.

    “He's a guy that's as bright as the stars above and may have just as well have been chasing your heart all this time, not just help you with the evil mobs!” Ari rushed over to pull the curtain fully back to reveal the chevalier, Aryn!

    “What's with that introduction?” He said, folding his arms. My breath caught. As much as I loved Mel in my arms, Aryn’s shine was blinding.

    An arm snaked around my shoulders. “Maybe,” Ari said, “maybe you have a rival for Koha’s heart, Mel.”

    But I wasn’t the only one that was captivated with Aryn. I nudged Melody. She smiled apologetically at me, a sure sign and started talking to Aryn. Soon later they left my terracottage.

    Kriton turned to Ari, “so, where’s my 1k?"

    Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head?

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  • IGN: Neni
    Aeria Account: NeniNyan
    Entry for: Funny Cherry

    Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for any mistake or bad grammar! English is not my first language but I tried my best!

    ✿ A new friend ✿

    It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a picnic. Cherry as always had prepeared her basket full of delicacies for her and her squirrel friends.
    Everything was ready. She took her leave, but then stopped just outside the house door. There was one thing bothering her. That pesky gribblin!
    Two weeks before he ruined her peaceful picnic, trying to steal her food. Well, she managed to get rid of him once, but then he did it again the week after that, and Cherry was sure he would come back once more to steal her lunch again!
    There was only one thing to do: set a trap!
    But how? Cherry knew only one person mischievous enough to think of a good plan and that was Neni! She was the perfect match for that pesky gribblin! Cherry headed towards Neni's terracottage.
    She knocked on the door: «Heyo! Neni? You home?».

    No answer.

    «Neni?» Cherry tryed the doorknob... it wasn't locked. She tried opening the door.

    A bucket of cold water fell down on poor Cherry's head. «AAAHRG!».

    «Oh! Oh my lord! Cherry? I'm so sorry! Why are you here?» Neni came rushing dow the stairs with a towel in her hands. «I'm really so sorry! I thought you were my husband! He should be arriving home at any moment now! I wanted to pull a prank on him... I wasn't expecting you to come!» said Neni helping Cherry drying up.

    But on Cherry's face there was no pain, no anger, just a large smile! «Yes! You're the right one!» said she.
    Neni stared at her with confusion. «What are you talking about? Did the bucket hit you so hard?».

    Cherry sat down at the table and looked serious.

    «Neni, I need your help for a matter. I need your genius to set a trap for a food thief! He stole my food twice! I hate him, he's ruining my picnics!».

    «I see... let's see what can I do then! Gimme a second, I'll be right back!» said Neni just before disappearing in her workshop.

    After a while she came back with a bag. «Let's go picnic!» said smiling.

    The two headed to Cherry's favourite picnic spot and Neni set the trap while Cherry prepeared the blanket and the food. They sat down chatting and eating.
    But then Neni's ears caught a rustling in the grass. Remaining calm she continued chatting.


    «AAARGHH! HEELP!!» screamed the gribbling dangling from the tree branch above them. The trap worked!

    «Serves you right you thief! I hate you!» said Cherry sticking her thongue out.

    But as soon as she did the gribblin started crying.

    « Why are you crying now? Are you a coward?» said Cherry. Neni cut the rope and the gribblin fell down bouncing. «Ok stop crying like a baby! I will free you now».

    But the gribblin continued criying.

    «What now? Stop crying!» said Neni. «Oh my lord! What have we done?» she panicked looking at Cherry.

    The gribbling answered sniffling up with his nose: «I'm so sowwy! *snif* I didn't mean to hawm anyone... *sigh*It's just that i wanted to be fwiends and I didn't know what to do.. *snifle* But now Cherry hates me and it's all over!».

    Neni and Cherry looked at each other.

    «It's nice that you wanted to be friends, but stealing it's not a good thing! You could just asked for it!» said Neni. «Come on now, apologize! And then you can be friends!».

    The gribblin stood infront of a pouting Cherry: «I'm very sorry I stole your food... I wont do it again and I wont bother you animore...*sigh*» said with tears in his eyes.

    Cherry glanced at him and her heart melted: «It's okay... I owe an apology to you as well. I should have been so harsh with you. It's not true that I hate you...You can eat with us if you want» said smiling.

    The gribblin smiled back. «Really? Can I?»
    «Yeah! Come on!» replied Cherry.
    So they finally sat togheter and enjoyed the rest of the meal. After that Cherry and the gribblin became really good friends, sharing food and chatting togheter.