January 2018 AMA

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    Translating and cleaning up the questions and answers from our January AMA took more time than expected, sorry about that! Please enjoy the read and bear in mind that if your question is missing, it's either because it had been asked by someone else already, or because it is no longer pertinent.

    A big thanks to our Game Masters for their amazing help with translations :)


    When will the missing text/translations be fixed? Ever since I played twinsaga 8 months ago even the old once still exist. any ETA?

    • All MMORPGs are very demanding on translations so expect to see translation mistakes every now. Our team of translators is working almost day and night, but sometimes it's more important to translate new content or other stuff than to go through backlog of minor translation mistakes. Of course, if there is a major translation mistake that prevents you from game progress it must be reported and fixed asap. However, some missing translation makes the game special, aren't they?


    Can we have an exp boost for our professions (i.e. fishing) every week or from time to time because it takes a lot of time.

    • This can be arranged. We will see if it can be done more often.

    Is it possible to forbid events to GM's private characters? (forum, facebook, twitter,etc) It's the first game where a staff member can get a reward, taking it from real players and this creates a feeling of favoritism.

    • Our Community Managers that are employed by our company are not allowed to particiapte in any event on their private accounts. As far as I know there has never been a single case when any of them privately participated in any event. Game Masters are allowed to participate because they are working as volunteers and we don't want to forbid them participation because they are also mainly players and we want them to enjoy the game. However, I and our Community Managers always pay attention to fair rewarding so there shouldn't be any favoritism happening at any point.

    Can you do more events? Like "like a boss" or something as that please :)

    • Point taken! We will do our best to introduce more events and more often :)


    Can we get upgrade transfer scrolls? (i.e. +50 on weapon 1 > +40 on weapon 2)

    • Introducing such an item could harm lots of other mechanics so I am honestly not up for this change.

    Is it possible to have a new way to get blue scrolls? i.e. 100 green scrolls = 1 blue scroll or droped from a boss

    • Making changes to the item system and categorization is not easy because it always affects lots of game aspects at once, but we will see if this change would be possible.


    When will we get the promised Founder's Hall of Fame? It's been almost 1 and a half years.

    • We still keep this feature on the table, but it's not a priority project. I think you will agree that there are features to implement that would increase the game experience much more than Founder's Hall of Fame. Apologies to everyone waiting for this, but it will still take a while.


    I'd like to know more about the knight and when it goes further with the main story

    • This question is tricky, because the main story usually continues with each content patch. I don't want get into detail because if I am not completely correct it will mislead you in expectations and if I am completely correct it spoils the story for you. Wait for the new patch and see yourself. The exploration of the world is one of the basic motivation to play the game anyway, am I right?

    How strong are Marisa and Amaris? Galaxy level? Universe level?

    • I cannot really answer this question. Marisa and Amaris are simply described as gods in the game. Please, don't make me try to compare powers of various gods across games, galaxies, universes and religions :D

    How to defeat Ethelred Rhine?

    • This is a question more suitable to ask on internet fan forums. I cannot disclose detailed game mechanics how to kill some monsters or finish some quests. That would really spoil the fun ;)

    Is there a way to marry someone in game?

    • There is a couple system in the game. You can propose to someone and collect luv coins and receive buffs and flying hearts around your head. This the closest to a proper marriage as you can get. Wedding system might be implemented in the future. Depends on the developers.

    Why the EU server hasn't the same content as the US server?

    • I would say that the content of both versions is almost identical. Sometimes, the problem could be, that each language version has its own client which needs to be updated separately, so there might be some small difference. However, content patches are always patched on all clients at the same time and with the same settings so the content shouldn't vary.

    Can we get a map to exp our classes outside the dungeons? On other games you just need to farm mobs to gain exp

    • An adjustment of this issue is planned. It should be applied with one of the future patches. For now, I can't tell more details.


    what is the max lvl on twin saga?

    • The maximum level is 75.

    Tips for leveling in 60-70

    • Ask fellow players, I am sure they will be happy to help ;)

    Do we get a new class with the lvl cap 75?

    • Nope, new class will be released later with another patch.

    When do we get to know the new French CMs?

    • Soon I guess. There are some ongoing changes in the team so when it's done I am sure the french CMs will be introduced.


    Can we get AC in the LP shop?

    • This is most likely not going to happen.

    Are costume always going to cost 19999 LP?

    • The prices are not set in stone, but for now we are not planning changes in LP shop


    Why is there no advertisement for the game? Is the game really dying out?

    • There is advertisment for Twin Saga running all the time. You probably don't see it because the marketing targets people who don't have the game installed on their computer. Promoting the game to current players wouldn't bring much benefit. Technically speaking, every game is slowly dying out. Even World of Warcraft will be dead at some point. It all depends on the community and support of the game from the developer side. We will keep supporting the game and releasing new content as long as there are players to play the game.

    When are you releasing the developer letter for patch 10? Many players are bored and leaving game.

    • I am a bit confused by this question, to be honest. If you mean patch 10, it's already live and upcoming patches are in preparation. We are planning to release all patches provided by the developer on regular basis. If you mean producer letter, it's an irregular letter issued by the current Product Manager to give some update about what is happening and what is planned. The last one was published in February so the next should come in March/April.

    Why are the staff (Mods/Gamemasters) not allowed to reveal there identity (main account) name? I can see its for there safety, but it actually makes the community more comfortable when talking to them knowing who is behind that authority and help solve issues faster

    • This is a tricky issue. It would be definitely better to be closer with the community and we personally wouldn't mind people knowing our identities. Unfortunately, the world is not always happy, nice and full of rainbows. We can reveal our faces, and we actually did if you remember our Christmas wish photo, but we cannot disclose our names and other personal information. Simply because it can lead to harassment, threats and other adverse behavior of some people and we will not jeopardize the life of our employees, because it's impossible to distinguish empty threats from the real ones. Disclosing personal account/character names of our staff could have bad consequences. Our Game Masters will be happy to help you even under cover :)

    Can we change the rewards from the guild/community chests?

    • This is possible, but unfortunately, changing these rewards it's not a priority at the moment. Hopefully in the future.


    Is there a precise month when login bonus are changed? Same question for Senshi? If not, could you please implement them every 2-3 months?

    • Login rewards are usually changed with a new patch going live. Same applied to Senshi. It can happen also irregularly, but in this case it should be announced in advance.

    Hi, I'm Bleyn, I'm playing since April 2017 and I was wondering why there was almost one year difference between the French and the Taiwanese version? If there is an update for a country, since Aeria Games is taking care of it, it should be available for all countries, shouldn't it? Thanks for your time

    • Hey Bleyn! This is a legal issue. We are bound by the contract between Aeria Games and the developer. One part of it is to respect the patch schedule. Although we would like to run the same version of the game as the Taiwanese one, we have to run the game with respect to the legal boundaries.

    Is the Saphir Keep still a thing? When will it be released? (Note: it's a dungeon where you can drop formulas lvl 70)

    • Sapphire Keep has been already released in April 2017.

    When are you going to fix lags? When are you finally going to reward faithful players? Are Senshis going to be available in game or are they going to stay cash shop items? When are you going to fix bugs and translation mistakes that are here since over one year? When are you going to fix the item color in the chat (not functional since the server merge... more than one year ago) Why do you release costumes without releasing the feature with it? (i.e. senshi emoji feature) What do you plan to do to increase the number of players that is strongly decreasing at the moment?

    • I will try to shortly address all these questions: - lags are a tricky problem, because it's not a general problem but mostly player specific. We are doing our best to address this issue on general level. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work for all players. - Rewards for faithful players are always there. For example login rewards or rewards for participation in events. - Senshi availability question was answered somewhere around already. - Translation mistakes and bugs question was answered somewhere around already. - Item color bug is on the list of stuff to fix, but it's difficult to give an exact for any bug fix - We decided to release the content even without all connected features to simply give you more new content when possible and additional features are in such cases released later. - This question was answered somewhere around already. Marketing for the game is running all the time but we are also trying to attract players that will enjoy the game and stay in the game. Getting random people play the game by click baits just to increase game statistics and make it look good on the paper is not a solution.

    When are we getting an update?

    • A new content patch should be implemented on the live server every 6-10 weeks.

    Hello, from what I understood lvl 75 is going to be released in three weeks with new dungeons. However, without the lvl 68 furval training map, we won't be able to level up our classes efficientely. Thanks for considering it.

    • We are aware of this issue and we are working on its fix as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile we decided to release new level cap no matter what and fix this issue later, because it was the best of all possible alternatives.

    Is the compendium going to be updated with the next patch?

    • Compendium is usually updated with each content patch. If there are some missing items, don't hesitate to report it and we will fix it with next Compendium update.

    Is the exp gain curve going to be adapted with lvl 75?

    • Nope, the EXP curve will remain as it is for now. It might be adjusted later.

    When is the Samurai class scheduled for release?

    • We follow the patch schedule of the developers so the new class will be released with its respective patch. The next new class will come in patch 12, hence one patch after the next one. Speaking about time, it should be in 2 months from now. However, the next new class will be a pew pew one. Samurai may come later after that.

    Is the game going to be translated into the language we registered? It's difficult to understand other players when you are in a group. Thanks for the French speakers.

    • I understand that this can be an issue, but we are not planning to expand the current language portfolio of Twin Saga.

    Is it possible to get mounts for Meridia?

    • It's currently not possible to use normal mounts in Meridia. I remember that a change of this was mentioned during some talks with the developers, but at the moment I am honestly not aware when or how it will be changed.

    Why are languages mixed in the server? (i.e. French in the German Server and English in the system messages and side quests, items in English or French instread of German. Could you then remove all servers except for the server International, or just to rename them.) :)

    • The language situation is not optimal. I already wrote that we are not planning to expand the language portfolio, but optimization of the current client according to languages is in plan. What will be the particular solution for this is not decided.

    When will Canoneer be released?

    • We follow the patch schedule of the developers so the new class will be released with its respective patch. The next new class will come in patch 12, hence one patch after the next one. Speaking about time, it should be in 2 months from now.

    Are we going to get rewards for class and success ranking?

    • It's not planned to introduce rewards for this ranking.

    Can we remove cut scenes from the game?

    • Good point. Unfortunately, if you play the game for the first time you have to suffer through the videos. We will look into introducing the option to skip videos whenever you want.

    Can we get new front quests for higher levels in the same current maps? Or put the daily quests with a higher exp reward depending on your level?

    • An adjustment of this issue is planned. It should be applied with one of the future patches. For now, I can't tell more details.

    Can we get a sort of Dungeon zone? like the space time battlefiled in Eden Eternal

    • Another good point. We will see if we can implement such a feature.

    When is the "monster hunt" going to be released?

    • Perhaps you mean the Monster Crusade. This is available since the last patch.


    Currently dot avoid to ride our mounts in battlefieds. Can we change that?

    • Thanks for pointing out this issue, I know it's annoying. We will see if we can fix it soon.

    Can pvp gears be included in the golden desert shop ?

    • This is not planned for now, but it may happen in the future. We will discuss it with the team.

    Can the required 10 v 10 in Golden Desert be reduced to 5 v 5 so players have a chance to participate?

    • This is a good idea. We will discuss it with the developer to see if it can be implemented.


    When will be senshi Eve released?

    • Senshis release dates depend on the patch schedule and for each patch Senshis are picked by the team. In this case, I am sorry but I don't know the release date of Eve in particular.

    When will Azusa be released again?

    • Azusa appears regularly in the Astral Puzzle so just check it out from time to time.

    Is there a way to get senshi contract without buying packs from mall?

    • Senshi contracts can be obtained also via login event, game events run by the Game Masters or some other free giveaways. However, Twin Saga is a free to play game and this model is always set up so that some content can be obtained mostly for cash. Without such support we wouldn't be able to run and service the game.

    Can we use senshi gem to trade for senshi gem of other stats in future? (eg. def > hp)

    • Such a feature is not planned now.


    Are you guys aware of the on going Black Market Monkey Business in the game? Players are now buying Astral Crystals from players who knows how to duplicate it at cheaper price than what you guys are selling.

    • We are aware of the situation, but the steps taken in such matters have to stay undisclosed. I am sorry I cannot give better answer here.

    When is Belle's dress going to appear again in puzzles?

    • I will give a hint to the team that this item should appear soon on the Astral Puzzle ;)

    If a survey about Claire coming back is positive, can she come back in the shop? (same question for costumes)

    • Unfortunately, founder items are not going to be available again. It would kill the whole purpose of founder status.

    Can you guys release Sakura hair style, she is on old senshi but I really love her hair and I know the TW version already had one ^^

    We will see what we can do about that. Unfortunately, for item releases I cannot give you any specific dates, because it depends on our monthly planning which is changed according to various factors. Maybe when you read this, this item has already been released :)

    • We will see what we can do about that. Unfortunately, for item releases I cannot give you any specific dates, because it depends on our monthly planning which is changed according to various factors. Maybe when you read this, this item has already been released :)

    Why isn't the item Treat O' Lantern available in the ""new"" itemshop? For items from the waterpark I understand but why not this one?

    • We did not include the blue quality item "Punkin Head" in the item mall because the fusion formulas for the orange versions do not exist. "Treat O' Lantern" is one of the orange versions which we do not sell at the moment.

    Where can i buy Aeria points in Philippines?

    • On the webpage where you buy AP (https://billing.aeriagames.com) simply switch the country in the drop down menu to Philippines and you will see all possible payment methods. If you select "international" you can maybe find even more methods to use.


    When are the new hexagonal stones going to be released?

    • I admit that I am blind here. I really don't know and I apologize for lack of knowledge :(

    Is it possible to get less "babyish" costumes? i.e. new dresses, different weapon skins. For occultists: a needle in the left hand, a voodoo doll in the right hand

    • Thanks for feedback. This is quite subjective and items are designed by artists. I will pass the feedback to them to make items less "babyish" but most of the players like the current style so don't expect big changes in design. Maybe some single items can be done in a different darker style, but not in general.

    Note: item ID: 28004 Can we nerf starstone ""Farseer's Glorious Trigon of Secrets""? Its buff is pretty cheated for a person who doesn't have this stone or because of issues with the location on the map

    • We will check this and see what can be done. I can't say much about this now, because I wasn't aware of this issue.


    Can we put bound costumes in the archives? Same for jewels? (boss trophies)

    • Usually it's possible to put such items in the archive. There might be issues with some items though. In this case it must be reported in order to have it fixed.

    Can we get the possibility to put bound bags in the bank?

    • Unfortunately, this is not possible and probably never will be.