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    This week, <GM> Furval was once again walking around Arcadia. Looking up at her surroundings, she perceived a peculiar pillar... it's a tea set! How do you think this came about?


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  • If you asked around Arcadia about the pillar, many would say -- "I don't remember, it wasn't there the night before." Thus, it brings into theories of where does it comes from, who did it, if someone build it, how did the person carve that huge thing overnight, and where does the materials comes from, with much more questions upon questions. The answer is simple, -- WITCHCRAFT! And the reason? Just for "Sh*t & Giggles"

    In Arcadia, there were a group of textile workers that worked in the Armor Shop, practices witchcraft. They didn't bother people that much, but on daily basis, they were harassed by a drunk porcelain tea set artisan. They were being harassed verbally, but one day, enough is enough. So one of the "witches" suggested that they pay the drunk man back. One witches says, "Lets arranged his tea set in towery fashion outside his shop! So people will blame on his drinking habit causes problems." The rest agrees and execute the mission, -- until one of them suddenly says "Lets make it big!"

    Aaria account Name: xashcrow

  • Tea was once a very elite drink that only royalties gets to taste. One day, a great witch created a spell to duplicate tea leaves which leads to tea's price plummet and everyone is happy to finally get a taste of this elite drink. To commemorate, this pillar was built.

    However now, as tea is just another normal drink, this pillar makes no sense anymore.

    aeria account: nayu.notyou

  • There's an old legend behind this huge and frilly tea set: tells the story.. Once upon a time it was believed a titans community lived the many islands in the far north of the continent. The were an evolved and sofisticated society and very skilled in battle. For many years humans and titans fought each other. But after many years of pain and fear, finally Arcadia's Queen Fiona and the Titan's Queen decided to stop the wars.

    The tea set tower was built with a tea set given to queen Fiona by the Titan's queen, for both of them loved drinking it.

    It's now the symbol of the two realm friendship and alliance.

    IGN: Neni

    Aeria Account: NeniNyan

  • Maybe the tea set comes from wonderland, maybe the mad hatter passed by here while looking for a place to drink tea, after having held the tea party and having sung he forgot his tea set so that the inhabitants not to throw them away or break them together all the pieces to form said pillar and turn it into a tourist attraction to generate income for his people.

    IGN: Ouroburus

    Aeria Account: Shiron3