[GUIDE] Gear Evolution and Fusion

  • Welcome to the Gear Evolution and Fusion Guide.

    In this Guide you will learn more about Gear Evolution and Fusion.

    This guide was made by Palimonki.

    Gear Evolution

    In the Gear Evolution window you can fortify your gear.
    There are two options to open the Evolution window:
    Option 1: Open your inventory and right-click a gear scroll
    Option 2: Open your inventory and click on the Evolution icon


    After the window pops up you will see this:

    1. Select the gear you want to fortify by clicking the icon and a second window will pop up. You can choose gear you already equiped or gear in your inventory.

    2. If you chose Option 1 for the gear evolution you don't need to select another scroll except you want to change to an higher tier. If you chose Option 2 you have to select a gear scroll and another window will pop up.

    3. After you selected a gear you can see the bonus for fortyfing it once, twice and so on and the bonus stats for the star level.

    For 1 Star Level you need 10 successful fortifies.
    Not every gear has 5 Star Level so take a look at it before you fortify.

    4. Each failed fortification will increase the potential bar.
    When your bar is full you will get a +. e.g. if your gear is +5 it will become +6.

    5. You can choose the button only if you decide for auto fortification.
    If Auto is active it will fortify till you got no more scrolls or it reached the Star Level you chose.

    6. This button is only for weapons. Here you can take a look how your weapon will look like/glow after +30/Star Level 3.
    If you use a weapon skin for your class you won't see the glow effect.
    Example: Gunslinger with Level 40 weapon

    7. After you finally decided which gear piece you want to fortify and you are sure it's worth – HIT THE BUTTON AND GOOD LUCK!

    Gear Fusion

    In the Gear Fusion window you are able to fuse your gear with left over gear.

    There are two options to open the Gear Fusion window:
    Option 1: Open your inventory and click on the Fusion icon
    Option 2: Click the icon that is shown in the image. This icon will just pop up when you drop a gear piece you already equiped.



    545a55caafe0981677e844a1c0111070.jpg This is the icon I mentioned in Option 2.

    If you are using the first option you have to right-click the gear you want to fuse.
    After you selected a gear piece you will see this window:

    Now make sure you fuse the right weapon.
    Tip: Select a gear piece with the best bonus stats for you. e.g. you want crit and eva, but your higher % weapon has crit and haste. Don't worry you can use the higher % weapon also for gear fusion.
    Higher % > more fusion EXP
    You can use up to 21 gear pieces for fusion in the materials window.
    Check out the fusion EXP bar to see how much EXP you need for the next %.

    If you are using the second option you just have to click on the icon and the same window will pop up.
    With this option you don't have to select the gear you want to fuse, but the Tip above also counts here.

    When you click on 'next' the system will choose the next gear you have twice or several times.