[2017] October Patch Notes!

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    Dear Guardians,

    As you've noticed, our patch notes are once again available a little early! It means they might not reflect last minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Foreboding Garden (Solo) and Foreboding Garden (Party)


    A secluded garden deep in the mountains. The resting place of an ancient tyrant who is said to be awakening.

    The dungeon is available for LV 70+ characters.

    Orange LV 70 Starstones and LV 68 golden sets can be dropped.

    L68.(Party) Oubliette Labs


    Magic and science meet within these dank and tenebrous walls. Naught but rumors speak of the horrors performed inside...

    New Lv70 Armor and Weapon EXP Crystals can be obtained.

    L68.(Party) Oubliette Labs will have one entry which will reset every 120 minutes.

    The location of the portal is (746, 600) in Sanctopolis: Prismatica.


    Terracottage Race


    A new feature has been added: The Terracottage Race

    It will open twice every day from 17:30 - 18:00 and from 22:30 - 23:00 Servertime.


    Senshi KITTANA

    Meet the

    Dark Kitty Sorcerer: Kittana


    A new Senshi questline is available in Maplewood Glen.


    You can complete the questline once to obtain one Kittana Senshi contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Halloween Event


    A new NPC named "<Uncle Snack> Jack" will replace the "<Untainted Love Day Ambassador: Besson>" in The Royal City of Arcadia thus ending the Love-Letter hunt and introducing the new Halloween Event.

    He will send you on a quest to go "Trick or Treating". Various NPCs prepared small questionnaires, rewards depend on your answers.

    Buffs, Loyalty Points and Items such as the Pumpkin Baron Lollipop!

    When killing monsters in Solo and Party Dungeons there is a chance to drop "Lost Ingredient Bag" which contains ingredients that can be exchanged for buff items.


    Carnival of Animals


    You can find a second Event-Character in The Royal City of Arcadia at (373 396) which is called "<Animal Ambassador> Persimmon Kitty".

    When finishing Solo and/or Party Dungeons there is a chance to spawn a special boss (blue tiger) who will drop Haetae's Soul.

    This item can be exchanged for buffs or various items such as new furniture.





    Crafting Worldbosses have been implemented, at various times one out of four worldbosses can appear in Meridia which can be fought with crafting tools.

    Here is an example:



    Crafting with the following three items now awards EXP:

    - Golden Fruit

    - Enchanted Fruit

    - Orange Grass

    Known issues

    The Loyalty Points item have been reported to remove their CD.

    Hallowed Radiant Wings Hairdo not being dyeable has already been forwarded.

    If you find one, let us know! :)

    Report a game bug

    Report a Text/Translation issue

    Have fun in Twin Saga!