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  • bonsoir j'ai un soucie avec mon personnage ,

    voila je rentre dans le jeux et tout mais aussitôt que je sélectionne mon personnage il blocker et je peut pas rentré dans le jeux j'ai tout essayer et sans aucun succès alors j'aimerais beaucoup que vous m'aider sil vous plait
    • Sorry, I do not understand French. Could you direct your question to Selaia or Mari :) thank you! I will create a converstion!
  • So, I didnt read the (please numeric the choices) in the day 7th of Lenna Forum Event, but I did send 7 diferent choices with this ";" separating them. Do I need to resend the answer? Because I can't edit it as I closed the google doc webpage. =/
    • no problem :) Thanks for letting me know. (just wanted it to be obvious they were separate ideas)
  • Hey,

    Quick question about Senshi Creation Event. The prize is 5x Senshi contracts of choice, that means I can choose 5 different contracts or they must be from one senshi?

  • can you give the correct answer for christmas advent calendar ?
    i'm curious about it

    thanks before
  • Happy Thanksgiving~ ♥
  • Furval Stew for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • First comment claimed, you're mine now!

    Jk, I've noticed you and others GMs have the "Unknown location" status, is it mod-only feature or normal user can enable it as well?