Manual synthesizing of the Empress of Snow's Staff

  • Hello everyone,

    Since the bug was unfortunately not fixed to synthesize the Empress of Snow's Staff after using the Formula: Empress of Snow's Staff, I decided to give it out manually for now so it doesn't block your backpack space any longer.

    To do so please delete the 5 required items from your inventory with any character, afterwards assign a ticket to me in the Twin Saga queue with the following info to get your item as fast as possible:

    - account name:
    - character name, who deleted all of the 5 required items:

    - exact day and time when you deleted the items:

    The item will be sent to your in game cart once the deleted items were confirmed.

    The formula will still be fixed in the future but this is an optional offer to not let you wait until the fix was applied.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.