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  • Previous Feedback:

    stackable weapon/armor crystals - nope

    peer chat - nope

    allow more than 1 couple - defeats purpose, no


    Feedback: too hard to read the number, terrible if you want to buy or sell, most items in this game have a light background which makes the white color a poor choice for the text

    Answer: has been reported, can't say if it will change

    Feedback: more in game event, no bug fix doesn't mean cant add event right. (as compensation ). gold events, exp event, some new npc event or old one* or maybe do more like-a-boss event. i mean like why want make it looks like the game itself doesn't care bout the players? GM event doesn't count

    Answer: good idea, I'll do some since I do care a lot about you guys, it's just more of a time issue for me since I'm currently handling almost everything alone

    Feedback: More "new" events in game. To make the game more interesting.

    Answer: you are free to come up with ideas if you want, I'm always open for such suggestions

    Feedback: How about we actually get things fixed? It's been a month already and not a single patch has been released yet to everything that was broken.

    Answer: I wish I could fasten the process but it is out of my hands, I'm sorry.


    PP Still cant be entered. - reported
    Senshi quests for lowbies still cannot be completed - reported
    Fantasy planet groups still cannot be identified through the Half-Point-Entry system. - reported
    Senshi's still cannot be leveled past 70. - reported - may actually be part of another patch - not confirmed yet
    Professions are still capped at 70. - reported - may actually be part of another patch - not confirmed yet
    Waterpark can still be bugged making people invulnerable to being frozen. - reported
    Star point bundles and star currency from Fantasy Planet still have cooldowns. - need to check
    The Empress of Snow Staff's formula is still broken. - should be fixed next patch-maint, offered manually on the forums
    Dawn Tribe furniture formulas still cant be crafted and are described as "Errors" - reported
    Nalani's ultimate is still described as Er: 53029 and has no description on what her ultimate does. - reported
    Level 75 Accessories are still non-existant. - they are supposed to be dropped from rare chests in haretic research lab

  • Feedback Friday 02/23/2018

    Feedback: Golden Desert - reduce number of people required
    Answer: Sounds reasonable. We'll see with XL what's possible.

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - more times to enter to help people in EU
    Answer: Check answer for Golden Desert

    Feedback: Lots of lag happen in Golden Desert and Fantasy Planet, restart servers?
    Answer: Please let us know if the lags continue after the next maintenance.

    Feedback: Monster Crusade - numbers are too high
    Answer: The feature is kinda a mess at the moment anyway, but we agree with adjusting some numbers.

    Feedback: Allow players to disable cut scenes. "Skipping" is not good enough
    Answer: Probably won't be implemented, at least not in the near future.

    Feedback: Allow players to skip dialogue with an NPC
    Answer: Check answer regarding disable cut scenes.

    Feedback: Archive for pets and gear
    Answer: Pets, eventually. Gear, probably not.

    Feedback: Couple System added features
    Answer: We have to see what extensions are made to the couple system in the future.

    Feedback: Dye the tail on elegant fox maid
    Answer: Not possible, won't happen. Would require a completely new costume.

    Feedback: Hair is a separate head costume to allow adding hats onto the "wig" costumes
    Answer: Awesome idea, but unfortunately not possible due to the current way costumes are integrated.

    Feedback: Change launcher skin (requested: Phoenix X Amaris)
    Answer: We sure will change the launcher, but no special requests.

  • Feedback Friday 4/6/2018

    Feedback: See number of people in arena queue

    Answer: Brought up a couple times already, but nothing so far.

    Feedback: friend list: delete friend, delete you off other's list as well?

    Answer: See answer for question #1.

    Feedback: larger screen timer (like PVP) for a countdown timer in timed dungeons

    Answer: QoL request. If XL agrees to change it, it will still take a good while.

    Feedback: be able to see all active buffs (Current limit: 20 buffs)

    Answer: Make sense. Will be requested.

    Feedback: When repairing a broken weapon (from 0 durability) the player loses a lot of HP

    Answer: Most likely won't change.

    Feedback: Frozen monsters cannot be tab-targeted

    Answer: We will ask if this is intended or not.

    Feedback Friday 4/13/2018

    Feedback: design terracottage

    Answer: Design in what sense? Different skins for the overworld travelling? If yes, it's a feature we planned to request anyway.

    Feedback: lag is worse

    Answer: Please always provide as much details as possible (time/date, duration, etc.).

    Feedback: Gaia in dungeons (to get contracts)

    Answer: Since she's available in the guild palace, it's unlikely to happen.

    Feedback: increase length of Like A Boss to allow time to kill eggs without senshis at the same time

    Answer: We will take that into consideration.

    Feedback: monsters die too fast in like a boss, increase HP?

    Answer: Unfortunately it's not an easy change. We have to request modified monster IDs from the developers. Simply changing a value ourselves is not possible.

    Feedback: get rid of party exp bonus, give everyone a flat 25% exp gain

    Answer: Will not happen

    Feedback: make exp curve for class leveling more reasonable

    Answer: EXP curve might be changed in the future.

    Feedback: make old costumes come back in the astral puzzle, lots of repeats; would like: hallowed radiant wings hairdo, custom academy sweater; keep seeing: metamorphosis hair and outfit, halo fatigues

    Answer: If you have specific old costumes in mind, please let us know! It could be perceived that certain items might pop up quite often, depending on how many costumes / mounts are featured in a puzzle. But let me get more into one of the examples: The item "Metamorphosis Dance Hairdo (F)" was only available twice in the puzzle since the last 5 months according to our data.

    Feedback: item mall and featured section of the site to have a set amount of AP; getting an epic is too expensive, cheaper the older the item is?

    Answer: We will see what we can do about it.

  • Feedback Friday 4/20/2018

    Feedback: increase the max number of stack for items from 10 to 100

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: an option to sell all blue items in bag & have ability to lock items

    Answer: Auto-sell blue quality items? Can be requested. The item lock feature will be available soon.

    Feedback: allow mail multiple items at once

    Answer: That would be fantastic, but it could take a while to be implemented as it is more of a QoL feature.

    Feedback: allow dye mounts/weapons

    Answer: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: allow exp books tradeable

    Answer: We will take it into consideration.

    Feedback: allow a guild name change scroll

    Answer: Can be requested. We can setup a manual paid service if the demand for guild name changes are high.

    Feedback: increase the cost of name change scroll

    Answer: Will be looked into.

    Feedback: more flash puzzles (rotating puzzles in the day)

    Answer: Definitely noted!

    Feedback: farmable +90 mounts

    Answer: There are two +90 mounts in the game, guaranteed and for free.

    1. Arcane Unicorn, gathering up the letters from PVP Arena and fighting the monster in band of brawlers to get pieces:…r-fragment-arcane-unicorn

    2. Mini Terracottage from the special merchants for doing battlefronts in Jungle Mortalis and Lost Metropolis:

    Feedback Friday 4/27/2018

    Feedback: bring Duet back in game to obtain

    Answer: Valid point. Will be looked into.

    Feedback: beginning timer for GD is very long, shorten it

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: hug action for characters

    Answer: Checking with XL about new emotes in the future.

    Feedback: be able to check solo runs like how we check party runs in party interface

    Answer: What's the reason behind that idea?

    Feedback: Portal keys cost 300 silver to use

    Answer: Won't be changed for now.

    Feedback: increase 68 labs entry to x10

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: give other players a message when player is afk

    Answer: Can be suggested to XL.

    Feedback: more fantasy planet times

    Answer: Already on our list.

    Feedback: slow time it takes for the numbers to switch in tera race

    Answer: Won't be changed for now.

    Feedback: better male costumes

    Answer: Perhaps you like the next ones we are releasing soon!

    Feedback: make community/guild chests stack

    Answer: Not sure if possible, we will see about that.

  • Feedback Friday 5/4/2018

    Feedback: have random quests appear that need to be completed in a certain time limit which rewards loot charms, exp charms, buffs, etc.

    Answer: Awesome idea! We can check with the developers about such feature.

    Feedback: stuck in combat after fighting an elite/boss in some areas (Lost Metropolis, Maplewood Glen (after fighting mawr especially), and other maps)

    Answer: Is it happening all the time? If yes, we can investigate it. If not, we would need more details and reliable ways to reproduce this issue.

    Feedback: the top two tiers in astral puzzle give 2 AC instead of 1 AC

    Answer: An option to consider for very special puzzles.

    Feedback: new guild merchant that allows guild games

    Answer: Such as? Time-limited Hide & Seek in the guild palace? Simon Says? It does sound interesting!

    Feedback: more ways to obtain Duet, Azusa (outside of Astral Puzzle)

    Answer: We will investigate what we can do about it.

    Feedback: additional soil for farming

    Answer: Something similar could be part of a future patch, we do not know for sure yet.

    Feedback: "Feedback: be able to check solo runs like how we check party runs in party interface

    Answer: What's the reason behind that idea?"

    -> don't have to warp to all destinations to check

    Answer: Thank you for the explanation! That would be indeed very convenient.

    Feedback: have a confirm option for Blessing of Hermes in Meridia (the delivery merchant buff)

    Answer: If the demand is high enough, we can see with the developers about such confirmation window.

    Feedback Friday 5/11/2018

    Feedback: more detailed list of bugs that were fixed in each maintenance

    -> the last patch corrected the look of Rainbow Shard Wings (also never stated it was faulty to begin with)

    Answer: More details? Shouldn't be a problem!

    »»» About the Shard Wings: Same here! We didn't even know that the previous visuals were faulty.

    Feedback: Aflallo costume still does not apply the correct "All Primary Stats +1%"

    Answer: Noted and will be reported (once more).

    Feedback: get rid of cut-scenes in party dungeons (since it makes some party members disconnect, lag)

    Answer: We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: more gold +% boost events

    Answer: Alright, we can do that!

    Feedback: What can be redeemed for "Magic Bag Redemtion Voucher" (from the Monster Crusade)

    -> may give more motivation to players if the rewards were listed

    Answer: This mysterious voucher is still under investigation. We apologize for the lack of information about that item.

    Feedback: Make monster crusade more level-oriented (for individual)

    Answer: Unfortunately not possible.

    Feedback: Allow costumes equipped count toward the Archive Points -- don't have to unequip every time to keep at the top of the ranking

    Answer: Unfortunately not possible.

    Feedback: if there is a pressing bug/issue that affects game/players, please send all players in-game mail

    -> example: new StarStones should not be opened, missing archive items

    Answer: There was a news set up on our website about the missing items from the archive. We do not have a mass mail send tool at the moment, so in the meantime we have to rely on news and announcements.

  • Feedback Friday 5/11/2018

    Feedback: Adjust Server Crusade number of kills

    Answer: We are still looking into the Server Crusade kill requirements. This will take a good while, so don't expect any changes soon.

    Feedback: Adjust the rewards for solo and guild for Monster Crusade

    Answer: What exactly should be adjusted? Different rewards? Higher amounts?

    Feedback: Request for Admiral Cap to be obtainable again (item mall or astral puzzle)

    Answer: Noted! The fusion formula and the blue quality costumes for the Admiral Cap should always be available in the Item Mall.

    Feedback: Shorten the interval between patches as there is only one dungeon per patch, or enlarge the patch

    Answer: Unfortunately not as easy as it might sound. Some things are simply out of our hands.

    Feedback: It takes a while to render people in PVP, and there is quite some lag

    Answer: Is this always happening? In all PvP activities or only certain arenas? Are all people experiencing it? Please gather and provide more information to GM and CM.

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place offset to his target box. This makes it impossible for melee classes to hit

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balaor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place that resets himself.

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback: Want more variety of monsters, not just re-skinned/colored

    Answer: Cannot do anything about that.

    Feedback: Password-lock Fantasy Planet rooms

    Answer: Noted!

    Feedback: Request for WaterPark costumes to be added to Astral Puzzle

    Answer: They will be available from time to time.

    Feedback Friday 5/25/2018

    Feedback: Adjust new dungeons to be consistent with old ones (up to 10 entries), easier to recruit if its more than 1 run

    Answer: We are currently working on adjusting the dungeon entry limits.

    Feedback: Remove level limit to gain exp

    Answer: Will not be removed.

    Feedback: Request for a manually opened Fantasy Planet (like how WaterPark or Golden Desert was opened for the server, out of the normal schedule)

    Answer: Interesting suggestion. We will see if that is possible.

    Feedback: Have more new costumes in the Astral Puzzle

    Answer: New items will usually be released through Web Mall promotions first with very few exceptions.

    Feedback: Allow the last boss in Haven of Oblivion to be vulnerable to attacks the second the two trees are killed

    Answer: Will not be changed any time soon.

    Feedback: Fix the Legendary 75 Cleric Orb. It has primary defense, but the bonus is ATK +%

    Answer: Checking with the developers if that is intended or not.

  • Feedback Friday 6/1/2018

    Feedback: check previous sent mail/cod

    Answer: Would be indeed a nice feature! We will look into it.

    Feedback: reduce the reset time for dungeons

    Answer: Unlikely to happen, but we're currently working on increasing the dungeon entries of various dungeons.

    Feedback: a reminder message from the guild to its members whenever that member logs in

    Answer: Nice to have feature, but even if we request it soon, it would have a very low priority.

    Feedback: increase the LP amount on the puzzle (ex: at stage 1, its 10 lp, maybe increase it to a higher number) - this is not a request to see more LP in puzzle

    Answer: We will take it into consideration.

    Feedback: do not gender-lock items

    Answer: Items will remain gender-locked and cannot be changed.

    Feedback: show the resistances bosses have in HP bar

    Answer: Probably nothing we can do about it.

    Feedback: switch between duo and duet to give for medal of honor quests in Arcadia

    Answer: Might not be possible.

    Feedback: more puzzles where community decides

    Answer: Noted, thanks!

    Feedback: make pets lock-able

    Answer: Cannot be locked due to the fact that pets are not bound. It is unlikely to change.

    Feedback Friday 6/8/2018

    Feedback: be able to see teammates other than party members on minimap for Golden Desert

    Answer: Would be indeed a nice feature! We will look into it.

    Feedback: only have badge/emblem buffs countdowns active when in dungeons

    Answer: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: Guild alliances

    Answer: What purpose should a guild alliance serve? More information please.

    All feedback regarding Fantasy Planet has moved to a different thread: here

  • Feedback Friday 6/15/2018 

    Feedback: Add furniture in astral puzzle

    Answer:There will be a furniture puzzle very soon!

    Feedback: Expand guild bank and grant ability to move items within the guild bank

    Answer: Expanded guild bank might be part of a future patch. Moving items within the guild bank can be requested.

    Feedback: Mini quiz during battle field queing in battle interface

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Add gold badges 25-50% gold in 1 hour

    Answer: Awesome idea! We'll check if such badges can be created.

    Feedback: Senshi gem exchange system (haste and evasion obtained too easily; trade for a different stat)

    Answer: Unlikely to happen.

    Feedback: Add friend list chat option

    Answer: More details, please.

    Feedback: Cash shop item to unbind bound items

    Answer: We will think about it.

    Feedback: More VIP tiered spender options + exclusive items

    Answer: Will be looked into.

    Feedback: Gear slot pages for PvE + PvP starstone pages

    Answer: Perhaps part of a future patch.

    Feedback: Pin best friends to top of friends list

    Answer: Not planned in the near future.

    Feedback Friday 6/22/18

    Feedback: Include an exit at Furval Fantasia & Desert Wasteland; also increase rate Grand treasure spawns

    Answer: Not planned in the near future.

    Feedback: Add blue mounts: some orange have no blues

    Answer: Please us some examples of orange mounts without blue quality versions.

    Feedback: Include search option in Title list

    Answer:Makes sense and can be requested.

    Feedback: Include rates of 4* Senshi Key and other legendary items

    Answer: What exactly do you mean?

  • Feedback Friday 6/29/2018

    Feedback: Remove lp -> go directly into account instead

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Remove CD on starpoint & Fantasy Planet currency

    Answer: Can be requested.

    Feedback: Make smaller but more frequent patches

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Auto-sort and sort senshi in archive

    Answer: Please provide more details.

    Feedback: Move the order of the character selection characters around ( main alts or prefer leveling one over the one in the first section)

    Answer: Won't happen due to the way the system currently works.

    Feedback:Make lp more easier to obtain or reduce price of scrolls in LP shop

    Answer: We will think about it.

    Feedback: Ability to move furniture while visitors in terracottage without kicking them out

    Answer: Not possible

    Feedback: Bring back the webmall to buy in-game items off the webmall not only in-game (reasons :promotions or it doesn't register until relogging)

    Answer: Not planned for the near future.