how does one make easy gold?

  • I need help getting gold quickly and easy ;3

    I'm one of those person that the moment i get a little bit of gold i just completely waste it.. leaving me without gold
    i couldnt really find a handy guide on what the best way is to farm gold,

    so i come here to ask for some handy tricks and tips to get rich sleeping (laugh)

    thanks in advance,



  • Hey there Prisonbait

    I would advise you to go fishing for example, improve your fishing skill level (laugh) The more level you have, the better fishing zones you can go and catch some pretty good fish that people will need to cook and stuff.

    After you gather the good "fish's" you should go to the Auction House and sell them there, people usually look for that stuff^^


    - D

  • Hey,

    Let me add some more stuff. ^^
    You should also keep running all of the dungeons out there! You could be lucky and get a rare drop, that you could also sell on the auction house.
    Also you can get lots of gold, if you open the equipment chests, you get from the dungeons and sell the items you get from inside. You earn more gold from than just selling the chests. (Thanks for the information from the other replies)

    Also if you have the time and patience: Create new characters. Do all the Main Quests/ Leveling again. Until the end, you should be able to end up with atleast 200g+


    - Vani


    There are lot of thing you can do to obtain some gold in Twin Saga

    but i will just write one or two that are the most efficient


    1. do some Abyss Dungeon which is reset every 8 hours

    - Aurora Sanctum

    - Phantom Palace

    - Dark Fotress

    each dungeon gives around 20-30g/run

    so it would be around 600-900g if you do all above 3 dungeon 10 times

    2. spam all Main Dungeon until you get a stack of chest or more, open the chest first before you sell it, it will let you earn more gold than just selling all the chest


    1. do some gathering or fishing while you afk, higher professions level which mean you can go to higher level zone will let you get the materials most people are looking for

    2. while you afk, make sure to use Uncommon tools, it let you get twice the item

    - for fishing most people will look for

    *Flashlight Fish Cheek Meat

    *Icefish Breast Meat

    it obtainable from Huge Flashlight Fish

    so the tools you may want to use is Deepfathom Saltwater Pole

    -for gathering i don't know which materials that most people are looking for but mostly

    *Peperomia 'White Lady'

    it obtainable from Straight Peperomia

    so the tools you may want to use is Straight Peperomia Gatherong Tools

    All the material above is obtainable at 50-60 Gathering/Fishing zone