Summer Time! [Event]

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    The long awaited summer has finally arrived! The girls are getting their bikinis ready and the guys are mowing the lawn with their shirts off. The smell of BBQ fills the air everywhere and fresh vegetables fill the markets. Summer has arrived in Twin Saga as well, and I am interested in learning what you are doing.

    For this contest you will draw any character from Twin Saga (Your character, a friend’s character, NPCs, anyone) enjoying summer in their own way. You can even draw many people together! Maybe you want to draw Lenna hiding from the sun? Or Rita excitedly jumping in a pool? Maybe Aryn at the beach checking out the ladies? You could even draw Maku’s leg struggling in the sun. Let your imagination go wild and show me how talented you all are!

    Rules and guidelines

    • This event is for players on the English (Gemini) server only.
    • Must have something Twin Saga related and something to do with summer
    • Your entry cannot violate any part of terms and service.
    • Remember to keep things PG13
    • Your entry MUST be 100% yours. It can be done with pen and paper or digital, as long as you draw it yourself.
    • Do not copy another person’s entry
    • You cannot submit an entry after the deadline
    • One entry per person
    • Include your Aeria account name in your entry so that we know where to send the rewards


    Start: 4th of June

    End: 18th of June 23:59 CEST time



    First Place: Orange Body Costume of choice (Excluding Founder costumes and the newest costumes) + 5 Advanced Gear Scrolls + 5 Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Second Place: 20 Astral Crystals + 5 Advanced Gear Scrolls + 5 Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Third Place: 15 Astral Crystals + 3 Advanced Gear Scrolls + 3 Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    Participation: 5 Astral Crystals (Bound) + 1 Advanced Gear Scroll (Bound)

    If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord.

  • Aeria Account : verysadme
    IGN : Nelilla

    Yay, so happy I was able to finish this in time! Almost ran out of time to finish colouring. oAo

    Sorry its in link the image file is just to big >A<

    In this image I actually have my TS character Nelilla (on the right) with my original character (on the left) my TS character is based off of, Nelilla from my novel (chickenblush) (which all of my TS characters are based off of characters from my novel, and sorry if its confusing) >v< I call it, My two Nels' :D

    If you're curious, I used a mix of mediums to create this piece :D such as pencil crayon, marker and water colour paints!

    BTW, Yes I have my TS Nelilla wearing the kitty Bikini in which is currently unavailable in this version of TS *-* (but lets wish for its release soon! :D)

  • This event has ended. We will now be picking out winners and will try to announce them as soon as possible. I hope you are all as excited as I am! Good job all of you and thank you so much for joining. These entries have been beautiful, and really help put me in a more summer mood!

  • I would like to first apologize that it has taken so long, but finally the votes are in and the winners can be announced!

    So congratulations to




    Once again congratulations and thank you everyone for joining. It has been absolutely amazing to see all of your entries.And I hope you had fun. Rewards to the winners and participants will be sent as soon as possible. Please have a wonderful summer. You are all absolutely wonderful.