Reported bug list.

  • Hello,

    In order to clear up communication in regards to bugs and what is reported, the Twin Saga team have put this thread together.

    There is no ETA for when these will be fixed. This is merely so you can see what bugs are reported if you happen to find the same one, to save you the time in reporting to a GM. Additionally this doesn’t include localisation bugs (such as ID Number) for the name.

    The list is for all versions:

    Reported after the February patch on the 15th:

    • Completed Senshi Sagas are still showing up on the map, or not doable.
    • Bag full of sweet candy still drops from dungeons
    • Players cannot complete the Lost Metropolis and Jungle Mortalis main quests
    • Astral quests are invisible for some people
    • Quests from the new Senshi Nalani: Players can only get the achievement: “Complete 100 quests for Nalani”. They are not able to receive the other achievements (1x, 10x 50x).

    Before 14th February:

    • A number of furniture and equipment cannot be crafted
    • Phantom’s Palace cannot be entered
    • Archive ranking is missing
    • Clipped text for Monster Crusade
    • Water park can still be bugged making people invulnerable to being frozen
    • It’s impossible to tab an enemy with Snazzy Chequered Overcoat (M)
    • Hallowed Radiant Wings hairdo (F) cannot be dyed.
    • The formula to synthesis the Empress of Snow Staff does not work. (Please check this thread)

    Familiar Hills (solo and party) is from a future patch so it will take a while to get this dungeon.

    If you see a bug that hasn’t been reported yet, please use the bug report form and we’ll try to update this thread with it.

    Your Twin Saga Team.


    The list above was taken from a sorted list which means some bugs were missed.

    • Fantasy Planet groups still cannot be identified through the Half-Point-Entry system
    • Dawn Tribe furniture formulas can't be crafted and are described as 'errors'
    • Level 75 accessories are non-existent. These are supposed to drop from rare chests in Heretic Research Lab.

    Senshi's level cannot be past 70 and professions are capped at 70 these are reported but might not be a bug but may come with a later patch. This is not confirmed.